Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Excitement

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“Fasten your seatbelts,” Driver said coldly.
There was no emotion in his robot-like voice, but the car sped up and roared as if he
had transferred his passion for fighting to the engine.
Driver ignored the motorcycle chasing them. He didn’t even look in the rearview mirror.
He kept staring at the taxi blocking his way in front.
The road was neither smooth nor broad, and more than a dozen SUVs drove over, as if
a herd of beast appeared, blocking their way.
The driver repeatedly stepped on the accelerator, and the Nissan sped up. Fortunately,
there were many people in the car, which added to its weight. Otherwise, Li Du was
afraid that the car would topple over.
The Nissan sped on fearlessly, hurled through the motorcade in front and flew onward
like the wind.
The taxi drivers were so shocked that they slammed on the brakes to slow down as they
watched the Nissan speeding toward them.
Some of the cars turned and sped away. The drivers didn’t want to risk their lives!
The drivers at the back did not have a good view of the situation and did not turn
around. When the cars in front turned back, they saw the Nissan dashing towards them
and slammed on the brakes.
Li Du shouted, “This is crazy!”
He had barely spoken when the Nissan slowed down.

However, it went too fast at first and was still speeding even after slowing down a bit. It
plunged into the oncoming taxi line.
The driver’s left hand turned the steering wheel like a windmill, his right hand changed
gears repeatedly, and his feet moved under the wheel as if dancing.

When the two cars were about to collide, the taxi drivers only could scream for help, but
the Nissan that was about to crash into them suddenly changed its direction and passed
by the taxis.
A scene similar to when they hit the motorcycle reappeared, and the front wheels of the
Nissan Sedan swung from side to side in the chaotic convoy.
This way they avoided the cars they were about to hit, like a shark navigating the ocean
floor, always avoiding oncoming reefs.
However, the motorcade was so dense that the cars in the rear braked together and
ended up crashing into each other, blocking the road.
Inevitably, the Nissan hit them, but by this time, the car in front has braked or stopped,
and the Nissan started to slow down as well.
Therefore, even though it collided, it didn’t affect the people in the car that much.
Driver hurried to open the door and said, “Dash to the last car and clear the way for
Brother Wolf, like a gymnast, jumped into the air with a support force from his hand
against the car. Relying on the strength of his arm to support his body, his leg flailed
out, kicking away the few drivers around him.
When Godzilla got out of the car, the front passenger seat door in front of him was
thrown sideways. He pulled the car door with both hands and tore it off with a cracking
Holding the car door in one hand, Godzilla looked like a wild barbarian warrior, covering
Li Du and rushing forward. A driver was unlucky enough to be in front and was hit by the
car door, getting knocked into a car bonnet.
Brother Wolf dodged and moved, plunging through like the blade of a knife.
Godzilla swung his arms, and anyone near him flew off, caught by his makeshift
battering ram.
The taxi drivers looked stunned, and a few got out of their cars, not daring to go

Li Du took out his Taser, and when a motorcyclist came after him with a machete, he
turned around and gave a shot.
After a narrow escape, they burst out of the motorcade. Driver got into a Honda Accord
from the back, started the car, and turned around with a brutal crash.
After Li Du and the others got in, the Honda sped off.
The bikers and taxi drivers were all stunned, and after some time passed, someone
asked, “What the hell is this? Am I dreaming?”
“Who did we mess with? Is this Mission Impossible?”
“Damn it, did you see him fly? How did he do that?”
They were going back to Nogales. Four or five kilometers from the border, the car
dashed forward at full speed until it reached the border. This took about a minute or two.
The Honda slowed down in a cloud of dust and dirt. The driver braked and said, “Get
over there.”
Li Du and others stepped out of the car, eager to get back to the States.
He turned around and saw Driver still sitting in the car.
He went over and asked, “Come on, what are you staying for?”
Driver said in an indifferent tone, “Where would I go? I’ve just been deported.”
Having no time waste, Li Du did not let him finish. He pulled him out of the car and said,
“Let’s go. I will help you settle the immigration problem.”
He would have to trouble JP Morgan again. JP Morgan has been trying to persuade him
to get American citizenship. Li Du did not want to do that, so he did not promise.
However, he knew that something like this was a simple matter for JPMorgan.
Driver was very stubborn. He pushed him aside and said, “You go, I don’t want to go to
America again.”

“But you can’t stay here, either,” said Li Du in a loud voice. “Do you want to be killed?”
Driver said in a nonchalant tone, “No, they won’t kill me. They have to keep me alive to
let me make money and pay them back.”
Godzilla grabbed his shoulder and pulled him out of the car, shaking him and yelling,
“What the hell are you doing? F**k you. Yes, you son of a bitch! You want to die here?
What about your son? What about Carlos junior?”
Hearing this, Driver gave a tragic smile and said, “There is no more Carlos junior. He is
dead. God had chosen to take him.”
Li Du now sort of understood the reason for Driver’s present state of mind.
Godzilla froze and said. “Wha.. what, Carlos junior is dead? I know he was injured in a
car crash, but you took him to the States for treatment. Weren’t they able to help him?”
Driver only shook his head.
Brother Wolf looked at Li Du. “Do you want to take him along?”
Li Du said, “He is really a super skilled driver!”
Driver had a genuine talent. If he joined the company, Li Du would not need to worry
about driving anywhere.
Brother Wolf nodded. He went to Driver and said, “Do you have a wife?”
Driver didn’t understand what he was asking and frowned at him.
“I don’t have a wife. My wife and two children were killed in an explosion,” said Brother
Wolf. “You are not the only one whose life is miserable and gloomy.”
“Your life isn’t over. You can meet a good woman, start a new family. What’s the point
of being so pessimistic?” Brother Wolf continued.
Driver looked at him sarcastically and said, “You really can talk. Do you think it’s that
Brother Wolf shook his head and swung his fist at Driver’s temple.

Driver looked at him in astonishment, his eyes glazed over, and he tumbled to the
Godzilla was stunned.
“What are you staring at? Pick him up and take him with us,” said Brother Wolf calmly
as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.