Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Mustang

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Looking at the cars in the warehouse, Hans could not help shaking his head.
Li Du smiled and said, “Take a good look. What’s wrong with these cars?”
“What’s wrong?” Hans looked at the cars, wondering.
Li Du went to pat the doors and body of one car and said, “They are refitted!”
Hans nodded. “Yes, I can see that, but what about them being refitted?”
Li Du said, “Who would bother to try and smuggle old refitted cars or abandoned
Hans looked at him with a start. “There is something about the car! What’s hidden in it?”
Some scattered treasure hunters heard the discussion and gathered around again.
Someone said sadly, “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”
“What use would it be to think of it? How much did this warehouse cost?”
“No wonder George bid against him for the warehouse. Apparently, George saw it, too!”
Hans waved excitedly and said to Godzilla, “Go, go, get the car out.”
There was a key in the car, but it would not start.
After staying put for such a long time, the battery in the car had run out. Driver looked
up, shook his head and said, “The engine won’t start. Some parts of it have rusted.”
“Push it out,” said Godzilla.
Driver shrugged. “You do it.”
He went aside and crouched, watching the other men at his ease.
“Hey, Big Li, you employed someone who doesn’t pull his weight,” a treasure hunter
said disapprovingly.

Li Du smiled. He did not mind, and went up to help Godzilla, Big Quinn, and the others
to push the car out. They released the handbrake and hauled the car out bit by bit.
They pushed the car into an open space and, using wrenches and axes, began to
disassemble it, looking for things that might be hidden inside.
The Anthony father and son heard it. They were interested in the warehouse, but Li Du
bid too high and it was too risky, so they gave up.
The car was an old Ford Mustang, a very common model. Although this was a vintage
car, because of the huge circulation the stock was still huge, so it was not valuable in
Godzilla took apart the toolbox and Big Quinn took apart the fuel tank. There was
nothing remarkable about it except that the car’s fuel tank had been enlarged several
Such modifications were common in the United States. Ford Mustang, Ford Raptor, and
many other models were gas-guzzlers. The owners often enlarged the fuel tanks.
Hans went through the interior of the car, again without finding anything, and judging by
the marks left on the interior, whatever had been hidden in the car once was removed.
When he found nothing, the treasure hunters couldn’t hold back their laughter. They put
their heads together, whispering and smirking, and some gloated openly.
“This is an old car. What value can it have?”
“A hundred thousand dollars for a warehouse, to gain a bunch of scrap metal cars!”
“I said this warehouse was worthless, ha! Fortunately, I did not bid on it.”
“You are talking as if you have money. How could you compete with Big Li?”
“Big Li? You talk about him as if he were a god. As it turns out, not everyone can be
called Treasure hunter tycoon.”
It was Conrad who made the last comment. His father elbowed him and frowned. “Don’t
talk nonsense, Conrad.”

Though he outwardly rebuked his son, George Anthony actually looked very pleased.
He went up, patted Li Du on the shoulder and said, “Everyone loses sometimes, boy.
Take this as a lesson and be more careful next time.”
Li Du was about to speak when Driver, who had been squatting on the ground, said,
“Hey, you bastard, don’t you get tired of talking with that New York accent?”
“And who are you? Shut up!” roared Conrad, glaring at Driver.
Then he looked at Li Du again, and said discontentedly, “Li, how do you choose your
men? If one of my people dared to be so unruly, I would let him go!”
Driver stood up lazily and said, “If I worked for you, I don’t believe you’d let me leave.
Get out of my way. Why would someone hide something in a place you could see?
He made a deliberate detour to walk past Conrad, pushed him aside, went to the car
and got under it.
Irritated by his behavior, Conrad pointed at him and shouted at Li Du, “This is picking a
fight, damn it! You ordered him to do so, didn’t you? You owe me an apology.”
The driver got under the car and knocked, then came out, kicked the tire, and stretched
out his hand to knock on the car.
Conrad was getting angrier while everybody ignored him. He sneered and said, “Looks
like you have some experience in acting. Enough, stop it, don’t waste everyone’s
While Conrad was speaking, Driver suddenly said, “Shut up, you idiot. Somebody, give
me a knife.”
Brother Wolf took out his saber and handed it to Driver.
Startled, Conrad backed away and barked, “How dare you threaten me with so many
people around! I’ll put you in prison for half your life!”
Driver walked a few steps to turn back, and said in disdain, “You cowardly sissy!”
He thrust the dagger into the car, cutting through the steel body.

Seeing how easily the blade cut through steel, Driver whistled and said, “Cool, that’s a
good saber!”
He poked the saber into the side of the car, pulled it out and beckoned Godzilla to come
and help. He held the air shears along the side where he had left them and cut open
along it.
Li Du had a smile on his face. This guy had some abilities. He discovered the car using
the little bug, but Driver could only rely on his eyes and experience. It was amazing.
As the dappled wagons were torn apart, the sun shone and streaks of gold appeared
before them.
As the body of the car was torn open, more and more gold was exposed. Underneath
the peeling paint was a sheet of yellow metal!
This metal sheet was pressed flat, and the sun shone on it, giving off a soft shimmering
light. It looked beautiful and grand.
As the crowd stared in shock at the sight of the metal plate, one of the treasure hunters
shouted, “F**k! This can’t be gold?”
“Impossible! Who will hide gold under a car seat?” Conrad said fretfully. “It’s copper.
Yes, it must be copper from the car itself.”
Driver looked at him disdainfully and said, “You are so stupid. Do you think car
manufacturers are as stupid as you? Open your eyes and see clearly, this is gold!”
Hans was so surprised that he ran up to the car and bit into the metal. After doing that,
he raised his head and shouted, “Damn it! Gold! This is real gold!”