Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 Peoples War

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The crowd became chaotic. They all wanted to look at the scene.
“That’s right, the young man gave his bank card, just give the yacht to him.”
“Why was our prize transaction done so quickly? Why is it taking so long with this boy’s
procedure? What do you mean by that?”
“I heard that this kind of activity has a black curtain, the grand prize, and the first prize
are meant for insiders. Are you trying to cheat when outsiders get it?
More visitors were attracted, and some who had not yet joined the lucky draw came
backstage to see what was going on.
Seeing this, the director turned pale. Things had gone beyond his expectations and his
control. He winked at several of his managers.
Several people came up to take Li Du by force. Godzilla flung them aside like rag dolls
and said in a gruff voice, “What do you want? Get lost!”
Seeing that tourists were still gathering around, the manager had no other choice and
said, “What are you all waiting for? Help Mr. Li to deal with the procedure of receiving
his prize…”
Li Du got the invoice and the yacht documents. He handed the yacht information to
Brother Wolf and said with a smile, “Go on board to check the engine number and keel
number, and confirm that all the information is correct.”
He would not pay until he checked everything and made sure all was right.
Brother Wolf was very efficient. A short while after he went he called and said, “Boss, no
problem. I checked on the internet, it is a new yacht.”
Li Du handed the bankcard to the accountant, the card was swiped on a machine, and
then they issued an invoice with his identity information saying that the yacht belongs to
Seeing this, the head manager said, “Mr. Li, let’s go to my office to talk. I hope you can
cooperate with us in holding some promotional activities.”

Li Du stood up and said, “Sorry, boss, I have no time. I have to go now.”
With more than five million Australian dollars in his hands, how could the manager let
him go so easily?
His face darkened and he said, “Mr. Li, this isn’t very nice of you, is it? Why don’t you
tell me who you…”
Li Du tapped hard on the table and said, “What do you mean? You are threatening me,
aren’t you? Do you think I’m scared?”
The atmosphere of the backstage stiffened all at once. At this time things got suddenly
loud in the front, the noise spreading quickly like hurricane waves.
One manager came running with sweat on his forehead and said anxiously to the head
manager, “Manager Liu, there is some trouble. The tourists said that there is no first
prize in the lottery box and they said we are cheaters!”
Hearing this, his boss sneered. “Find the troublemaker. People would believe this kind
of bullshit? Our grand prize has been drawn out, how would there be no first prize?”
The manager was so anxious that he almost cried and said, “Yes, we said so, but the
tourists don't believe us. They even said that the person who got the grand prize is one
of our own people.”
“Yes, Manager Liu, especially the tourists who got the consolation prize, they were
making chaos, and seemed like they wanted to rob things,” said another worker
Manager Liu looked at Li Du and smiled stiffly. “Mr. Li, now I need your help. Could you
please help us clear this up?”
Li Du thought for a moment and said, “Yes, no problem.”
Led by a worker, he mounted to the rostrum. Now the line of tourists was in chaos.
Some old men and women were shouting at the top of their voices:
“There must be a cover-up!”

“Where is the first prize? Why didn’t the first prize appear?”
“D*mn it, my luck was always very good, and what I was able to draw here was just a
consolation prize? F*ck your mother!”
In the crowd, Li Du saw Hans and Lu Guan, who were shouting at the top of their lungs.
It was all part of his plan, or rather, it was part of his original plan, and the yacht that he
won as the grand prize was an accident.
He had wanted to put away the grand prize ticket and then get tourists to question the
fraudsters and ask them to open the lucky draw box so that if they could not find the
grand prize ticket, the Australian police could get involved.
Now the plan has changed.
He got on the rostrum, the host handed him the microphone, and it was his turn to
control the field.
Li Du cleared his throat and said, “Hello, I’m the one who just won the grand prize…”
He was only halfway through his sentence when someone shouted, “It’s a shady deal!
Shady deal! I don’t trust you! You’re on the organizer's side!”
The voice was so familiar that he did not have to look at the speaker to know it was
Like the leader of a student riot, Hans opened his mouth, and other tourists followed him
and shouted. There were all kinds of languages, and Chinese and English were the
“There’s something fishy about your grand prize!”
“Give us an explanation, you liar!”
“I called the police. My son is a police officer!”
Li Du raised his voice. “Don’t get too emotional. I have nothing to do with the organizers.
However, do you think the organizer didn’t put the first prize or the grand prize tickets in
the box? This is easy to check, isn’t it? We just need to open the box and check, right?”

As he spoke, he looked behind him at the head manager, who nodded his head to show
that he agreed.
He was confident. There had to be a first prize ticket in the box.
Originally, the catch was the grand prize lucky draw tickets. They needed some effort to
take them out, but they did not expect that Li Du would be able to do that and were not
sure how he did. The rest of the lucky draw was not supposed to have any problems.
The tourists selected a few people to supervise, and then the workers opened the
lottery box and began to check the tickets inside.
The consolation prize, the participation prize, the third prize, the second prize…
All the tickets appeared, and the organizers’ people were dumbfounded.
The tourists lit up like firecrackers, exploding in a split second!
At this time, the nearby police station received a call and several police cars drove up.
The head manager saw this scene and was worried. He cried, “Impossible! That’s not
right. Where’s the first prize ticket?”
“Manager Liu, quick, don’t talk anymore, just leave, we will be finished if the police catch
us!” A manager came up and took him by the arm, shouting anxiously.
There were so many tourists on site, however. How would it be possible for them to
In particular, Li Du arranged for people to watch the scammers as they were about to
run away. Someone threw a stone at them from behind, shouting:
“The scammers are running away, they are running away!”
“Seize them! Don’t let them go!”
“Damn it, cheating old people’s money, you are worthless!”
“The tour guide too, the tour guide is fishy, they are on the same side!”

The tour guides were stunned. Some shouted at the top of their lungs, “What are you
talking about? Who cheated you of money? Did you spend any money to enter the lucky
“Not only did you pay nothing, but you also got some very expensive prizes! Where’s
your gratitude?”
Godzilla was like a mad beast, ripping down some mahogany tables and chairs to
reveal the veneer and the messy wood inside.
The old gentlemen and ladies who could afford to travel abroad had money and
recognized the good stuff. They knew how to tell real mahogany furniture from fake.
Seeing the inside of this furniture, they were furious. “Bastards! Fake, the redwood is
“The car is also fake, the engine is rotten!”