Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Commotion

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At that point, Li Du wanted to ascertain the true identity of those metal plates. Hence, he
used his time reversal ability to learn more.
The FBI’s conjecture had been incorrect. Dan Cooper was not the Vietnam War veteran
that they had been looking for. He was actually a policeman!
Moreover, he had not hijacked the plane by himself. The captain and the flight attendant
who interacted with him on the plane were his accomplices. In fact, the flight attendant
had even been Cooper’s lover.
The policeman and captain found out about the gold transfer. Hence, they formulated a
plan together and carried it out successfully.
There had been another detail nobody had mentioned. The investigators had found a
cigarette stub. It had been proved to belong to Dan Cooper.
The cigarette stub had carried his saliva and could be used for a DNA test. However, in
the end, the investigators accidentally lost it.
The police force had not actually been that careless. There were spies amongst them,
unbeknownst to them.
The three partners in crime did not have blissful lives after gaining the gold. They had
not thought the case would blow up like that. As they were being tracked by the FBI,
there was no opportunity for them to profit from that treasure at all.
As the pilot and flight attendant were unable to keep the gold, they could only trust the
policeman to handle it.
Through his internal police force channels, the policeman knew that the case was under
scrutiny. He understood that there was no way for him to dispose of the gold within the
country. Hence, in a stroke of cunning, he got the metal molded into plates and
concealed them in a Ford Mustang by planting the gold in the car’s body.
He had wanted to make use of his connections to send the car over to Mexico and sell
the gold there. Then he had meant to leave the country, taking his girlfriend and the pilot
with him.
However, an accident happened later. Li Du did not know the exact details of it. He only
knew that the policeman drove the car over to the border and deposited it in the
warehouse, using his connections.
That warehouse had been sealed for over forty years. From time to time, someone
would open it up to clean it. However, nobody had thought that the car was hiding the
gold stolen in America’s largest robbery case!

Previously, someone noticed that the car had been modified and felt that there was
something fishy about it, especially since it was near the border. However, after
searching the car, they had not found anything.
Only Cooper knew the car’s secret. Even the pilot and the flight attendant had no idea,
let alone anyone else.
Now everyone knew where the gold was. The layer of the meticulously pressed and
flattened gold plates had been revealed. Someone sent an electronic scale over to
weigh it.
The weight of the gold stood at a full one hundred and eighteen kilograms. Hence, two
kilos were missing. It could be that the robbers sold the missing gold.
“One hundred and eighteen kilograms… one ounce of gold is worth one thousand five
hundred US dollars and sixty-nine cents. How many ounces are in one hundred and
eighteen kilograms?”
“Four thousand, one hundred and sixty-two ounces.”
“Then how much is all this worth?”
“Over 6 million dollars!”
Hans gave the car a hard kick and pumped his fists in the air, shouting to the sky, “Six
million bucks! Buddies, worship us, we made six million bucks this time around!”
Li Du was caught in Hans’s exhilaration and became excited as well. “This is just the
gold. We still have the cork flooring and other items. In total, we have gained more than
seven million!”
Hans took off his jacket and hopped onto the car. He stood on the car hood and raised
his head to the sky, howling like the leader of a wolf pack.
A large group of treasure hunters gathered near them. They asked, “What’s up, what’s
up, what happened here?”
“Gold, someone found a lot of gold!”
“Oh God, what a lucky dude!”
“Not just any gold, it’s D.B Cooper Gold!”
“You’re talking about the gold from the 1971 disappearance case? It had surfaced? It is
now worth over six million dollars, buddy!”
The local Nogales policemen rushed over and so did the border policemen. They came
to keep the scene under control and to identify the stash of gold.

Some of the media also came to inquire. After all, the Cooper gold robbery had been a
famous one in American history. Many people were very interested in where the gold
had ended up. This was breaking news.
First, the police interrogated Li Du and Hans to find out whether they could be linked to
the robbery case.
That had implications on the ownership of the gold. If the two of them were linked to the
case, the gold would be confiscated and the two of them would be held responsible.
However, if there was no such link, according to American law, the gold would be
considered a personal asset.
Under the media limelight, Li Du was not afraid that the police would come up with
some sham. Hence, the gold would belong to them and if the policemen were to do
anything funny, the warehouse auction association would not allow that.
A total of four or five reporters approached Li Du, and he pushed Hans towards them.
As Hans enjoyed the fame and limelight, he could deal with the media for them both.
Hans began to speak to the reporters. “Who would have guessed that the legendary DB
Cooper gold was sitting in a warehouse of the border administration? When we took the
warehouse down, we were putting our hopes in this car. As you guys can see, this car
had been modified. We believed that there was something hidden within. As you guys
are aware, this is a common smuggling method.”
A reporter asked, “You’re saying that the border administration is linked to the gold?
Nobody would have thought that the gold had been in their custody all this time, right?”
Hans shook his head quickly, “No, no, no. I did not mean that. You misunderstood my
Li Du saw that the reporters had trapped Hans with his own words and he was
struggling to explain himself. He laughed. Doesn’t this guy like attention? This time, he
can have all the limelight he wants.
Li Du had other matters to attend to, so he turned to Brother Wolf and the rest and
waved them over. “Follow me,” He said.
The Anthony father-son duo had not left yet. They kept their eyes on the car and the
policemen who were inspecting the gold plating.
Li Du asked, “Hi, buddy, what are you guys looking at?”
George forced a smile. “Congratulations, Li. I stayed behind to congratulate you. You
are really one capable chap.”

Li Du shook his head politely. “This has nothing to do with my capabilities. I’m just lucky.
You were also eyeing this warehouse, right? But it was me who persisted till the very
As George heard that, the anger surged in him and he felt a headache coming on.
He had seen that modified car as well and guessed that there was something worthy in
it. However, Li Du’s bid had been too high. At one hundred thousand, George felt that
the car was not worth the risk.
Looking at Conrad, Driver asked, “Hey, little boss, don’t fire your underlings without a
good reason. They might make lots of money for you when you least expect it.”
Conrad turned his head away, clenching both his fists. He felt like he would explode any
time now.
Li Du brought his people away and Conrad stared at their backs in jealousy. He gritted
his teeth and said, “This lucky sissy!”
His father’s face remained unmoved. “This can’t be right. There was something wrong
with the bid. He was too confident, it was as though he was certain that there was
something very valuable in that warehouse!”
Conrad said miserably, “How could he have known? His eyes do not have X-ray vision.
He just got dirt lucky.”
George shook his head. He had other thoughts, “No, it’s not that simple. Seems like I
have underestimated him. I have to watch him to figure out what exactly happened!”