Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Shelly Sand

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The hotel that Li Du and his group checked into was named Shelly Beach Hotel. Shelly
Beach, from which the name derivated, was situated right behind the hotel. The beach
there looked like snow, striking in its pure whiteness. In travel magazines, Shelly Beach
was described as the only beach in the world formed by thinly crushed shells. The name
Shell Beach described exactly what it was: a beach of powdered shells that looked and
felt just like sand.
The sand was really made of delicate, thinly crushed shells. However, its creation had
not been a natural process but was helped by man.
The hotel would never admit that. In the past, the beach was really full of large shells
that had been washed onto the sand. Weather, waves and the rain had broken those
shells down.
At that time, few people would come to the beach because of two reasons. One, the
shells emitted a stench. Second, the crushed shells had the texture of glass and cut
people easily.
However, the hotel saw a business opportunity. The service arm of JP Morgan Chase
bought the infamous beach in Sydney at a very low price. Then they removed all the
pungent shells and replaced them with shell powder.
As the shell powder did not have rough edges, it did not hurt people’s bare feet. The
hotel mixed the powder with real sand and dispersed it all over the beach. Then it gave
the beach a beautiful name and the landmark was born.
After that, JP Morgan started to advertise aggressively by paying many travel
magazines and websites to recommend the beach. They even isolated the beach and
made it private.
Just like that, Shelly Beach became a well-known romantic spot after being a trashy
area that nobody had wanted to visit.
After a few years of growth and development, Shelly Beach had really become
There were coconut trees, colorful flowers, and green plants growing close to the
beach. The view was vivid and beautiful.
There were some loungers and massage chairs placed in the shade of the coconut
trees. An endless stream of handsome men and pretty ladies in beachwear strolled by.
They seemed to be enjoying the sunshine, view, and the drinks they held in their hands.
It was the first time Li Du’s parents saw such a scene and they felt embarrassed.
Hence, Li Du found a place for them to sit down and rest. Li Du’s mother asked, “Do we
need to pay for the chairs?”

“Nope,” Li Du said, grabbing two bottles of cooling salt water.
It was a special kind of sea salt soft drink that was popular in Australia. It tasted better
than other drinks and was actually spring water sprinkled with some sea salt, topped
with mint and lemon zest.
The waiter smiled and bent lower, making it easy for him to grab the salt water. Sophie
placed a ten-dollar note on the tray as a tip.
Seeing that, the waiter bowed even lower and asked, “Anything else I can help with? I
am at your service.”
Sophie said, “Thanks, not right now. If we need anything, we will call you.”
“I am here for anything you might need,” The waiter retreated before he turned to walk
Li Du’s father said, “This drink isn’t expensive.”
Li Du passed him the saltwater and smiled. “This is free too.”
Li Du’s father wondered, “All free? This hotel must be an expensive place to stay in!”
Li Du replied, “You’re not the one paying. So just enjoy yourself, all right?”
As it was a private beach, they were free to walk their pets. There were a couple of
dogs playing around. They were all large breeds like Labradors, Huskies and Great
Like Americans, Australians preferred raising big dogs. Smaller breeds like poodles and
Chihuahuas were less popular.
The weather was scorching hot and the five small animals were seeking shade under a
tree. A husky noticed them and crossed over, sniffing at them curiously. Ali immediately
sprang up and punched it and the husky ran away with its tail between its legs.
However, it did not leave the area after running off. It stayed at some distance away,
observing them. Or, to be exact, it was staring at Ah Ow.
With the sea breeze on his face, Li Du smiled. “Ah Ow has become all grown up now,
hasn’t she?”
Sophie glared at him, “Of course, she’s all grown.”
Even in the shade under the tree, it was still rather warm. Ah Meng had a natural
inclination towards digging holes and so it started to dig a hole in the sand.

Honey badgers were very good at digging. In fact, they were better at it than raccoons.
The delicate sand flew into the air and shortly, a hole was formed. Furthermore, water
started flowing out of the hole.
Seeing that, Ah Meng was ecstatic. It burrowed into the hole and submerged itself in the
seawater, ridding himself of the summer heat.
Crispy Noodles also went forth to dig a hole. However, Ah Meow went and occupied his
spot once Crispy Noodles finished digging.
Li Du felt that if Crispy Noodles were to dig another hole, Ah Ow would try to take over
it. However, Ah Ow did not go over but stayed by Sophie and Li Du’s side. From time to
time, she would raise her hind leg to lick herself. Her temperament seemed to be more
subdued and she became gentler.
They had arrived in Sydney in the afternoon and spent the next couple of hours resting
on the beach and enjoying the sea breeze.
Sophie had bought sunglasses for Li Du’s parents. Seeing that the two of them had put
the sunglasses on, Li Du laughed. “Hey, Dad, Mom, you guys suddenly look very
fashionable and modern.”
“Snap a photograph for us to see, haha,” Li Du’s father said cheerfully.
The two elderly folks felt great on the beach wearing their sunglasses and sipping the
mildly sweet and sour sea salt drink. In addition, there was a huge variety of local fruits
to consume. The sea breeze was moist and cool – just perfect.
In comparison, the Martins acted more like tourists. They strolled on the beach and
even took a dip in the sea. Fooling around in the water, they behaved like children on
Li Du joined the Martins in their play while Sophie stayed with Li Du’s parents. Hence,
both the Martins and Mr. and Mrs. Li were pleased and got along well.
In the evening, however, the Martins started to feel ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin put on their clothes at the same time, questing why the weather
turned cold so suddenly.
Li Du found it strange and said, “I don’t feel it, the weather is still pretty comfortable.
“C-c-come and support me, give me a hand,” Mrs. Martin suddenly broke into a stutter.
As Li Du reached out to support her, he realized that her hands were extremely cold.
Also, as he neared, he noticed that Mrs. Martin looked very pale.
Something was definitely not right, and he got Sophie to call for help immediately.

A waitress came over hurriedly and guided Mr. Martin to take a seat. Then, she said,
“You guys are tourists? For the northern hemisphere?”
Li Du nodded. “Yes, what’s happening to them? Is there a doctor in this hotel?”
The waitress said, “I will call the ambulance for you guys now. You have to go to the
hospital. The lady and the man must have gotten a heat stroke.”
Li Du kept silent. It seemed like his parents were right. Mr. and Mrs. Martin had not
exercised due caution with the sudden change in the weather. They would have to
suffer now.
The hotel arranged for a car to send the two to a local hospital. By then, the hospital
was already closed and they were forced to queue at the emergency ward where others
were waiting for help.
Li Du went to check out the queue and realized that it was a long one, with more than
ten people ahead of them.
Having no choice, all they could do was stay in the queue and wait.
Fortunately, the Martins only felt some giddiness in the beginning. A while later, they felt
less giddy but continued to shiver, broke out in cold sweat and felt weak all over.
After more than thirty minutes in the queue, their turn came. After an examination, the
doctor informed them that Mrs. Martin not only suffered from heat stroke but had also
contracted a cold. Their heat stroke had been triggered by the abrupt climate change.
Just like that, the two of them were admitted to the hospital less than half a day into
their trip to Australia.