Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Three In One

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Li Du had always thought that adventurers only existed in novels and television dramas.
He was not a stranger to that occupation as he kept an entire series of National
Geographic. The first few copies and the foundation of the series were all built upon the
adventurers’ experience.
However, he did not know that in the twenty-first century there would still be adventurers
in the world.
From the chat he had with Steve, Li Du understood a couple of things. Those included
the reasons why Steve had put so much effort into helping him, why he would rush over
to attend the engagement party and why he had been so kind to Li Du in Australia.
It had all been a humongous mistake. Steve had mistaken him for an adventurer and
thought that Li Du would be able to help him.
However, it was not too much of a stretch to think of Li Du as an adventurer. After all,
his time in Africa could really be considered an adventure.
Upon hearing that Steve had intentions to visit the Arctic, Li Du became interested.
Li Du asked, “You are going to the Arctic? What exactly are you going to do there? How
are you going to get there?”
Hearing the questions, Steve straightened up as he realized that Li Du was genuinely
“Perhaps you might think that this is very ridiculous, but I am going to look for something
that my family left behind there. To an outsider, it might seem like nothing, but it is
something very important to me and my family.”
Li Du asked, “Where are you heading there from?”
Steve was confused. “What do you mean? Do you mean the route?”
“That’s right.”
“I plan to travel from Seattle or Portland to cross the Pacific Ocean, then fly towards the
far east of Russia, land at Yakutsk Airport, reach the Republic of Sakha, and then travel
towards to the north,” Steve said.
Li Du asked thoughtfully, “Entering the Republic of Sakha, that would mean going
through the Siberian road?”
Steve replied, “I will try to go over that place by flying. I will pass Siberia, but I’m taking
no risks. It will be very safe.”

Li Du said, “Understood. I will consider this trip.”
Steve was ecstatic. “Really? But didn’t you just reject the idea? Are you willing to go on
an adventure? Buddy, we’re talking about going to the Arctic, and we might have to stay
there for some time.”
Li Du shrugged. “Who said I rejected the idea? I only told you that I am not one of those
adventurers that you know. However, I do possess the risk-taking spirit of an
After learning the real reason behind Steve’s kindness towards him, Li Du started to
consider the adventure seriously.
Previously, Li Du had thought that it was because he had saved Steve’s life, and that
the two of them could get along. Hence, Steve had a good impression of him and would
always help him.
It turned out that it was not as simple as that, and Steve had helped him because he
wanted something from Li Du.
Li Du understood that if he wanted to enter the upper-class circle, he had to gain
success in America. He needed someone to guide him, and Steve and Porter could
both help him.
Of the two, Steve was much more suitable. Porter was an introvert and preferred living
in the world of his comics rather than interacting with people in real life. Porter was also
less well connected than Steve.
Li Du did not have much interest in taking an adventure. He had earned enough money
for himself. However, if Steve wanted to go to the Arctic, perhaps he could accompany
Luo Qun had wanted to go to Siberia to hunt for the murderer. They would definitely
have to go to many places, and he wanted to search for the mammoth ivory cache in
the treasure map while they were at it. Now he would also have to accompany Steve to
the Arctic.
To combine the three trips into one, he thought that Steve’s itinerary was rather
He was still discussing this with Steve when Sophie ran over, saying, “Luo Qun is here.
But after giving her gifts, she wants to leave.”
“The timing is just right, everything is coming together,” Li Du smiled bitterly.
Confused, Sophie asked, “What?”
Li Du waved his hand, saying, “No, nothing much. Where is she? I want to see her.”

“At the door.”
Li Du walked over quickly and saw Luo Qun in her police uniform, standing there. Ali
was sitting in a strangely obedient attitude in front of her.
Seeing Luo Qun, Li Du motioned for her to come in. “Won’t you have a glass of wine?”
“It’s still office hours for me, I can’t drink,” Luo Qun said curtly.
Li Du said, “Aren’t you planning to resign? Are you still working?”
“Two months of notice to be served.” Her replies remained short and to the point.
Li Du smiled and said, “Have you submitted your resignation letter? When do you intend
to quit?”
“Hmm. There should be no problem next month. The latest I would quit would be
January next year.”
“And then?”
“I’ll go to Siberia.”
Li Du shook his head. “It would still be winter then. What are you going to do in Siberia
in winter? That would be suicide. Wait for spring.”
Luo Qun looked him in the eye and said, “No.”
Li Du was not happy with her stubbornness. He said, “You must be reasonable, or you
don’t stand a chance. Listen to me, wait for spring and we can go to Siberia together.”
Luo Qun shook her head vigorously and then suddenly as if something struck her, she
asked, “Together?”
Li Du said, “Yes, I am going to Siberia as well.”
“No, no need to,” Luo Qun interrupted. “I do not need your help. I do not need you to
pity me. This has nothing to do with you, you don’t have to interfere…”
Li Du said, “Why do you think it has nothing to do with me? Actually, this has a lot to do
with me.”
Luo Qun interrupted him again and said fiercely, “Don’t think that I would be grateful for
your interference. I don’t need your help, I can sort this out …”
“I need your help,” Li Du cut in.
Surprised, Luo Qun asked, “What do you mean?”

Li Du said, “A buddy and I want to go to the Arctic to do something. If you are willing,
you can come with us. We can help you to capture the murderer, and you can follow us
to the Arctic to help us in our adventure.”
Luo Qun became silent. She turned to look afar and said blandly, “You really don’t have
to do this. You are engaged and are getting married soon. You should consider your
family. What good is there for you to go to Siberia?”
Li Du sighed, “I cannot pass the opportunity.”
Luo Qun was just about to say something when Li Du waved it off, “Let’s not beat
around the bush like sissies any longer. Just tell me, are you willing to help?”
Still looking ahead, Luo Qun’s eyelashes flitted a few times, like the wings of a black
butterfly in the sky.
“Okay, thank you,” she said in a quivering voice.
Li Du smiled, “I’m not sure who should be thanking whom. Remember, we can only
carry out the plan in spring. There must be a plan and we have to perfect it to be
prepared, understand?”
“Okay, do you want to come in and have something to eat?” Li Du asked.
Luo Qun turned and looked into his eyes for a few seconds before she smiled again and
said, “No thanks, hope that Sophie and you will have a blissful marriage and be happy
Li Du said, “Why do I feel like your words have a different taste to them?”
Luo Qun smiled again. “Did I add in too much salt or too little? Is the taste salty of
bland? Go back in, see you next time.”
Li Du was surprised. “You can still crack a joke?”
Luo Qun stuffed her hands into her pockets and strolled off. When she was some
distance away, she raised her voice and said loudly, “I am not a robot. And also, I am a