Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128 Speed

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The boss came over, smiled and asked, “Is there anything you would like to say to me,
Li Du took out his bank card and handed it to him, saying, “I’d like to pay the bill.”
The boss was a bit surprised upon seeing the card with the JPMorgan VIP logo on it.
He had seen such cards before in magazines, but this was the first time he saw one in
real life.
The boss took out the pose-machine. He was ready to put in the number. Li Du slowed
down the time and took the pose machine in his hand in a quick motion, and keyed in a
hundred thousand.
Seeing this, the boss was stunned. “Your speed is really amazing, there is no need to
pay so much…”
“Help me find out who hired this township group to give me trouble, and you’ll get this
sum as a reward,” Li Du said with a smile.
The boss gulped and said, “Well, I’m afraid you misunderstood me. I’m just the owner of
a restaurant…”
Li Du continued, “If your answer satisfies me, I will add another hundred thousand
After hearing this, the boss swallowed again. He considered this for a while and then
pressed the Enter button on the pose machine and nodded. “Leave it to me.”
“For $200,000,” Hans said. “Does that come with an add-on? You have to escort us
The boss shook his head and said, “Sorry, buddy, this is not about money. As you can
see, these bastards give me some face, but only a little. If I stand in their way, they will
tear down my restaurant.”
Driver suddenly cut in and asked, “Are you the Axe Man, Mika?”

The boss was stunned. He carefully looked at him and said, “Who are you, brother? I
am Mika, Axe Man was my nickname a long time ago. Now I’m called Chopper, for what
I do in the kitchen.”
Shrugging his shoulders, Driver said to Li Du, “He is old and out of these circles. The
current township group is fierce and would not hesitate to take lives. He could not
protect us.”
Although these words seemed to justify the owner, it was kind of embarrassing.
However, the owner didn’t get angry. He laughed in an embarrassed way and said,
“Yes, Nogales is not the same place as when I was young. I suggest you call the police.
You are very rich, the police dare not dismiss you.”
Driver said as if nothing had happened, “No, a group of young people can’t do much.”
Then he said to Li Du and the others, “Get in the car quickly. I won’t wait.”
Li Du and the others were confused. What is he trying to say?
Driver got up, put a knife and fork in his trouser pocket, and went to the Nissan. A young
man with a cigarette in his mouth pushed the door open and came out shouting, “Get
lost, stupid ass!”
As he spoke, Driver grabbed him and pulled him out. He flashed the knife and plunged it
into the man’s leg.
Driver grabbed the screaming young man and kicked him, sending him flying far away.
Suddenly, the night market was in chaos.
Another young man jumped out from the front passenger seat, holding a steel pipe, and
tried to smash it into Driver.
These people really dared to play with life, and the youth aimed at Driver’s head. If the
steel pipe smashed into him, the victim could have a serious concussion even if he

Driver was a tough character too. He quickly turned his head to avoid the blow. The
steel pipe knocked on his shoulder, but he did not utter a word and turned back to seize
the young man, stabbing his thigh with the fork.
“Press it. I cut off your femoral artery. If you pull out the fork and knife, you’ll die,” said
Driver darkly, getting into the car.
Li Du pushed the stunned Hans and said, “Get in!”
The four of them rushed to the Nissan. The car was small, so it was cramped when they
all got in.
Driver started the car. Li Du did not see how he operated, but the car suddenly roared
like a beast of prey waking up. The car vigorously bumped once, the wheels rubbing the
ground with a screeching sound, and the car dashed off.
A young man got on his motorcycle, and another youth perched behind him,
brandishing a thick chain, tried to whip the windshield of the car.
“Sit tight,” Driver said coldly, turning the steering wheel with one hand and yanking on
the gear with the other. He stepped on the brake and accelerator flexibly and quickly.
The roaring Nissan, like a black ghost, suddenly came to a halt, and the iron chain
thrown from the motorcycle slammed into the bonnet with a clang.
An instant after it stopped, the car lunged forward, swerving left and right like a snake.
The car turned back, passing the motorcycle. When the two youngsters lost caution, the
tail of the car swept towards them!
The car tail was so powerful that it hit the motorcycle and sent it flying.
The two young men flew up, screaming in horror, and landed in a heap, not knowing
what had happened.
The night market was in chaos. Many people were running through the streets. Driver
did not even blink as he quickly turned the steering wheel and drove into a side alley.

More gangs of the township group were assigned to follow. One of the young
troublemakers dashed out of a nearby liquor store, shouting, “F**k! Chase them! Block
them off!”
A group of bikers mounted their motorcycles, followed them down alleys and rampaging
through night markets, causing scared tourists to flee to either side and aggressively
dogging the Nissan.
The stall owner shook his head at the scene and said, “Young people are so
disrespectful now. Society is in chaos.”
The Nissan slowed and steadied as it pulled into an alley.
Soon there was a great roar of a motorbike, and Hans called out, “Come on, speed up!”
The driver looked in his rearview mirror, changed gears and suddenly the car reversed.
He pressed the gas pedal and turned the steering wheel again and again.
The bikers were in a hurry. When they saw the car in front reverse, they were shocked.
Some of them either hurriedly tried to brake or overturned their motorbikes.
Clang! Clang! the car crashed into a few motorcycles in a row, and several youths
screamed repeatedly.
Brother Wolf opened the door and jumped down, rushed to the side of the road and
grabbed the young men that managed to avoid being hit by the car. He kicked one
young gangster’s head and the man fainted.
Driver switched the gear forward and Brother Wolf rushed towards them and got in the
car, saying, “Go!”
Hans cried, “F**k! Cool!”
After almost all the motorcyclists had given up, the Nissan sped up again and
reappeared on the road, dashing through several alleys like a fierce cheetah.
Several motorbikes were speeding along the road, some of their riders clutching
baseball bats, some brandishing chains, others holding maces.

Looking back, the dust was roaring like a yellow dragon, and there might be dozens of
cars following them.