Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 Just Pay

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Through the little bug’s eyes, Li Du saw something wrong with the top of the box.
In order to create a festive atmosphere, both the inside and outside of the box were
plastered with red paper, but there was a place at the top of the wallpaper that was pink,
both ends featuring something that looked like small clip settings.
The inside of the box was as smooth as ever, and one couldn’t touch anything with
one’s hands, but it was possible to see something was wrong.
Li Du was startled, and let the little bug fly up to the top of the box to take a look.
There was a red ticket, a grand prize ticket!
Because he took a long time to draw his ticket, the tourists in the back complained,
“Hurry up, boy. Why are you taking so much time?”
“Hey, you big man, why are you doing things in such a manner?”
“Draw a prize quickly, don’t damn delay us!”
The worker nearby smiled and said politely, “Sir, please hurry up.”
Li Du thought with lightning speed. He wanted to find the grand prize and put the ticket
into the black hole space, but seeing that the grand prize was hidden, he changed his
Li Du hid the two lottery tickets, took one out and gave it to the attendant.
With a smile, she opened the ticket and held it up to look at. Then her smile froze and
her face assumed a stunned expression.
The host came over and laughed. “Let’s take a look at this gentleman’s draw. His prize
He could not continue. After seeing the mark on the ticket, his expression became
shocked, and for a moment, he was speechless and did not know what to say.

Li Du looked at the lottery ticket and gave an excited roar. “Ah! I won the grand prize!
It’s the grand prize! God! I won the grand prize!”
His excitement was genuine, for he guessed that the grand prize might be real.
Just now in the backstage, he had seen the first, second and third prize were cars,
jewelry, and furniture, which were fake junk, but he could not see the yacht, which was
the grand prize.
At first, he thought that the luxury yacht, like the other prizes, was a fake.
However, when he found out that the grand prize ticket had been carefully hidden at the
top of the box, he thought differently. This might be a real prize, so the organizers hid it.
Therefore, instead of hiding the grand prize, he changed his plans and took it straight
When Li Du drew the grand prize, the tourists who were waiting in line for the lucky
draw and those who were still watching after the draw went mad.
“Is it really the grand prize? Oh, shit!”
“That yacht is worth millions, isn’t this guy lucky?”
“Damn, he took his own sweet time and robbed us all of our good fortune!”
“Announcer, let us see the prize!”
The host was stunned. He was from the sponsor's side and knew the specific situation
of the lucky draw.
They have held such fraudulent activities in many countries and usually arranged for
one of their own people to take out the grand prize at the end of the event. This
arrangement has never encountered failure. What happened this time?
Li Du had drawn the ticket, however. That was a fact. After a brief shock, the host had
to find a way to save the situation. While he gave a look to the manager beside him, he
pretended to be overjoyed and shouted:

“Grand prize! The grand prize we’ve been waiting for is out! I’m sure we’re all very
excited for the winner! Come on, dear friends, let’s clap our hands and congratulate the
lucky boy!”
Li Du has been paying attention to his expression. Seeing the reaction of the host, he
was sure he had disrupted the plan. He pretended to be excited, holding out his hand to
thank all who came up to congratulate him.
The host arranged for the head manager to arrive, and then came to interview Li Du
about the prize.
The host invited Li Du up on stage to talk about his feelings and thoughts on winning the
prize and interrogated him about his background and identity.
Li Du had participated in too many big scenes to be bothered. This kind of small
performance was nothing to him. He easily dodged the host’s questions, talking with a
polite smile but volunteering no important information.
He guessed that the host was doing this to buy time, so he quickly said, “Oh, can’t we
talk about this later? I am so anxious to see my new yacht, quickly give me the prize!”
The host chuckled. “The young man is very impatient!”
“I have a quick temper,” Li Du acted with deliberate naiveté.
The manager took Li Du to backstage. There were several managers in the lucky draw,
all very eloquent, who were able to persuade people to pay.
The manager who now spoke to Li Du was not the same one who previously dealt with
his family.
He asked Li Du to sit down and said, “Just a moment, sir, let’s verify your identity…”
The tourists who were waiting to pay taxes in the backstage gathered around, talking
about Li Du’s good luck with envy and jealousy.
The managers gathered round to discuss how to handle the matter.
One of the managers who attended his family previously recognized him and asked,
“Mr. Li, didn’t you go back to raise money for your taxes?”

The manager sensed something was off, but since there was nothing suspicious about
Li Du’s behavior, he was not quite sure of his guess.
Li Du said with high spirits, “Oh, our guide urged us to continue with the lucky draw
when we were going out. She said we don’t need to be in any hurry to get the money.”
At this point, a capable middle-aged Chinese executive, accompanied by several
managers, came up quickly and asked, “Which gentleman has won the grand prize?”
Li Du stood up and said, “That’s me. Hi, How do I pay the tax? How to deal with the
formalities of ownership transfer?”
The executive showed a friendly smile, stretched out a hand and said, “Hello, nice to
meet you. What is your name, sir? The value of the grand prize is very high and it is a
big issue. Please follow me first, sir. We have to discuss some details.”
Li Du flatly refused. “No, I want to get the prize first and then we can talk about it.”
The manager, who had dealt with the family, interjected, “To receive the prize, you have
to pay taxes first. This yacht is worth 5.2 million Australian dollars, and the tax is more
than 600,000 dollars!”
Li Du took out his wallet and retrieved his bankcard, saying, “OK, I’ll pay.”
The manager, who had thought he could not afford it, was stunned and asked without
thinking, “Didn’t you just say you had no money?”
“I didn’t, but my friends sent me money, they just made a transfer,” said Li Du.
Just in time, Brother Wolf and the others had arrived. The big men came to the
backstage and greeted him, and the atmosphere abruptly changed.
Seeing Brother Wolf, Godzilla and the others stand in a line, the middle-aged man with
the smile on his face said, “Mr. Li, please come here, we could talk this over…”
Li Du insisted, “No, hand over the prize to first. Why do you all keep trying to waste my
time? Could there be anything fishy about your event?”