Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Adventurer

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Engagement was not like marriage. There were not many complex ceremonies to
observe, but rather, everyone gathered together, and then the food and wine were
served for all to enjoy.
It was not a very formal occasion, so when Li Du invited Steve and Porter, he didn’t
expect both of them to come. The distance might be not much for Porter, who lived in
Los Angeles, but it was too far for Steve, who was from the Northeast of America.
In the end, Steve came anyway, showing his loyalty to Li Du.
This kind of party was supposed to give everyone a chance to get together. Sophie’s
father made a toast on behalf of both parents. After announcing the engagement of Li
Du and Sophie, both parties raised a glass to celebrate, and then they could proceed
with their own activities.
The importance of family connections in American society was evident from the fact that
Porter and Steve were in the center of attention, with Cole and the others surrounding
Li Du introduced the Son of God and the Magic Hand to them. It would be meaningless
to introduce the treasure hunters, as the two sides were not from the same circle.
The five little ones mixed in the crowd to find food. Someone provoked Ah Meng and it
started to stomp.
“That’s a funny little dog.” someone laughed.
Li Du broke out in a cold sweat. “It is a beast of prey, OK? Not a dog. Haven’t you heard
of honey badgers?”
Sophie took out the honey to appease Ah Meng. She stroked Ah Meng’s flat head and
smiled at Li Du. “Ah Meng does not know who stepped on its foot so it was throwing a
tantrum by itself.”
This was the result of the transformation in the honey badger’s mind. Previously, if Ah
Meng was not sure who provoked it, it would just start biting everyone around.

The five little ones did not stay in one spot. They moved around, causing many jokes
and contributing to the atmosphere of the event.
Li Du knew these little ones were not easy to handle, so he kept an eye on them just in
At that point, Steve stepped away from the circle of Cole and the others. He came up
with a glass of wine and motioned to Li Du, “Hi, Li, congratulations on your engagement.
Li Du toasted him. He thought Steve would only drink a sip, but unexpectedly he
emptied the entire glass in one gulp.
Seeing this, Li Du hurriedly said, “Drink slowly, Steve, be careful of your body.”
Steve smiled and flexed his muscles as he curled up his arms and said, “I’m fine now.
I’ve been on a new medication since I came back from Australia. If I take it constantly,
my heart will be fine.”
Li Du drained his glass as well and said, “Then let’s drink to your health as well as to my
Steve smacked his lips and said, “Actually, not only did I change to more effective
medication, but I’ve been exercising for some time now. By the way, I heard you went to
Li Du nodded. “Yes, I had been to Africa and found a diamond mine there.”
He felt that Steve had taken a hard turn and that there was a little too much sincerity
and warmth in his manner.
Steve exclaimed. “I have heard of it. This is unbelievable! You actually found a diamond
Li Du said with a polite smile, “It was just luck. I saved a pygmy who happened to know
about diamond mines. How else could I find one?”
Steve asked, “Do you have any plans for adventure now?”
Li Du was stunned, and echoed, “Adventure?”

Steve said, “Yeah, you had gone to Australia and Africa. Aren’t you an adventurer? You
are also good friends with the Adventurer King Tang. You are both adventurers, right?”
Li Du blinked. He could not understand what Steve was talking about, so he repeated,
“The Adventurer king Tang?”
Suddenly, he realized who Steve must have meant. “Tang Chaoyang? Song Biaozi? A
guy a little younger than me?”
Steve nodded quickly. “Yes, that’s him, the Adventurer King Tang.”
“I don’t know him very well,” said Li Du. “Maybe you don’t believe it, but I don’t even
know what he does. He’s mysterious.”
Steve smiled and nodded again. “I believe you. You are right, he is mysterious. Of
course, he’s a very good fellow, too!”
Based on Steve’s previous words and his interest, Li Du thought about this for a while
and tentatively asked, “Do you want to go on an adventure?”
Steve’s face turned serious. He nodded and said, “All of us in the Tussenberg family are
adventurers. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of going to some mysterious places
and experience the magnificent and amazing nature.”
Li Du remembered that when he was in Australia, Steve was eager to accompany him
to the mine. He did not understand why Steve had such an interest.
Now, listening to him, Li Du understood that Steve liked adventures, and finding a mine
was exciting. It was all about the thrill.
Li Du didn’t know the Tussenberg family. He knew that Steve had something to do with
the Vanderbilts, who were in the transportation business, but he didn’t know much about
anything else.
He was silent for a moment. “You want to go on an adventure? It might be dangerous.”
“I know, but risk and reward tend to go hand in hand. Wouldn’t it be great to take a risk
and see a lot of things that you had only imagined and make money at the same time,
just like you?” Steve cut him off.

Li Du didn’t quite understand. “Why do you want to take risks? No offense, I’m serious,
Steve. Your family has status and money. You have everything. You don’t lack
anything, so why do you want to go on an adventure?”
Steve stared at him and asked, “What about you? Why do you like adventures?”
“I don’t,” laughed Li Du.
“I know all about your experience of looking for diamond mines in Africa, dealing with
two warlords and overthrowing one of them.”
Li Du did not know how to explain, and could only say, “I did not go there to look for
adventure, I went to Africa because I had no choice.”
Steve looked disappointed upon listening to this and said, “So I guess I misunderstood
“Do you want to go on an adventure just because life is too boring?” asked Li Du.
Steve shook his head. “No, that’s only one of the reasons. There are others. My family’s
legacy, my hobby, and my ambition.”
He sighed and said helplessly, “I thought you were an adventurer like Tang. I wanted to
ask you for help. Looks like that will not be possible.”
Li Du said, “What’s the matter? I’ll be glad to help you.”
“Nothing,” said Steve listlessly. “I’m going to the North Pole, but I can’t do it myself, so I
need adventurers to help me.”