Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Partnership

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Li Du did not know what to say. Hearing Remonin’s envious tone and seeing his
covetous look, Li Du recalled that his helicopter was a Mi-8 model.
Although he was no military expert, Li Du knew that T-54 and BMP-1 tanks were very
old and dated. They had all been long eliminated from modern armies.
Li Du truly understood the expression ‘country bumpkin’ from the look on Remonin’s
He could not help but say, “Commander, can you procure weapons from the Ministry of
Defense by yourself? If there is a battle, the ones you have won’t be of much use.”
Remonin lost his smile. “How can that be? I know you Americans and Chinese have
more advanced armies. But here, my weapons and equipment are considered the
cream of the crop.”
Li Du stopped to think and realized that he had been impractical. Remonin would not be
declaring war on Europe or America. Advanced weapons would be of no use to him.
Even if Remonin had state-of-the-art tanks, he would not be able to use them and no
one under him would know how to do that either.
Hence, Li Du no longer criticized Remonin and started to give him some credit.
Like many warlords in Africa, Remonin enjoyed praise. As Li Du and Sophie
complimented him, he swelled with pride and pleasure.
Learning that Li Du had acquired a mountain in South Africa, Amengda, Remonin patted
Li Du’s should and promised, “If you have problems there, give me a call. My troops will
back you up!”
Although Li Du knew that these were just pleasantries, he still felt reassured.
The situation in South Africa was the most stable across the continent, but there were
still many problems in terms of security.
To develop a diamond mine in South Africa, Li Du needed strong armed forces to
protect it. Otherwise, the migrating tribes, police officers, and various types of messy
military politicians could cause trouble for him.
That was also one reason why the development of the mine had been delayed although
he had discovered it some time ago.
In South Africa, Li Du was just like a child wrapping his arms around a golden brick. He
had huge wealth but no corresponding power to protect it.

Because of that, Li Du had decided to invest in Remonin. That was something Cole had
helped him understand. Initially, he had not thought of it himself.
Cole had told him that once the diamond mine began to develop, it would attract many
people’s attention. He would require a very strong force in South Africa to protect his
However, it was impossible to recruit local security, as the locals were untrustworthy.
Neither could he rely on mercenaries. While some mercenaries had strong fighting
skills, they all had problems with discipline. What if the people he hired to protect his
diamonds would steal them?
Hence, Remonin’s troops would be a much better option.
Cole had advised Li Du to ask Remonin for men. There were at least four to five
hundred loyal soldiers under Remonin’s leadership. After the establishment of the
military region, Remonin had also needed to expand his troops.
Li Du could consider engaging a group of soldiers from Remonin’s troops and nominally
getting them to retire from the army. Then he would be able to get those retired men to
guard the mine.
These soldiers belonged to Remonin’s private army. They had no relations with the
locals in South Africa and hence, they would not ally with the locals to cause trouble or
steal the diamonds.
In addition, they were not like mercenaries who were brave and capable and had the
foresight to try to sell the diamonds off after stealing them. These soldiers did not have
the necessary channels to do so and they would not have the courage to attempt it.
Remonin’s personal reputation would motivate him to make sure his soldiers worked for
Li Du honestly.
This was something Li Du would not be able to buy no matter how much money he had.
Remonin’s people had a fighting spirit, discipline, and loyalty.
There was a club in the process of construction in Remonin’s camp. It was meant as a
place of rest and recreation for officials. However, it was empty now and its only
furnishings were a couple of pool tables.
After seeing the room, Li Du promised, “Commander, you can focus on your relationship
with the navy. I will help you furnish your camp. This building is too shabby, how would
it do? You need to have a cinema, massage room, restaurant, bar, gaming consoles!”
Remonin was ecstatic, “Is that a promise?”
Li Du pounded his chest and said, “Of course, how can I lie to my brother in arms? Our
friendship has been tested by gunfire!”

Remonin nodded vigorously. “That’s right, cheers to friendship!”
The soldiers brought in fruits and beverages and it was as though the two parties were
having a global leader forum. They sat opposite each other on the sofas and started to
discuss money matters. Remonin first grumbled about his poverty. “Six million, brother
Li, six million US dollars! I spent close to five million to buy this military region and the
rest to furnish this place. Now I have nothing left, not a cent!”
Li Du sighed, “Keeping an army is really like burning money.”
While Remonin complained, Li Du played along. They were testing each other’s
Remonin wanted Li Du to give him ten to twenty million for his developments. He
wanted to build up the entire military region and his army.
Li Du rejected this suggestion instantly and said, “You will bring out the diamonds first,
the diamonds that had been found since the last time we met.”
Remonin walked back into the office himself and carefully brought out a small box.
There were not many diamonds inside, only about a quarter of the amount of last time.
One diamond was the size of a thumb. It was a valuable diamond. Li Du estimated that
it could fetch a few hundred thousand dollars without any issue. The smaller diamonds
did not have such value.
Li Du said, “This is not enough. I can sell these for two hundred thousand at most. Even
if I don’t take a cut, it’s still not enough for you.”
Remonin said, “Li, we have already tried to speed up the work. However, the diamonds
are rare, and it is not easy to discover them. However, you can give me two million first
for urgent needs.”
Li Du kept the diamonds and said, “If you need money, I do have a way for you to get
Remonin’s eyes lit up but he did not show his eagerness. He sipped his coffee and
asked, “What way? I won’t do anything illegal like smuggling. I am now the country’s
Country guardian, your foot, Li Du scoffed in his heart.
Li Du took a sip of coffee too, cleared his throat and said, “You must know that I am a
shareholder of Harry Winston Inc. We bought a mountain in South Africa, but we lack

“We need about forty to fifty soldiers dedicated to protecting the mountain. We will
provide food, lodgings and everything they need. Each person will get a monthly salary
of two thousand US dollars.”
Remonin’s eyes lit up even brighter. He said, “Each would earn a monthly salary of two
thousand dollars? In that case, if you employ fifty men, they will earn a total of one
hundred thousand dollars every month?”
Li Du nodded and said, “Yes, that’s right.”
Remonin started to consider this and said, “Li, take a rest first. I will discuss this with my
people. Consider this taken care of. I will resolve your problems. Leave the security of
your assets to me!”
Li Du knew that Remonin was tempted. He smiled. “Of course, thanks so much. I will
wait for your news.”