Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 Fast Paced

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After the warehouse had been viewed, a White Glove with a very serious face raised his
hand and yelled, “OK, like in the old rules, all the warehouse bids start from two
hundred dollars. I will not call out the starting bid from now on so as to save time,
everyone please start bidding!”
“I will fork out two hundred dollars!”
“Three hundred dollars!”
“I will take it for four hundred dollars!”
“I will fork out five hundred dollars!”
“Look here, one thousand dollars!”
The bidding was now at another level. The next bid would go up to a four-digit figure
and the treasure hunters hesitated at that point.
The Flagstaff treasure hunters started a discussion among themselves and Turis said
that he could take down the warehouse. Hence, he was willing to call out a two
thousand dollar bid right away.
The rest of the treasure hunters preferred to wait. After all, there were a few hundred
warehouses to be auctioned. They would not lose out as long as they followed Li Du.
Before their discussion ended, the auctioneer suddenly said, “Alright, one thousand
dollars, one thousand dollars, one thousand dollars! Anyone else? One thousand
dollars, one thousand dollars, one time, one thousand dollars, two times, one thousand
dollars, deal!”
The auctioneer waved down his arms and the scribe recorded the details of the bid, and
that was the end of the first warehouse auction.
The treasure hunters from Flagstaff were stunned and shouted, “Why is it so fast?”
“D*mnit, I haven’t called my bid!””So unlucky, f*ck!”
At other parts of the auction, treasure hunters were shouting as well. At the Tucson
gang side, Princeps laughed coolly, his arms crossed.
His people had taken down that warehouse. Princeps kept his eyes on Li Du and
although Li Du had not called out a bid himself, he saw the interaction between Li Du
and the Flagstaff treasure hunters.
He had noticed that after Li Du exchanged pointers with the treasure hunters, they had
been discussing something fervently. Someone had beaten his chest continuously and

although Princeps could not hear what they were saying, he understood that they were
interested in that warehouse.
Hence, Princeps had entered a bid.
Besides, luck was on his side. The auctioneer did not allow time for people to consider
and as soon as the bids stopped coming in, he declared the deal sealed.
That was the rule of warehouse auction at the borders. Just as the auctioneer said, that
was an ‘old rule’.
The treasure hunters from Flagstaff were unfamiliar with the rule. They had not
participated in many border auctions. Previously, the Tucson gang was robust and big.
They used to monopolies the auctions in southwestern Arizona.
There were many treasure hunters from other areas attending the Nogales smuggler
warehouse auction for the first time. They, too, were unsure of those rules and were
“D*mnit, there’s not even time to consider?”
“Old sport, you better get it clear, we have tons of time, there’s no need to be so
“F*ck, I was interested in that warehouse, I didn’t bid in time!”
The auctioneer yelled, “These are the rules. There’s no time for you guys to smoke,
drink, boast and still bid. Here, you call out your bid once you set your eye on a
warehouse, don’t be distracted by what others are bidding, that’s just how it is!”
The items at the warehouse were all rather valuable. After all, this was loot from
smuggling. If there was no worth in those items, who would bother to smuggle them in?
However, there were also some items that people had haphazardly smuggled across
the border without much thought. For example, things like plant seeds and food were
worthless after being kept for a long time in the warehouse.
Hence, finding treasure was still dependent on foresight and luck.
When the second warehouse was opened, Li Du glanced over and said, “Worth two
thousand dollars.”
The bidding began and now that the treasure hunters had more experience, the bidding
went faster.
“I will fork out five hundred dollars!”
“F*ck off, one thousand dollars!”

“One thousand two hundred dollars!”
“I will bid two thousand dollars!”
Unlike before, when everyone raised the bid by one hundred dollars each time, this time
around, the treasure hunters simply called out the highest bid they would offer.
At two thousand dollars, the crowd grew silent. Then, the auctioneer swiftly said, “Okay,
the price is two thousand dollars, two thousand dollars once, two thousand dollars,
twice, two thousand dollars, deal!”
Dickens pumped his fist in excitement. He had taken down that warehouse.
Princeps frowned and looked thoughtful as he kept his eyes on Li Du and the Flagstaff
treasure hunters. He knew that the warehouse must be valuable since the Flagstaff
treasure hunters were interested in it.
However, when the price soared to two thousand dollars, the Flagstaff treasure hunters
had shaken their heads. That indicated that the warehouse was worth no more than two
thousand dollars. Hence, he did not follow that bid.
He was still evaluating the reactions of the Flagstaff treasure hunters when suddenly, he
saw Li Du staring at him.
Li Du gave him a meaningful smile.
The third, fourth and fifth warehouses were auctioned off quickly. At that speed,
although there were many people and many warehouses, the auction still proceeded at
a fast pace.
When it was time for the sixth warehouse, Li Du called a bid himself.
He glanced at Princeps and gave him the same mysterious smile again.
Princeps looked uncertain. He knew very well that Li Du was cunning. Hence, seeing Li
Du acting that way, Princeps lost his confidence.
The auctioneer shouted, “Warehouse number 6 bidding begins…”
“Five hundred dollars!”
“One thousand dollars!”
“One thousand four hundred dollars!”
“One thousand eight hundred dollars!”
“Ten thousand dollars!” Li Du yelled.

Once that price was called out, a commotion broke out in the crowd.
“Sh*t, did I hear that right? Ten thousand dollars?”
“Did he say one thousand or ten thousand?”
“China Li has bid, there must be a treasure in the warehouse!”
Without hesitation, the auctioneer waved his hands and shouted, “Ten thousand dollars,
ten thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, once, ten thousand
dollars, twice, ten thousand dollars, deal!”
Ten thousand dollars was out of the range that most people were prepared to pay.
Hence, not many people followed the bid. Once Li Du called out such a high bid, he
successfully took down warehouse number 6.
Hans went forward to lock up the warehouse before cheerfully walking towards the next
one alongside Li Du.
Princeps stared at them and ground his teeth. He was determined to follow the bid the
next time Li Du made one. He would steel his heart to compete for the warehouse!
However, until warehouse number ten, Li Du did not bid again. The Flagstaff and
Phoenix treasure hunters kept participating in the bidding and took down several
At number eleven, Li Du bid again, “Ten thousand dollars!”
Without stopping to think, Princeps called out, “Eleven thousand dollars!”
Li Du looked at him and said, “Twenty thousand dollars!”
“Twenty-one thousand!” Princeps continued to bid.
The rest of the treasure hunters elbowed each other to get a view of the duo engaged in
the bid battle.
At the same time, some people were retreating. They were afraid they would be
embroiled in the war.
At the back of the crowd, Conrad asked, “Dad, should we join in?”
George looked at the two rivals in amusement and shook his head. “No, we can just
observe the fun. I do not understand this Chinese dude. Remember what I taught you
about how you should treat your enemy?”
“Know yourself and know the enemy well, then you will win every war waged.”

Pleased, George nodded. “That’s right. However, when dealing with the Chinese, be
extra careful. That’s what I learned from Chinese teachings.”
Conrad said begrudgingly, “I really want to fight it out with him in the open.”
George said sinisterly, “You should really want to win over him once, whether it’s out in
the open or not. You just have to win, you don’t have to fight him head-on.”