Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 Enemy

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It was only after he made one round among the crowd that Li Du realized he had
become so famous.
Now, he could finally understand why Hans had wanted so much to be the treasure-
hunting king and stay in Arizona. Being the cream of the crop treasure hunter was so
That was something that even money could not buy. Now he was just like a general in
an army, a sports star meeting his fans. Wherever he went, there would be people
coming up to greet him.
Even animals needed morale, let alone men. As men had wisdom, they yearned even
more for respect and acknowledgment.
Besides, there were also treasure hunters from Phoenix and Flagstaff elbowing each
other. At that point, Li Du felt that he was no longer a mere treasure hunter, but an
international superstar.
He could not help but recall the last time he met General Remonin in Mozambique. At
that time, Remonin had organized for a few soldiers to welcome him. He had been
gratified at that time at being so respected.
Li Du had wanted to go to Los Angeles to widen his connections. However, at that
moment he decided to stay in Arizona and organize a couple of auctions. He wanted to
truly become the treasure-hunting king of the state.
Although some people addressed him as the Treasure Hunting King of Arizona, in
actual fact, his standing was not that high yet. After all, he had not even been accepted
into the Million Dollar Club.
The treasure hunters who were known as the treasure hunting kings in their respective
states were all members of the Million Dollar Club. In the richer states of New York and
California, there were even members of the Billion Dollar Club.
Under the limelight, Brother Wolf grabbed Li Du and pointed sideways.
Among the crowd of treasure hunters, Li Du spotted Princeps.
Seeing Princeps, Li Du smiled. He took the initiative to walk over and greet his rival.
“Hey, buddy, long time no see.”
Princeps smiled too and said, “Is there something wrong with your memory? We just
met yesterday.”
Li Du said, “That can also be considered a long time. I thought that we wouldn’t see
each other for a long time, isn’t that so? Weren’t you shocked to see me here?”

“No, why would I be shocked?”
“Of course you would be. Last night we were in South Nogales. There were so many
country bumpkins after us and yet they were unable to keep us there. Aren’t you
surprised?” Li Du got to his point.
Princeps replied calmly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
If Princeps had revealed a surprised expression, Li Du would have doubted the incident.
He remembered the call that morning and Princeps’ words then. That helped Li Du
confirm that the incident in Mexico was related to Princeps.
He stretched out his hand to pat Princep’s shoulder, but Princeps was wary of Li Du’s
slightest movement and retreated.
Li Du started to laugh. “Ha, no need to fear, buddy. You’re quite safe. There are so
many people here, what can I do to you? Don’t be afraid.”
The treasure hunters around them erupted with laughter. “Princeps, aren’t the Tucson
gang supposed to be tough? Your reaction just now didn’t seem so.”
“Cowardy, actually, he is a coward, haha.”
Seeing the opportunity, everyone chimed in to join in the fun.
When the Tucson gang had been at its best, nobody dared to provoke those gangsters.
However, now that Li Du had dissolved the gang and forced Princeps to gather a bunch
of newbies to replace the members, the treasure hunters were no longer afraid of him.
Moreover, some of the treasure hunters that Princeps had bullied now took the
opportunity to create trouble for him.
People were afraid of the tough men in the Tucson gang as a group, but nobody feared
a lonely Princeps.
Princeps fixed his eyes on Li Du and smiled. “Li, remember, whatever you’ve done to
me, I will find a way to pay you back with the same coin.”
Li Du pointed at Princeps. Casually, he said, “Then you better remember what you have
done. You did not manage to kill me in Mexico, but believe me, Princeps, I will do you
Hans chimed in, “Isn’t it just about money? Princeps, you should get it clear, we are
much richer than you!”
Princeps’s expression changed but he remained adamant and said, “I don’t know what
you guys are talking about.”
Humming to himself, Li Du spotted Jesus and walked over to say hi.

There were four other treasure hunters by Jesus’s side. They were all members of the
Million Dollar Club. One of them, a very famous treasure hunter in Arizona, was
nicknamed Black Wild Horse. He was one of the few local members who made it into
the Million Dollar Club.
Black Wild Horse liked to travel all over America and had been to many places. Hence,
he gained that nickname.
The few of them started chatting and it seemed like Jesus had already told them some
things about Li Du, like the fact that Li Du was a shareholder of Harry Winston Inc. and
so those people treated him with great respect despite his young age.
As stipulated, the door of the warehouse opened at nine o’clock. The police officers
were maintaining order as the treasure hunters formed four lines to enter.
Unlike Hans had guessed, they were not going to auction based on photos of the
warehouses’ contents. Instead, they were allowed to queue for viewing. However, they
had to form four orderly lines and keep walking. There was no allowance for them to
stop for a viewing.
That meant to say that everyone had only a few seconds to glance at the warehouses.
They were unable to properly see what was inside, and seeing anything at all required
very strong observation skills.
Li Du liked those restrictions, as it meant that he would have a greater advantage over
At the viewing of the first warehouse, he was not interested in the items inside. Li Du
was ready to return to the group of Flagstaff treasure hunters for some chit-chat with
At that moment, he heard someone call his name. “Li!”
Turning around, Li Du saw the Anthony father-son duo – George Anthony and Conrad
The latter had suffered at the hands of African Americans who lived in poverty. Those
gangsters had done really good work once they were given money. They had been
merciless and even now, Conrad was still wearing a cast over one of his arms.
Seeing Li Du, Conrad’s eyes shone with vengeance. George was very sensitive and
noticed right away. Hence, he stomped on Conrad’s foot.
Conrad received the warning and his solemn face forced out a smile. Li Du came over
and Conrad stuck out his hand to initiate a handshake. “Li, you’re getting more and
more admirable, I’m so envious.”

The sarcastic tone did not escape Li Du. He smiled and shook Conrad’s hand. He also
took the opportunity to wrap his arm around Conrad, putting pressure on Conrad’s left
arm that was in a cast. Li Du said warmly, “Haha, no such thing, you are too kind.”
Conrad was in so much pain that he lost his smile. He wanted to flare up but his father
stopped him.
Smiling, George said, “Hi, Li. Please don’t grudge all the wrongdoing that Conrad had
committed against you. You guys are young, and young people are more forgiving,
haha, right?”
“Of course, we were just fooling around last time, right?” Li Du said to Conrad.
Conrad forced out, “That’s right.”
After exchanging a few words, Li Du walked back to his party, shaking his head. George
Anthony’s son would destroy his achievements. Conrad had not learned his subtle
skills. He would not make it no matter how good he was otherwise.
At the very least, Li Du did not have much interest in that father-son duo now. He had
always felt that compared to Princeps, the Anthonys were more like his enemy.
Dozens of treasure hunters had been waiting for Li Du. There were those from Flagstaff
and those from Phoenix, and even other treasure hunters from Arizona and other states
wanted to join his gang.
Li Du did not keep them waiting in vain. He said, “The old rules apply, call your own bid.
I think that as long as the bid is lower than two thousand dollars, you will profit from this