Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Season Of Gain

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Princeps’ situation did not affect the auction proceedings. The treasure hunters had told
each other about Princeps’ loss and everyone at the auction soon knew of his
Some of the treasure hunters learned from Princeps’ mistake. Obviously, the
warehouses all looked like they might have many treasures, but they were also full of
“This is unsurprising. Princeps had been overly optimistic. Just think about it, he should
have known. If the Lamborghini was working perfectly, why would the border inspectors
leave it in the warehouse?”
“The border inspection bureau are skunks. They hid the damaged rear of the car on
purpose. Should have guessed that there must be some problem.”
“Should be careful of those big, valuable items. The warehouse company and the
border inspection bureau are not dumb. If there was good stuff in the warehouse, they
would have kept it for themselves.”
The treasure hunters discussed this fervently, their voices heated.
However, they were right. The warehouses were entered into the auction because the
officials did not feel that they were worth holding on to. Otherwise, why hadn’t they sold
the contents themselves to earn more money?
These theories and conjectures were rife among the crowd. George heard it and so did
The two of them frowned. George asked, “Did you look for Princeps to ask about what
Conrad said, “I talked to him. He didn’t say much. He only mentioned that that Chinese
dude is cunning. He is scared of that bastard and will not dare to provoke him anymore
in the future.”
“That weakling! Serves him right that he was unable to keep the Tucson gang together,”
George said.
Conrad replied, “I asked one of his new underlings. That idiot didn’t say anything clear
about the situation either. However, hearing what he said, it seems like Princeps had
fallen into someone’s trap. He did not make that last bid for the warehouse.”
George frowned. “It wasn’t him who called out that bid? I saw how he raised his arm,
and I also heard his voice. It was he who bid four hundred thousand.”

Conrad shrugged his shoulders and said, “Who knows? He said it was the Chinese
dude who set the trap for him. Maybe he was confused.”
“The Chinese guy must have set him up. At that time, the Chink kept raising the bid, and
Princeps just kept following. That brainless dude, he is really a stupid mule,” George
shook his head.
A commotion broke out in the crowd. The Anthonys looked towards the source of the
noise and saw Princeps.
Princeps looked awful. It seemed as though he had not slept the night before. His eyes
were red and he reeked of alcohol.
Running his fingers through his messy hair to tidy it up, he went straight towards the
George smiled and said, “We heard about what happened yesterday, buddy, you were
too unlucky.”
Princeps said listlessly, “Yes, I am very unlucky, unlucky in having pitted myself against
that Chinese dude. I’m here to remind you guys to give it up, don’t provoke that bastard
anymore. I’m going to stay away from him from now on.”
George grinned and said, “What are you talking about, who provoked him?”
Princeps sighed. “You think about it yourselves. I’m here to tell you guys the truth.
Yesterday, it really wasn’t me who bid for the number 32. The Chinese man got
someone to raise my arm. He caught me off guard and pushed my arm up.”
George grew silent for a moment. Then he said, “What about the voice? The voice that
called out that bid?”
Princeps replied, “He also got someone to call out the bid. I know that the voice
resembles mine. That’s right, I do not know exactly what happened, but it wasn’t me
who called out the bid.”
Saying that, Princeps shook his head in anguish. “I cannot beat him. He is not only
cunning, he had become invincible.”
Done talking, he walked off with heavy steps.
Staring at Princeps as he walked off, Conrad said, “He’s talking like he’s in a movie.
This idiot has really gone mad, right? Listen to what he’s saying…”
“No, he’s right. China Li is changing. If we want to get back at him, we need to take note
of these changes,” George said thoughtfully.
Conrad could not understand. “So that Chinese man really got someone to do that?”

George said, “Regardless of whether he did or didn’t, he was sending a message. Didn’t
he want to gain fame? We can help him to do that.”
Having walked away from the Anthonys, Princeps wanted to approach Li Du.
Godzilla held him back and said coolly, “Stay away.”
“I need to talk to Li,” Princeps said more humbly.
Godzilla said, “Do that some other time, our boss is busy now.”
Princeps wanted to say more but Driver, who was by Godzilla’s side, said impatiently,
“Don’t you understand English? Get lost, don’t create trouble!”
Seeing that Princeps was humiliated, the new recruits of the Tucson gang gathered
Princeps sighed again and then waved his hand. “Let’s go, all of you.”
The warehouse auction continued. There was now another rumor going around that Li
Du had threatened Princeps into taking down warehouse number 32.
That rumor was really stupid and soon people started saying that Li Du contacted the
warehouse company and gave Princeps fake information. Hence, Princeps fell for his
trick and spent a large amount of money on a bunch of trash.
There were many different variations of that tale circulating among the treasure hunters.
This caused some treasure hunters to think badly of Li Du. However, that was good for
Li Du in some ways. There would be fewer people following his bids for that day’s
The warehouses that were auctioned in the morning were of no interest to Li Du. It was
not until a large warehouse was opened, revealing some dated, old items and a few
abandoned cars, that Li Du became interested.
Those cars had been smuggled and detained by the border inspection bureau and
customs. Some of them looked like they had serious accidents like Princeps’
Lamborghini. Others looked like they had been taken apart. Their value was not great.
However, judging from the model of the abandoned cars and from the looks of other
things, the warehouse seemed like it had not been opened for years. It was full of dust,
and there were several bags piled up on the front of the car. Hans said that it had been
a popular model in the 70s and 80s.
Li Du leisurely called out a bid. When the bid was raised to ten thousand dollars, not
many people continued to follow.

In the end, just as he thought he was bound to get hold of that warehouse, an
unexpected voice rang out. “Fifteen thousand!”
“Twenty thousand dollars!”
“Thirty thousand,” George continued to bid.
Li Du called out, determined, “Fifty thousand!”
George smiled. “Sixty thousand!”
The treasure hunters moved away to watch. They sensed that another bidding war had
Li Du said, “Eighty thousand dollars!”
George said, “Ninety thousand dollars!”
Li Du was determined and set on taking it down. He said, “One hundred thousand
At that bid, George started to hesitate. He shot the warehouse another deep look and
then shook his head, saying softly, “Not worth the risk anymore.”
Saying that, he clapped and smiled, “Seems like you’re bent on taking it down. In that
case, I will not be a hindrance to you. Hope that next time I set my eyes on a
warehouse, you will let me have it.”
Li Du thanked him but inside, he was displeased. George made it sound like Li Du had
only been able to take down that warehouse because he allowed him to.
He tried hard and took down another three warehouses.
Just like that, the two-day auction ended. In total, he had laid his hands on six
warehouses. It was the largest number of warehouses he had taken down in one
auction ever since he joined the profession.
Hans went to make the payment and after returning with the license, he came back to
pack up and organize the warehouses.
At that time, it was a busy scene in the warehouse area. Everyone was occupied with
checking out their gains. People walked around in a rush and there was a long line of
moving cars. Warehouses were being opened, and things were carried out.