Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 Spending Money

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Big Ivan teased, “You’re good-tempered? God, if the lady boss weren’t here, I would
show you the finger.”
Holding his cup, Sacre pointed at Big Ivan and said, “Iva, my brother, if the lady boss
weren’t here, this cup of would fly in your face.”
“It’s Ivan, bast*rd, not Iva,” Big Ivan laughed.
Sacre shrugged. “Sorry, brother, I have a bad pronunciation. Aren’t you called Iva?”
Ivan was a common male name in Russia, and Iva was a common female name in
other Slavic countries.
The two of them had a friendly relationship and Li Du enjoyed watching them joke
around each other.
Brother Wolf had a duller character. He was careful in his work and had a more serious
Sacre and Big Ivan were livelier characters. Without Sacre, Ivan did not have someone
to play along with him. With Sacre, the two of them could fool around and sometimes
partnered up to annoy Brother Wolf.
An outgoing personality was helpful in a team. By the time the plane landed, Li Du had
become more familiar with Sacre and was addressing the latter as “Old Thunder”, as he
had suggested.
“Don’t think I don’t know your motive,” Big Ivan shoved Sacre. “Boss, he wants to make
use of his lineage to get in your good books. This boot-licking bast*rd!”
Old Thunder was stronger than Big Ivan and easily caught him. He looked as though he
was going to throw Big Ivan over his shoulder. However, Big Ivan was more agile and
escaped from Sacre’s grip by kneeing him.
Brother Wolf frowned. “That’s enough. We have landed, settle down.”
Old Thunder and Big Ivan shrugged as they exchanged a look with each other. Then,
they followed behind Brother Wolf, prim and proper.
Li Du saw that he had several missed calls from Burr Stuart, the representative whom
he had employed to purchase the island. His good mood had taken a nosedive.
Burr Stuart was the senior agent of Auswell Group, Australia's largest real estate trading
company. The purchase of Seagull Island has been under the charge of Burr and
another agent, and the deal progressed quickly.

“Mister Li, a piece of good news for you. We have bought the Seagull Island!
Congratulations, the Australian and Tasmanian government have finally agreed to sell
the island!” Burr said cheerfully.
Li Du was displeased. What a coincidence. Is heaven posing these challenges for me
because my life has been too smooth-sailing lately?
He was just in need of funds. First, it was the shares transfer, now it was the island. He
would have to reach deeper into his pocket now.
If Remonin’s issue had not come up, those two events would have been great news.
Now he felt conflicted, unsure whether he should be feeling vexed or happy.
Li Du wanted to know, at least, exactly where he stood. “How much am I going to pay
for Seagull Island?”
“Hmm, the government quoted 220 million Australian dollars.”
Shocked, Li Du almost dropped his phone. He asked again, “How much?”
“220 million Australian dollars. Converted to US dollars, which you are more familiar
with, it would be a total of about 174 million US dollars,” Burr said carefully.
Li Du was angry. “Why is it so expensive? Didn’t we agree on fifty to sixty million, or
eighty at most? Why has the price doubled?”
Burr laughed bitterly. “The original quotation was based on Seagull Island being a
deserted island without any resources. However, now that they realized the island has
plenty of resources, the government raised the price.”
“What resources?” Li Du grew cautious. Could it be that they found out about the opal
“Where to begin? One is the black gold abalone that you guys once found around the
island. After the government sent an inspection team to check, they realized that there
were large quantities of black gold abalone around the island. So that’s one thing..”
Li Du said, “I don’t want their black gold abalone, will that do?”
Burr said, “I’m afraid not, Mr. Li. This adds value to the island.”
“Isn’t this forced product bundling, making me pay for the abalone?” Li Du demanded.
“Besides, are you telling me that black gold abalone colonies are worth one hundred
million? That is raising the price too much, this is extortion!”
Burr continued with his explanation. “It’s not just the black gold abalone, though. There’s
also a spring, which is another resource. The government feels that it can help enhance

tourism. Besides, there are also many snakes. They believe that snakes are also a form
of resource. The snake meat, skin and venom are all very valuable.”
Li Du was speechless. Finally, he said, “In fact, your government is shamelessly trying
to extort money, right?”
Burr was silent for a moment and then said softly, “That’s right.”
Li Du hung up. He needed to calm down for a moment. The Australians were too
demanding. The Australian government was a real bully!
However, he thought about it and decided that he had to accept this. He wanted to buy
the gem mine that the government had not discovered, while they wanted to make
money off him. Both sides were businessmen trying to maximize their gains.
Cole had arranged for a car to pick Li Du up. Once he got on the car, Li Du called Burr
again. He asked, “Can you lower the price? Is there any room for negotiation?”
Burr replied sincerely, “Mr. Li, please believe in our capabilities. We have already tried
our best and this is the lowest price we could get.”
Li Du said, “Got it. I will be in touch.”
Li Du knew that he would not have much money left after the looming transactions. The
shares were expensive and the island even more so.
Fortunately, the paperwork needed to process the shares transfer was arranged without
a glitch. His lawyer, Bauer Neuberg, was in charge of confirming the contract details. He
was to answer Li Du’s questions and explain the particulars. All Li Du had to do was
sign if he was agreeable.
Carlston was not a typical man. After the shares transfer procedure had been
completed, he only smoothed out the contract silently for a couple of minutes. The, he
grinned and extended a hand to Li Du to congratulate him.
“Hope that these shares will rise in value in your hands. I wish that Harry Winston Inc.
will be able to extend its growth even further with you as a major shareholder,” Carlston
said sincerely.
Li Du sensed that there was some sarcasm in his words. Besides, he also noticed that
Cole looked at him differently now that he had acquired the shares.
Previously Carlston had been Cole’s greatest enemy. Now, Li Du had taken his place.
Cole could not be his partner forever. Perhaps one day, the two of them would be pitted
against each other. Li Du was pretty sure of that and knew that he needed a strong ally.

Remonin was a decent option, not just because he had a diamond mine, but also
because he was now a top official in his country. Once he managed to grow, he might
become a key person in his region.
Back at the hotel, Sophie sensed that Li Du’s mood had changed. Hugging him, she
asked, “What’s wrong? You look vexed.”
Li Du lamented, “Some things have happened too suddenly. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave
again. This time, I might go to the Arctic. Will you go with me?”
He had originally wanted to go to Siberia to help Luo Qun capture the culprit who had
murdered her family. At the same time, he wanted to help Steve, so that the latter would
owe him a favor. Along the way, he also wanted to hunt for the mammoth ivory treasure
marked on the prison treasure map.
Now it seemed that the last reason was the most important one.
Sophie grinned. “Of course. Wherever you go, I will follow.”
Li Du could not be more touched by her words. “Without asking for a reward, I am
willing to spend tonight with you too!”
Sophie rewarded him with a mischievous smile.