Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 Old Driver

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Hans, Brother Wolf and the rest mourned the death of the unfortunate siblings by
drawing a cross over their chests. The border inspectors also shook their heads and
followed suit.
Nobody would feel indifferent about the situation then.
The American volunteers who have found the corpses of the two siblings had to send
the corpses back to Mexico.
The Mexican officials waited on the other side to receive the two stretchers carrying the
A piece of white cloth was placed over each stretcher and the top and bottom of the
stretcher had been secured. A lady unclasped the cross necklace hanging from her
neck and placed it on top of the smaller stretcher. Her face was full of anguish.
Behind them, there was a group of people waiting for deportation. Handcuffed, they
lined up like a bunch of convicts surrounded by policemen who were sending them back
to Mexico.
These people had been illegal immigrants. Some of them were detained just as they
were caught crossing the border and others faced deportation after spending years
staying illegally in America.
Seeing those people, Li Du asked, “Godzilla, how did you come to America?”
Godzilla said sullenly, “I have great strength and did laborious hard work. At that time,
America just rolled out a policy for new immigrants to attract people like me. I count
myself lucky…”
He stopped mid-sentence and kept his eyes focused on the illegal immigrants.
Li Du asked, “What are you looking at?”
Godzilla did not seem to hear him but kept gazing straight ahead. His Adam’s apple was
trembling and he looked extremely agitated.
Li Du asked again, “What have you seen?”
“Someone I know,” Godzilla snapped out of his daze. He said slowly, “I saw a buddy I
used to know from before.”
Saying that, he pointed for Li Du.
The person he indicated was a middle-aged man who was looking mournful and dazed.
He had a well-built body and his neck was as thick as his head. A man with such a build
was typically a good fighter and had strong defensive skills.

Li Du said, “Someone you knew when you were in a gang before?”
Godzilla nodded and said softly, “Yes, a buddy from the gang. He’s a good driver and
he had dominated the underground racing scene for a long time.”
“Such a man must have done well in Mexico, right? Why would he still go to America?”
Li Du could not understand.
Godzilla said, “He no longer participates in underground racing. His son had admired
him and tried to race as well. In the end, there was an accident.”
Having explained this, Godzilla hesitated before saying, “Boss, should I go over and say
hi? In fact, we used to be very close when we were in the gang, best brothers.”
It was the first time Li Du heard Godzilla addressing someone as his brother. As far as
he knew, Godzilla had always been a man of few words and kept to himself like a lone
Brother Wolf was a man of even fewer words but that was just a habit formed by his
occupation. Deep down, Brother Wolf was a very warm person and had a very good
relationship with Big Quinn, Hans and the rest.
Li Du thought for a second and asked, “This buddy of yours, is he a good driver? How
good is he?”
“As good as those people in the movies. Previously, he could shake off twenty to thirty
cars chasing after him in his bread van.”
“How about his personality? Does he attract trouble? What about the way he handles
things?” Li Du continued to ask.
Godzilla seemed to know what he was getting at and said at once, “He is as trustworthy
as I am. He is not like one of those bad people in gangs. He is just like me, we joined
gangs because we had no choice. Once there was an opportunity, we left the gang.”
Li Du said, “I am in need of a professional driver. If you think that he is suitable, I would
like to try engaging him.”
“He is very suitable, his nickname is ‘Driver’, actually,” Godzilla said happily.
Li Du laughed and walked forward to speak to the policeman. “Hi, buddy, I have a friend
here. I have a question, why would he be here?”
The policeman looked at him cautiously and said, “We are not too sure, we are just
following the law. These people here do not have legal rights to stay in America.”
As Godzilla was big-sized and hard to miss, he drew attention to himself as soon as he

The middle-aged man whom Godzilla had identified as ‘Driver’ did not react and
continued to hang his head low, looking at the ground.
Seeing that Li Du wanted to bail the man out, Godzilla said, “You can’t do this, Li, you
need a lawyer and bail bond.”
Li Du said, “No hurry, just checking out his reaction first.”
Then Li Du turned and said to the policeman, “I think there must have been a
misunderstanding somewhere. Can you let me speak a few words with my friend and
ask him what happened? Look, a tragedy took place just now, we do not want to create
another one, right?”
Hearing that, the policeman stayed silent for a few seconds while staring at Li Du. Then
he said, “Which one is your buddy?”
“Carlos Pedro, that man,” Godzilla pointed.
The policeman turned to look and noticed that the middle-aged man did not seem to be
in the right state of mind. Hence, he nodded as if he did not have another choice and
said, “You guys can go ahead and have a chat.”
As Godzilla walked over, the Mexican men retreated.
That was when the middle-aged man felt that something was amiss and looked up.
He was stunned for a few seconds, and then he laughed bitterly and said, “Hey, brother,
you look like you’re doing well.”
Godzilla put his hand on the man’s shoulder and asked, “Driver, what happened?”
The middle-aged man said nonchalantly, “It’s just as you’ve seen. I got across the
border, but I did it illegally, and now I’m getting deported.”
Godzilla said, “I have a way to let you stay in America. You can work as a chauffeur for
my boss.”
Carlos shook his head, laughing. Godzilla added, “My boss does proper business!”
However, the middle-aged man continued to shake his head and said simply, “I want to
go home.”
Godzilla nodded silently and patted the man’s shoulder. He said, “Good luck.”
Going back to Li Du’s side, Godzilla said sadly, “Sorry boss, he doesn’t want to stay in
America any longer. I can’t make him work for you.”
Li Du said, “That’s okay, no issue. Brother Wolf is a good driver.”

Godzilla said, “Brother Wolf is good, but Driver is much better, he is really good!”
The illegal immigrants had all been deported and the aisle was reopened for crossing.
Li Du took out his passport and visa for the border inspector to check. The inspector
asked as he looked through, “What are you going to do in Mexico?”
“Have a meal,” Li Du said.
The inspector looked surprised and pursed his lips after taking another glance at Li Du.
He stamped the passbook and handed the documents back to Li Du.
At the end of the aisle, there was a cross-sliding door. Going through the door would
bring them into Mexico’s land. Or to put it more accurately, to the Mexican Sonora.
The surroundings were different from what Li Du had seen when he peered from the
warehouse previously. While it was still desert land, the place was not desolate, but
populated with many houses and many people who lived there.
Towards the south, about four or five kilometers away from the border, a town rose from
the ground. Under the sunset, the town was brightly lit, welcoming a lively night.