Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Do Something For Me

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Li Du drove his car to catch up with the Tucson gang entourage. The Tucson men
started to pack up their warehouse the day before. They were done early and had
driven off back to Tucson.
It was easy to keep track of the Tucson gang. One of their cars was towing a half-
demolished Lamborghini.
Southern Arizona was an area of many deserts. There were no residents or houses
along the highway, only bare road and some cacti here and there.
When the road emptied of cars, Li Du dialed a number on his phone and said, “Force
them to stop.”
The skillful driver managed to maneuver with agility between the cars of the entourage.
Their car was like a little deer galloping through a herd of buffalo.
However, the Tucson truck was slow and its driver did not react fast enough. He turned
his steering wheel in a hurry and stomped on the emergency brake.
Princeps sat dazed and shocked at the front passenger seat of the truck. As the truck
suddenly turned and stopped, he was flung sideways to the driver's’ seat.
This angered him and he raised his head to lash out, but then he noticed the Ferrari in
front of him and his expression changed at once.
The truck had stopped. The feisty Tucson men pushed the car door open and jumped
out. With anger in their eyes, they walked towards the Ferrari, ready to teach its driver a
Another truck overtook the Tucson gang from behind. When the door opened, Li Du got
off, together with Godzilla, Brother Wolf, Big Ivan and the rest.
The treasure hunters from Tucson had learned of Li Du’s identity and what he was
capable of. Hence, when Li Du emerged, their anger dissipated and they looked at him
Pointing at Princeps, Li Du said, “Come over, Big Boss Princeps, there are some
matters we need to discuss.”
Princeps looked at him coldly and spoke in a flat voice, “I have nothing to talk to you
about. Get in your car and move away, we want to go home.”
Li Du laughed. “Go home? You want to leave before we sort things out? You think I’ll let
you off so easy?”

One of the Tucson men yelled in anger, “Hey, buddy, don’t go too far. Are you bullying
Li Du turned to him and smiled. “Me, bullying you? Ha, ask your big boss Princeps, who
is bullying here?”
Princeps could take it no longer and walked forward. He said loudly, “Li, what exactly do
you want? Enough, you have gone too far. You set a trap for me with this lousy
warehouse, and I have lost a bundle of money because of you.”
Li Du replied without missing a beat, “I have gone too far? I made you lose money? You
almost made me lose my life!”
He looked at the Tucson men and went on, “You guys do not know what your boss
Princeps did, right? He could not win over me at the warehouse auction business and
so when I was in Mexico, he took the chance to contact the local gangs and tried to do
me in!”
As the Tucson men heard these words, their faces changed.
Resorting to such lowly tactics when you could not win in a fair competition was a
disgrace for the Tucson men. They had all been brought up to act like men and win or
lose with dignity.
“Don’t spout nonsense,” someone uttered, displeased.
Li Du smiled. “So you think I’m spouting nonsense? Do you want me to bring out
evidence for you guys? This is a personal thing between me and your big boss
Princeps. If you want to interfere, I am willing to deal with you too.”
Seeing that the matter was about to blow up, Princeps’s anger dissolved and his spirits
He said to Li Du, “It’s not me. Someone else must have wanted to do you in…”
“That was not what Vulture from the Township group said,” Li Di smiled coldly.
Princeps took a deep breath and said, “I admit it, I was the one who contacted Vulture.
However, I was not the mastermind. Someone else used me, too.”
“Who was behind it?” Li Du asked quickly.
Princeps shook his head, unwilling to speak. Li Du said, “Then I will create trouble for
you. Believe me, Princeps, I will let you have no rest!”
“I know, I know,” Princeps raised his hands, exhausted. “I already know you, Li, you are
a tough one. I will tell you everything. It was George, George Anthony, he got me to do

“George Anthony? Ha, do you think I would believe that?”
“It was really him, it was,” Princeps said desperately. “Look, here’s a chat record of my
conversation with him from that day. I have saved it.”
He whipped out his phone to show Li Du. On the messenger app, Li Du read an entire
chat log about himself. Most of it consisted of George Anthony instructing Princeps on
how to successfully assassinate Li Du.
Princeps said, “Now do you believe me? I’m telling the truth. I am afraid of you and all
you guys now. Don’t hound me anymore. I will not go to North Arizona anymore. I will
stay in Tucson. So, let’s stay away from each other in the future.”
Li Du took a screenshot of the chat log and sent to it himself.
When the message was sent, he threw the phone back to Princeps. He said coolly,
“Don’t get out of Tucson in the future. If you leave Tucson, I will hunt you down.”
Li Du had wanted to teach Princeps a lesson. After all, this dude hired a gang to harm
him. Of course, he might not have meant to kill him outright. He doubted the township
gang had the courage to kill Americans.
However, now he had learned something more important. George Anthony was truly
Even though now he knew who the mastermind behind the plot was, Li Du did not mean
to let Princeps off just like that. The world did not work that way. Those who made a
mistake had to accept their punishment. That was a rule in the treasure hunting
Li Du stopped to think. He looked at Princeps and said, “You stay in Tucson in the
future, do you understand?”
Princeps laughed bitterly and said miserably, “Of course, do I have a choice? Tucson is
not bad, actually, it’s a big place.”
Li Du said, “Very well, then. Help me do one thing and we can call it quits.”
Princeps’ expression changed and he asked gingerly, “Help you with what? I don’t owe
you anything…”
“If you don’t help me, today you will receive punishment for provoking me. If you are
willing to help me, I will make up for half the loss you made bidding for this lousy
Lamborghini,” Li Du interrupted him.
Hearing that, Princeps knew he was stuck in a dilemma.

He knew Li Du well. He knew Li Du would not do anything without expecting to gain
from it.
From his perspective, there was no way to take advantage of Li Du. To be Li Du’s
enemy, one had to be extremely careful and alert. Otherwise, they would end up like
him before they knew what happened.
Li Du was asking him for help and was willing to pay two hundred thousand bucks.
Whatever he wanted could not be easy!
However, did he have a choice? Princeps thought about it and after some
consideration, realized he had none. “What do you want me to do?”
Li Du hooked pinkies with Princeps, leaned towards him, and spoke softly.
Before Li Du was done, Princeps shook his head resolutely. “No, no, no, I can’t do that,
I cannot offend them…”
“Then you would rather offend me?” Li Du asked. “Besides, let’s make it clear, I don’t
harm people. I am just retaliating. It’s you guys who attacked me first. Also, they are our
common enemy. They were making use of you like you were their weapon! Besides,
there are also two hundred thousand dollars you’ll get as your reward.”
Princeps turned red with consternation and sighed as he looked at Li Du. After some
hesitation, he said reluctantly, “Okay, tell me more!”