Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157 Do The Right Thing

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The manager looked at Li Du and asked in a warmer tone, “Do you have your bank
cards with you? We provide an exchange rate conversion here and accept RMB.”
Li Du shook his head. “I have friends outside. They have enough cash. I’ll lend money
from them.”
As he said this, he pulled out his trouser pocket and showed it to the manager. There
was only a mobile phone inside and no wallet.
Seeing this, the manager gave a nod of assent and said, “Okay, then you go and find
your friends to lend you some money first. I suggest that you be quick. As you see, our
activity is a success and our workers are busy.”
He was confident and believed that Li Du and the others would not find out that there
was something wrong with the car. After discovering that three of them had no money
on hand, he let them go for the moment.
As they walked out, Li Du’s mother asked, “Who do you want to borrow money from?
Li Du laughed and said, “Borrow money? This is a fraud, we should leave at once and
not come back.”
“A Scam? Can it be?” asked his father and mother almost in unison.
Li Du gave a cold laugh and said, “I usually drive a Ferrari, I know a thing or two about
cars. Just about everything is wrong with that car in there. It’s not even worth ten
thousand dollars. It is just a piece of junk.”
Li Du’s parents did not understand this. They looked at each other. Seeing their son’s
confidence, however, they could not help but trust him.
“Pity, it looked like a good prize,” Li Du’s father’s voice sounded mournful.
Li Du said, “This is all a scam. Our hometown did have this kind of lottery trick before,
isn’t that right? Have you forgotten?”

His father smacked his lips and said, “Yeah, but do they do that overseas too? It really
pisses me off.”
Li Du hummed and said, “There are even more frauds in foreign countries..”
Li Du’s mother said, “These swindlers are very arrogant. The police station is right next
to them. Why don’t we call the police? You see, so many of our fellow countrymen are
taken in.”
Li Du mumbled, “Let’s go out first, and then I’ll call the police.”
His mother said, “We must call the police, we can’t let these crooks harm our
compatriots. We must do the right thing.”
Li Du did not want to get involved in this kind of thing. To organize such a large-scale
scam activity, the managers had to have certain power and connections. He was a
stranger in Australia, and rashly acting as the hero would be dangerous.
After all, with his fiancée and family around, his responsibilities were heavy.
If he were at home or in the United States, he would have called the police. In Australia,
he had to watch the situation before making a decision.
As they were walking out, they met the tour guide that led them in previously.
Seeing their empty hands, the tour guide asked, “Why, where are your prizes? Didn’t
you draw a prize just now?”
Li Du ignored her and took his parents out.
The tour guide remembered that earlier, they refused to buy souvenirs. She thought it
would make them uncomfortable if others saw them participating in the lottery and
leaving empty-handed, knowing they had no money to take their prizes.
She pretended to be kind to the three people, and said enthusiastically, “Where are you
going? Fellow countryman, do go back in and draw a prize. If you don’t hurry, the prizes
will all be taken. Come quickly.”
Li Du pushed her arm away and said, “We’ve won a lottery. We don’t have enough
money on us. So we are going to collect the money and pay the tax.”

The tour guide said, “But the three of you have three chances to draw a prize. Why don't
you take the other two tickets and draw the other prizes and then pay the taxes for them
all? It would make more sense.”
Li Du said, “No need to worry, we’ll take our time.”
The tour guide’s expression suddenly changed, her eyes narrowed and she laughed
derisively, “Oh, your family is really interesting! Do you never bring any money when
you go abroad? You didn’t buy any souvenirs just now, and you don’t even dare to join
a free lucky draw? How timid!”
Her tone was so shrill that the tourists around her heard her and looked at them.
Li Du’s parents were elderly people and could not take public embarrassment. They
whispered to Li Du, “Go, go, ignore her, let’s go quickly.”
Li Du laughed, stopped his parents, and said, “Go? No, we’re not leaving now. They’re
trying to bully honest people, aren’t they? Well, we’ll see.”
He told his parents to go back to the queue and made a phone call to inform Brother
Wolf, Godzilla, and the others to come over. He also called the executives of the
Sydney branch of the Harry Winston group and asked them to come as well.
The Harry Winston executives, who worked in the luxury sector, were well-connected in
Sydney and knew many of the rich, famous and powerful people.
At the same time, Li Du asked Hans and Lu Guan to come over as well and made some
arrangements with them.
When he got off the phone, his father looked at him anxiously and said, “Li Du, what are
you going to do?”
Li Du said calmly, “You’ll see, Dad. Mom just said we had to do the right thing, didn’t
she? I’ll do it now.”
He entered the lucky draw line, took the two remaining tickets, and released the little
bug into the lottery box.

In the past, when this kind of lucky draw scam happened in his hometown, Li Du read
the report on how to deal with such a scam.
There were many lottery tickets in the box, all folded up. People could only rely on luck
to draw a ticket, blindly reaching into the box and pulling out whatever came into their
Li Du set the little bug to check the rank numbers on the lottery tickets, to find the grand
The little bug examined the lottery tickets carefully, but could not find the one with the
grand prize.
He thought that perhaps there were too many lottery tickets, but as he searched
carefully again he still found no grand prize. Instead, he found two first prizes.
This lucky draw event was huge and had many awards. The grand prize only had one
offer, a luxury yacht. The first prize had two lucky tickets, one for a Porsche and the
other for a Ferrari.
There were also four second prizes and ten third prizes.
It was Li Du’s turn to draw a ticket, and the person behind him urged, “Young man, go
on, don’t waste our time.”
Li Du did not find the grand prize. This meant his plan would not be easy to perform,
which made him a little depressed.
He had meant to find the grand prize ticket and hide it in the black hole space so that he
could make trouble later, saying the organizers had not put in a ticket for the grand
As each ticket would be taken out and immediately checked, the scammers would not
be able to explain why the grand prize ticket was not in the lottery box.
At that time, he could call the police so that the host party would be suspected of
commercial fraud, the police would take care of this matter, and he could use the police
to tear up their cover and reveal the true face of these cheats, bringing them to justice.

However, as he had not found the grand prize, he had to settle for the second best. He
was going to hide the two first prize tickets, which would hopefully have the same effect.
He reached into the lucky draw box to hide the two first prize tickets, only to find
something wrong on the top of the box.