Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Interest

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Li Du was just about to speak when the situation turned awkward.
He looked at the smiling Carlston and the grinning Cole. Then he sat back down in his
He could sit back and enjoy the show now – it was time for Cole and Carlston to fight.
Li Du remembered Aubrey Tilden. He was originally British, around forty to fifty years
old. He often spoke with his eyes squinted and he was an investor. Harry Winston Inc.
was one of his largest portfolios.
Li Du remembered him so clearly because when Li Du and Carlston had a conflict
previously, many shareholders had supported Carlston.
Out of them, Aubrey Tilden had been most enthusiastic. He was a central figure in
Carlston’s camp.
Now that his main supporter had switched camps at such an important moment,
Carlston felt it like a stab in the back.
Li Du could tell that Aubrey Tilden was a key figure that Cole had implanted in
Carlston’s camp. Obviously, the power struggle between the two had been of long
It felt like a spy drama or a palace intrigue was unfolding, Li Du thought as he watched,
enjoying the show.
Upon hearing Aubrey Tilden’s words, some of the shareholders who had been forced to
stand by Carlston shut up. They looked on, intrigued.
The shareholders had always backed Carlston up. That was because they felt that
Carlston was stronger, wielded more power, and that his words weighed more in the
Harry Winston Group.
Now that they realized Carlston’s situation was precarious, they were no longer in a
hurry to back him up.
Just like Li Du, they chose to remain as bystanders.
Cole did hold the majority of the company shares. However, the shareholders felt that
he lacked foresight and was too soft for a leader.

Although Carlston looked like a mild gentleman with his pair of frameless glasses and
constant smile, he was much firmer when it came to business. He was just like the
leader of a flock of sheep.
Most importantly, Cole had more shares in the company, but he only had the Harry
Winston group, which was struggling.
The Fritz family, which Carlston came from, had much more power. They were a large
clan spread on the East Coast. They had always been in the mining and gem industry.
Naturally, they had a wider network and more channels to do business with the upper
His background had helped Carlston a lot. However, that was only a bonus for him. The
foundation of his power was still the shares that he held.
If he did not have the shares of the Harry Winston group, the shareholders would not
have backed him.
At the end of it all, they were gathered here because they were all shareholders of the
Harry Winston group, and their interests were linked to those of the company.
Now it seemed like Carlston would be forced to give up the shares he held.
It was written very clearly in the contract that if Li Du found a diamond mine worth
millions of carats, Carlston would have to sell his fourteen units of shares at a market
price of twelve million US dollars per unit.
The diamond mine Li Du had discovered had abundant diamonds, which were
estimated at no less than two million carats. That was considered a moderate or even
low amount for South Africa’s diamond mines.
However, it was still quite enough to meet the criteria stated in the contract.
Carlston lost his smile as he realized that he had no allies and that Cole had suddenly
gained a supporter.
This scene made Li Du vigilant. It seemed like Cole was not so mediocre after all. On
the contrary, in the jewelry industry, Cole’s business instincts were nothing
extraordinary. However, he seemed to be a master at scheming and office politics.
Cole continued to force Carlston into fulfilling the agreement in the contract. Carlston
had no choice but to use the tactic of delay.
He said, “The deadline of the contract is at the end of the year. It is only effective from
then. I will have to continue observing Li’s diamond mine. This is a reasonable request,
right, everyone?”
The other eight shareholders exchanged a look. In the end, they had to take a stand.

Someone tried to give a vague answer and said, “According to the contract, that should
be fine.”
“Yes, after all, it’s a contract that involves a huge sum of one to two hundred million.
That’s a huge amount. This shouldn’t be rushed. It’s better to consult a lawyer about
Cole felt helpless. He looked at Li Du and Li Du shrugged his shoulders. He did not care
much for it and said, “Fine, then let’s wait for the lawyer to get in for discussion. We’ll
play it safe, everyone. In any case, I have confidence and faith in my diamond mine.”
It was good that the transaction was delayed, actually. Li Du did not have much time
and energy to deal with the share transfer. He had to prepare for the impending
engagement party.
Unlike previously when he was acquiring shares, this set of shares was not easy to land
his hands on. Even when the end of the year came, he knew that Carlston would not
stop short of trickery or any underhanded method to get out of the contract.
The shares that Carlston held were very valuable. It seemed like Harry Winston Inc.
was recovering and could present better development opportunities. It was inevitable
that the market shares would rise in value.
In Carlston’s agreement with Li Du, each unit was only worth twelve million. That had
been the market price at that time. Back then, Harry Winston Inc. had just stabilized and
had yet to launch the jewelry of the Opal series.
Today, Harry Winston had launched several new series of jewelry that had been well
received. They have started to set the trend, and the company’s market value rose
greatly. Even if each unit of shares were priced at twenty million, there would be people
who’d take the offer. Hence, how would Carlston be willing to sell the shares at such a
low price?
Furthermore, Li Du had discovered the diamond mine, which would serve the company.
Therefore, the market value of Harry Winston Inc. would continue to increase.
However, Carlston could at most irritate Li Du and Cole, or make them feel upset by
delaying the transaction. The transaction would definitely have to take place eventually
because they had a contract in hand.
Laws were created to be enforced. That was something Li Du loved about America.
Everyone had to obey the law, and no connections could help someone avoid that.
Cole had called the shareholder meeting to promote the shares transaction. As he was
unable to reach his goal, there was not much meaning in the meeting anymore.
After a brief discussion of the company’s development plans, Cole adjourned the
meeting. Then he made to keep Li Du behind for an in-depth discussion.

However, before that could happen, Carlston had approached Cole in a low profile
manner. The two of them went off to another office room to have a private chat.
Li Du did not know what the two of them were up to. Hence, he let out the little bug to
spy on them. It was a pity that the little bug could only see what was going on, but could
not hear them.
He saw that Carlston showed Cole something on his phone. After that, Cole frowned
and started to tap his fingers on the table.
When Carlston left, Cole’s secretary approached Li Du and invited him into the office.
In his office, Cole poured a glass of red wine for Li Du. He said, “This is a top vintage
from a winery in Boston. It has a unique taste, try it.”
Li Du took a sip and shook his head. “I lack expertise in the taste of red wine. In this
aspect, I still need to receive more guidance and learn more.”
Cole smiled. “Let it come naturally. You will fall in love with it. On another matter, what
do you think of Carlston’s shares? Should we change our plans? It seems like he does
not want to give up his shares.”
Li Du put down his glass and said firmly, “I want his shares. Otherwise, I will not allow
the diamond mine to become the property of the company. That’s because there would
no longer be a need for that.”
He had no idea what Carlston had discussed with Cole to change Cole’s stand.
Regardless, he was not going to back down. Cole had better not do that either.
Otherwise, Li Du would take other measures to take back what belonged to him.