Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 A Town At The Border

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After the engagement, Li Du had a dazzling night with Sophie.
For the next few days, he stayed at home. It was only when the date of the smuggler
warehouse was approaching that he had no choice but to leave his house.
Hans rubbed his nose and said, “So, isn’t the life of a newly-wed great?”
Li Du said lazily, “This is not the life of a newly-wed. We are not married yet. But this
period of time, it has really been great!”
Sophie’s body was wondrous, and they had been delighting in each other.
Hans slammed his hand into the car head and said, “I told you. I wanted to bring you to
experience this. If you had listened to me earlier, you wouldn’t have to wait until now to
have this perfect life.”
Li Du flipped him the finger and said, “I like the exchange of emotions. You? Ha, what
you mean is not a perfect life, it is a purgatory!”
Godzilla and Big Quinn organized the truck. Now they had two trucks.
Seeing that, Li Du stopped chatting with Hans. He waved them over and said, “Get
ready to set off. You guys can go ahead first. I am going to say goodbye to Sophie and
then catch up with you guys.”
Hans, who was getting ready to get into his Ferrari, said, “Will you be able to catch up?”
Li Du pushed Hans away from the car and locked the door. Li Du smiled, “Of course, I
am going to drive this sports car, why would I not be able to catch up with your truck?”
Leaning against the car, Sophie giggled as she watched them. The five animals were
circling around her feet, stretching, basking in the sun and looking lively.
Li Du went over to kiss Sophie. Ah Ow spread her leg to expose her softest spot,
wanting Li Du to pet her.
Sophie squatted down and patted Ah Ow’s head. She said, “Why are you acting coy,
you little lady, do you have no shame? Or are you trying to seduce someone?”
Sweat beads gathered on Li Du’s forehead. Once young ladies turned older, their mind
and words seemed to become less censored.
Ah Ow wore a look of innocence. She did not know what was going on. In fact, she
thought that she was being chided for not spreading her legs wider, and tried her best to
spread them as wide as she could.

Actually, Li Du wanted to bring Sophie along to Nogales. However, his parents were still
here. There had to be someone who would stay behind to look after them. His parents
did not speak much English and it would be troublesome if something cropped up.
Besides, he was just going to Nogales to participate in an auction. He would come back
when it ended. It was a hassle to bring along the five animals too.
Li Du held out both his arms and said, “Give me a kiss.”
Sophie giggled as she shook her head, retreating backward. “No, you want to take
advantage of me. No chance.”
Li Du played along and grabbed her in his arms before he kissed her.
Once his lips touched Sophie’s, Sophie reacted with passion. He wanted to tease her
for saying something she did not mean, but there was no chance to speak and he just
kept his mouth shut.
The two of them were kissing when the engines started outside.
The two of them were still kissing when the trucks left.
The two of them were still kissing when the trucks were so far ahead that the engines
could not be heard anymore.
Some time after, Sophie pushed him away and straightened his clothes. She said,
“Okay, darling, you should go. Actually, I really do not want to kiss you goodbye. I don’t
want to be apart from you. Kissing like that will make me feel that you will be away for a
long time.”
“I will be back soon,” Li Du gave her a peck on her forehead. It was a long peck.
Sophie’s forehead became red.
Brother Wolf started the car engine. Li Du waved his hands and the Ferrari slid over
Li Du’s parents came down to send him off. They were surprised by the red spot on
Sophie’s forehead. They asked, “Does your head hurt? Or are you having a cold or a
Confused, Sophie said, “Nope, I’m feeling fine. Why?”
Li Du’s mother pointed to her forehead. “Then why did Li Du give you the scrapping
treatment? If your head doesn’t hurt, he shouldn’t do that.”
Sophie was embarrassed and turned to leave. “Ah, I have to go and search the web for
job openings.”

Li Du’s mother wanted to say more but her husband stopped her. He said, “That’s
enough. Remember what Li Du said previously? Sophie is a medical researcher at a
prestigious college. She is a famous doctor, why would she not be able to take care of
her own health?”
The Ferrari sped down the road and caught up with the two trucks in no time.
Nogales was southeast of Phoenix. A national highway connected the two cities directly.
Hence, they just had to stay on the smooth and straight road.
In between they would pass Tucson City. Tucson was practically between the two cities.
With good roads, there would be no problem traveling back and forth.
Behind them were the cars of the Flagstaff treasure hunters. They formed an entourage
of cars and hence, there would be no issues with finding the place.
Smuggler warehouse auctions did not start at a stipulated time. Once enough people
turned up, it would start. The auction they were headed to was especially large-scale. It
was rumored that a portion of the warehouse had not been auctioned in decades, but
would be up for grabs this time around.
Smuggled goods were prohibited items and were not allowed to slip into the market
easily. Some of those items could severely threaten public safety and it was crucial to
keep them under lock and key.
The warehouses that were entered into the auction had all been checked for such
items. They had to have contents that would not threaten public security. Once the
auction ended, the border inspectors would have to approve the items before they could
enter the market.
As some dangerous items may have escaped the previous inspections, once the
auction ended, the border inspectors, customs officers, and police would do another
thorough search.
At that time, if they found anything dangerous, the officers would confiscate it.
That was to say, the border inspection bureau and the customs were very scrupulous.
They were making money from both ends.
They passed through the city of Tucson and continued more than one hundred
kilometers south. Soon, the border city of Nogales and the customs appeared before
It was a small town on the border with a population of only slightly over ten thousand.
Back in Li Du’s home country, some of the larger villages had a population of five to six
thousand people and the towns had a population of tens of thousands.

However, in terms of geography, Nogales was very important. It was the key town
between America and Mexico where business and trading took place.
In addition, the area was rich in gold, silver, lead, copper, molybdenum and other
minerals. As the land was fertile, the animal husbandry industry was also well
Another important local industry was tourism, which was very robust.
When Li Du’s car drove into the small town, they saw that the entrance to the town was
adorned by an old-fashioned church with a simple, unassuming style. When he saw the
church, Li Du felt that Nogales had a sense of history.
There were many roadside stalls along the streets. The sellers were peddling Mexican
clay pots, hats, and specialty wines.
Such alcohol stalls had been prevalent in ancient China. In the market, people would be
carrying vats of wine around, peddling them to shoppers. Otherwise, they would set up
a roadside stall with their wine tanks so that pedestrians passing by could purchase a
cup of wine for drinking.
“Margarita cocktail, that’s a world-class cocktail. Li, you have to get one,” Dickens
waved to Li Du after he got out of his car.
Li Du said, “In the evening then. I don’t have the habit of drinking during the day. I want
to walk around and explore this area.”