Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130 Imposing

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Leaving Mexico with an unconscious man previously deported from the United States
was not easy.
Leaving Mexico wasn’t much of a challenge. Li Du approached the border control
officials, slipped them $100,000 and took Driver along with him as the border patrol
turned a blind eye.
On the United States side, not everything could be solved by slipping people money.
These days, bribery could be prosecuted, and Li Du might face deportation himself.
Fortunately, Hans had an idea. He shouted, “My man has fainted! He is unconscious.
Help! Everybody help, call the doctor please!”
The border police stopped them, insisting that they could not cross. “You can pass, but
he can’t. He doesn’t have the legal documents!”
Hans tried tricking them by being unreasonable and making a scene. He shouted,
“Could you please save him first? Dude, how can you be so heartless? He might be
dying! Please help! Doctor, where is the doctor?”
“You are too cold-blooded, just 30 years ago, when the hotel next door caught fire, it
was our fire department that lent the water hose to put out the fire. We used to be as
close as a family, how could you forget that?”
His story was true. In the 1980s, a hotel caught fire on Mexican land just south of the
The town of Nogales was not well-developed. Only a few people built hotels and
restaurants to serve tourists. At that time, the border officers would also have lunch
The United States fire department made a swift decision, giving the water hose to the
Mexicans across the border to help get the fire under control.
It was so heartwarming that Hollywood even made a movie about it, called Tenderness
In The Fire, a low-budget production.

The battles against fire used to serve as a bond between north and south Nogales for a
long time. However, with the 911 case blowing up, the US border patrol put the highest
level security on the border and the two cities became estranged.
At Hans’ cry, an old gray-haired policeman sighed and said, “Take them to the doctor’s
office and see if the man had really fainted. If he is faking and they are trying to smuggle
him across, no need to have mercy on them!”
“Yes, Sir!” Two strong policemen saluted.
As long as they managed to get the man across the border to the United States, Li Du
had a solution.
Money was still the way to solve the problem, but not by bribing officials. He could pay
the bail, which was similar to the police department bail, just for illegal residents.
Li Du then began contacting lawyers to work out how to handle the border crossing.
Having worked until the evening, Li Du went back to his hotel and went to bed.
The next day he saw several missed calls. They were from the Mexican restaurant
Li Du called back and asked, “Did you find out who was behind this?”
“Yes, what about the money?” The man asked.
“First tell me some of what you know, and then I’ll give you the money. I don’t mean to
cheat you, I just want to know the truth.”
The restaurant owner thought for a moment and said, “Well, that guy who wants to give
you trouble is a treasure hunter, he goes to warehouse auctions.”
Li Du immediately thought of Princeps, whom he had shot down with his stun gun, and
said, “Is he from the Tucson gang? His name is Princeps. His voice is low and he
speaks slowly. He’s about 180cm tall…”
“Give me the money first,” insisted the restaurant owner.

Li Du transferred the money and the restaurant owner said, “The other side contacted
the vulture’s staff by phone. They did not know the specific identity of the man and have
only been in touch with him by mobile. I will give you the phone number and you can
check it yourself.”
Soon, he sent the mobile phone number through. Li Du took Brother Wolf’s phone and
called. A rude voice sounded, “Who is this calling so damn early?”
“Is Princeps in?”
“Princeps is still sleeping. Who are you? Should I ask him to call you back later?” The
man on the other side of the line spoke a little more politely.
Li Du hung up the phone at once. His guess was right, it was Princeps.
He thought that after he had taken Princeps out a few times, the man should have
learned his lesson. However, it did not seem as though he had.
The auction was going to start today. Li Du had no time to deal with Princeps privately.
He would see what he could do at the warehouse auction.
Auctions of contraband depots were a big part of the warehousing industry, attracting
huge crowds of treasure hunters to any customs or border warehouse auction area.
The last government warehouse auction in Arizona, organized by the department of
human services, drew crowds of treasure hunters from America’s west coast and south-
west in particular.
When Li Du was about to depart, he got a call from Magic Hand. He came over and
asked Li Du if he wanted to have breakfast with him.
Soon the Son of God also called, saying that he came with a few friends, and asked
where he was. He wanted them to meet up to make a few introductions.
He was followed by the treasure hunters from Phoenix and Flagstaff, all of whom were
his acquaintances. Therefore, instead of an auction, a social event took place.
He went to see the Son of God first. After all, he came with his friends. He must have
told his friends about Li Du, and Li Du had to take care of his reputation.

In addition, the Son of God was reliable and his friends must be good people to be
around with.
The Son of God had come one step nearer to the warehouse, and Li Du could not help
but frown.
It was like the Spring Festival travel rush. The warehouse was surrounded by a sea of
people. There had to be hundreds or even thousands of people who came to attend the
“My god, how many people would come to see a warehouse like this?” Li Du’s eyes
were wide.
Hans shrugged his shoulders. “It must be another photo bet. This type of auction is a
big gamble. The ones who play well must be ready to take risks.”
After Li Du got out of the car, there were constant calls of,
“Hey, Big Li, Big Fox, how are you?”
“Big Li, do you have any information today? Can you tell us anything?”
“Long time no see, Big Li. Big Fox, let’s have a drink after the auction?”
Some didn’t know them and asked, “Who is this Chinese-American guy? He looks
“He took one year to conquer Flagpole, and two years to conquer the whole of Arizona.
He’s the treasure hunter king, an awesome guy. China Li, heard of him?”
Hearing this, people all around looked suddenly puzzled. “Is this China Li? He doesn’t
look that great, though.”
“You will know how good he is when you play against him. Isn’t the Tucson gang
powerful? They went against him and they were doomed.”
Many people took pride in knowing Li Du. If Li Du responded to their greeting, they
would look smug and talk to their friends about their past acquaintance with Li Du in a
casual tone.