Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 First Shot

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Li Du did not feel like drinking and so the treasure hunters did not force him to. The
bunch of treasure hunters got out of their car and gathered in front of the alcohol stall.
They filled their cups and started drinking.
The auction would begin the next day, and many treasure hunters had long arrived. It
was because Li Du had wanted to stay with Sophie longer that he had arrived late.
Smuggler warehouse auction was a large-scale event. There were many valuable
things inside. However, the extraordinarily valuable items were few.
Now that Li Du possessed a lot of money, he was no longer uptight about warehouse
auctions. The main reason he was still participating in them was that he wanted to fulfill
Hans’s dream of joining the Million Dollar Club.
According to the rules, one had to earn more than a million dollars’ worth of profits on
four occasions before being able to qualify for the Million Dollar Club. Li Du and Hans
had already achieved a million dollar profit twice and they needed to do so two more
times to qualify.
Of course, if they counted the time when they had landed their hands on Van Gogh’s
original painting, they have achieved a million dollars thrice.
However, that occasion could not be taken into account. They had not retrieved the oil
painting from their warehouse. They had gotten it from the warehouse owner. It was
considered as picking up something that others left behind, and not as loot from a
warehouse auction.
Li Du’s goal for this auction was to land his hands on a warehouse worth two million
The warehouse to be auctioned this time was considered a state-owned asset. It was
located near the border. Under the lead of Hans, they drove towards the location of the
When the car neared the warehouse, Li Du spotted the familiar figure of Princeps.
Princeps looked worse than before. He had lost his arrogance, wore a gloomy face, and
looked lifeless and weighed down.
Li Du pretended not to see him. However, Hans wanted to tease him and called out to
Princeps, “Hey, buddy! Long time no see. When did you get out of prison? Heard that
your prostitutes were arrested too?”
Princeps said coolly, “That’s right. Nothing surprising. It’s not like the two of you haven’t
been arrested. You guys got out fast too.”

Hearing that, Li Du felt that something was not right. He frowned and said, “What do you
Princeps revealed a strange smile and said, “Haha, the two of you were checking out
the prostitutes at a Korean spa and then the cops arrested you. That was what I was
referring to.”
Hans started to get anxious. Li Du held him back and looked at Princeps. He said, “No,
we did not go looking for whores. That was a misunderstanding. But how did you know
about that?”
Princeps hummed and avoided his question. He said, “Haha, you can say what you
want. In any case, I admire the two of you. The two of you messed around with one
chick. You two are really good brothers.”
Li Du continued to stare at him and said, “You were keeping an eye on us. You were the
one who called the police, right?”
Hans finally realized what must have happened and said, “Is that so? No wonder, that
Korean bathhouse was a lawful place. Why would the police come knocking on the
door? Our luck could not have been that bad!”
Li Du had also considered himself unlucky. He had just entered the bathhouse when the
policemen came to arrest him for engaging with prostitutes. Now it seemed that it was
no mere chance. The policemen had arrived thanks to a tipoff.
Princeps replied coldly, “That’s right. That was me. Why? Wasn’t it thanks to you guys
that I was arrested too?”
Li Du shook his head and kept silent. There was nothing for him to say. They had
violated the law and discipline or, to be exact, Hans had done that. There was nothing
wrong with people reporting.
Seeing that Li Du stayed quiet, Princeps took the opportunity to continue provoking him.
He said, “How did it feel for you two when you both were messing around with the same
slut? I heard that you got engaged, Li. Did you get engaged to that Korean woman from
that time? Was she that good?”
“You’re asking for a beating!” Li Du said calmly.
Princeps could mock them with that incident because Li Du was the one who had
reported him to the policemen to arrest him on another occasion. Hence, it was kind of
fair that Princeps should pay them back with the same coin.
However, now that he was dragging Sophie into the picture, Li Du could not bear it.
Brother Wolf walked towards him. There were still some treasure hunters around
Princeps, all from the Tucson gang.

The men gathered behind Princeps. There were more than twenty of them, all big-sized.
If Brother Wolf were to strike, he would likely be beaten.
Li Du held Brother Wolf back, which made Princeps turn even more arrogant. He said,
“You thought that the Tucson gang was doomed, right? Haha, dream on. We, the
Tucson guys, have tons of brothers. This is our territory, we have more men, more…
He was just about to get even more arrogant when he saw Li Du take a gun out of his
Faced with the muzzle, the big men in the Tucson gang were shocked. Someone
shouted, “Run!”
Li Du pulled the trigger. The gun did not emit the common loud shot, but let out the
sound of chi-chi, as though the air was escaping a tire.
One bullet struck Princeps. After lashing out, Princeps stumbled. Then, both his legs
gave way and he fell down. It looked like he was suffering from an epilepsy attack as he
started to flail and twitch on the ground.
Li Du had used the taser gun that he bought from Princeps. It was ironic that the gun’s
first shot was at Princeps.
Princeps did not get stunned, but could only convulse on the ground.
The Tucson men could not believe their eyes. It was the first time they saw someone
fire a shot wordlessly and on their territory. They were at a loss for what to do.
Someone shouted, “Who are you? I am telling you, bastard, you are going to regret
“If you dare, leave your name and wait for us to sort you out!”
“Big boss Princeps, boss Princeps, wake up. Ah, big boss Princeps, you couldn’t have
died, right?”
The questions from the treasure hunters surprised Li Du. He asked them, “You guys do
not know who I am?”
A bunch of them looked him in the eye and said, “Do you think you are a superstar?
Why would we know who you are?”
Hans rubbed his nose and bellowed, “I know what’s going on. These dumbasses are
people Princeps just pulled together to form a gang. The treasure hunters from before
have betrayed him and left him, the poor chap!”

Li Du had not expected Princeps’ current situation to be that poor. He had heard from
Hans that the Tucson gang had fallen apart and two groups have split up from Princeps.
However, he had thought that there would still be some old treasure hunters from before
who would stay with Princeps. He had not expected Princeps to be left with a handful of
Besides, seeing it made him realize that these people were all new to the treasure
hunter trade. They did not even know about the tussle between Li Du and Princeps.
The newbies did not possess the courage of experienced treasure hunters. They helped
Princeps up and wanted to leave. However, the electricity was still running through
Princeps’s body. The two newbies who interacted with Princeps almost fell to the
ground from the current as well.
All they could do was wrap their clothes around their arms to support Princeps and take
him to the car.
Soon, a police car came by. A policeman held his gun as he stayed behind the car door,
looking at Li Du and his party. Another policeman got out of the car and asked, “Who
fired a shot and injured someone?”
Li Du pretended to be innocent when the two policemen came over to search him. How
could they have found the taser gun? He had long hidden it in the black hole space.
The police did not manage to find the taser gun and there was nothing they could do
about the incident. The border inspectors were not that strict. Besides, the gun Li Du
had used was a taser, not a real gun.
Hans made a few calls to inquire about the situation with the Tucson gang. It turned out
that the gang was torn apart and completely disintegrated. However, there were now
many Tucson gangs. Many were waving the Tucson flag, recruiting people.