Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 Shareholder Meeting

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Li Du succeeded in earning the praise of Sophie’s parents and was accepted as their
future son-in-law.
Sophie noticed Li Du’s good mood when he returned. Smiling, she held his hand and
said, “Mr. Li, seems like you are very pleased.”
Li Du said, “More than pleased! I won the liking of my favorite lady’s parents. They
agreed for their daughter to marry me.”
Sophie shrugged her shoulders. “What’s so surprising about that? You have a diamond
Li Du wagged his index finger and said, “It’s not because of that. It’s due to my attitude.
I told them that meeting this lady here was the luckiest thing that happened to me in my
life. To earn her favor and to fall in love with her is more than I could dream of.”
Sophie smiled indulgently. She went over to hug Li Du and said softly, “Then we can get
Li Du was going to prepare for the engagement. He wanted to organize a party, which
was something Hans was an expert in. After all, Hans was known as the party prince.
That was going to be a huge event. Li Du gathered all his people. Li Guan, being clever
and lively, was also good at planning a party.
Big Quinn was more thoughtful and calm and so Li Du teamed the three of them up to
plan the party.
As Li Du had to invite the guests for the engagement dinner, he contacted his friends in
the Flagstaff treasure hunter circle. Then he came up with the party invites.
There was Cole, the Harry Winston Inc. executives, Porter, who had returned to Los
Angeles, Steve Tussenberg, who had done him a huge favor, Tang Chaoyang, Song
Biaozi and others. He sent invitations to all of them.
Of course, he also invited Chris, Magic Hand, and other treasure hunters with whom he
had a good relationship.
After he looked on the number of people he invited, he realized that it would be a pretty
big group.
To give everyone ample time to prepare for the party, it was scheduled for the second
weekend of November.
In the meantime, the paperwork for Li Du’s diamond mine had been processed. Work
could begin there now.

Cole had helped to supervise the progress of the paperwork. He had spent a lot of effort
on it. After all, the diamond mine belonged to Harry Winston Inc.
The diamonds produced at the mine would be sent to Harry Winston Inc. and would
form a large part of the company’s production.
While Cole could not directly profit from the diamonds, he would still benefit indirectly. In
fact, he would be the one who profited the most. Hence, he displayed utmost passion
and eagerness for all matters related to the diamond mine.
On Tuesday, Li Du flew cross-country in a direct flight from Phoenix to New York.
Brother Wolf accompanied Li Du on the trip and him an update on the recruitment. He
said, “Jeremy is getting ready to come over. The other five have jobs, which they have
to quit, and they have to arrange for their families to come over with them. Hence, they
will be slower.”
Li Du nodded. “That’s not a problem, we are not in a hurry.”
The people that Brother Wolf brought together formed a special warfare group. With Big
Ivan joining them in their operations, the group would be able to carry out surprise
attacks after penetrating into an enemy’s camp.
Of course, Li Du had no use for those special attacks. He only needed those people to
provide him with protection.
Having recruited those people, Li Du would be no longer afraid to take another trip to
Siberia or Africa. These people, led by Brother Wolf, were all excellent fighters. He also
had hold of a full set of US military individual weapons.
Those warriors, armed with modern equipment, were fierce and dangerous like wild
tigers. In dangerous places such as Siberia or Africa, they would be able to demonstrate
their superb fighting abilities.
The plane landed and Cole was there to welcome Li Du personally.
Li Du and Cole greeted each other with a hug. Li Di laughed, “I’m surprised to receive
so much love from Mr. CEO. You are actually here to welcome me personally.”
Cole patted his shoulder dramatically and said, “This is no more than my duty. Of
course I would have to personally meet the one who has done such a great deed for the
company. Not only that, you have become our youngest billionaire. Your potential is
limitless, and I have to maintain a good relationship with you!”
Li Du laughed. “Our relationship has been tempered by fire and time, and nothing will
change it.”

Satisfied, Cole nodded. “That is great. Let’s go, you should take a rest first and then
prepare for the shareholder meeting.”
There was another reason for Cole’s excitement. He would now be able to get rid of the
second largest stakeholder, Carlston Fritz.
Without a doubt, Cole hated Carlston. Not only had Carlston pitted against him at work,
but he had also arranged the sale of a useless diamond mine to him. That had almost
ruined the Harry Winston Group.
Li Du’s acquisition of Carlston’s shares was actually not a very good thing for Cole
either. After the acquisition, Li Du’s share was not much lower than his now.
Regardless, as long as Cole had a bit more shares than Li Du, even if it was 0.1%
higher, he would still call the shots in the shareholder meeting. Li Du’s position was the
same as Carlston’s now, being the second largest shareholder.
For the position of the second largest stakeholder, Cole would naturally prefer Li Du,
who would not tamper with his work and would support him.
Cole regarded Li Du as a blessing. He said that ever since Li Du had joined Harry
Winston Inc., the company had slowly emerged from its lowest point and began moving
In any case, Cole expressed great enthusiasm and warmth on their way back. He held
high expectations for Li Du.
As they entered the hotel, Brother Wolf said softly, “His words are insincere.”
Li Du smiled. “Of course! How could he like the second largest stakeholder so much?
That is always someone who can challenge his position.”
Deep down, Li Du knew that Cole did like him. It was just that Cole did not like the fact
that he was the second largest stakeholder.
However, Cole did not have a choice. Besides, it was just like how Li Du had
understood previously. In Cole’s opinion, it was much better to have Li Du as the
second largest stakeholder, rather than Carlston.
Privately, Li Du was convinced that Cole considered him to be much easier to control. In
the future, Li Du was sure that Cole would want to subdue him and slowly take away his
Li Du bore good feelings towards Cole. The two of them did not have a conflict.
However, there was no such thing as eternal friendship. Only mutual benefits existed. In
the future, if conflicts in terms of their interests arose, the two would eventually be split
into two different camps.

Concerning Li Du’s attitude towards Cole, his goal was shares equity. As long as Cole
did not tamper with his shareholdings, everything could be discussed. However, if Cole
were to scheme about his shareholdings, Li Du would fight him.
This was the merciless nature of the business world. Not long ago, Cole had worked
hard to help Li Du prove his innocence. Now that the two sides have reunited, they
would begin to guard against each other and scheme again.
The shareholder meeting was scheduled to take place at the Harry Winston Inc. office.
Accompanied by Brother Wolf, Li Du entered the office in his brand new suit.
In contrast with his last meeting with the shareholders, their attitude towards him had
When Li Du entered the meeting room, most of them stood up from their seats and
nodded at him to acknowledge his presence. They expressed their amiability.
They already learned that Li Du had laid his hands on a diamond mine. In addition, they
have also witnessed the strength Li Du displayed after he had been set up to land in jail.
Hence how could those people continue to treat him coolly like they did before?