Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Who Dared To Move

"Bones Community, a clinic. Quick!" Li Du covered the phone and said to Hans.

Hans looked confused. "Oh?"

"F**k! Dont bullsh*t, quickly get to a clinic in Bones Community! Do you know where it is? Sophie is in trouble!" Li Du roared.

Godzilla mumbled, "I stayed there before. There is only one clinic."

"Go there quickly! Fast!"

Godzilla stepped on the gas; the Iron Knight let out a furious roar, and suddenly started to charge forward.

Hans said calmly, "What is it?"

The phone call ended. Li Du said, "Its Sophie. She called to say shes in trouble. Im still not sure whats going on."

"Call the police," Hans instructed. "That sh*tty place is like hell on earth. The three of us may not be able to deal with it."

Ah Meow popped its head out, snarled and bared its claws. "Meow, meow..ow!"

Li Du felt that calling the police station might not be a good idea, or else Sophie would not have called him. This was because whoever called the American police needed to give a lot of information, and this would delay matters.

However, since he was familiar with Rose, he gave Rose a call and narrated the matter briefly.

Rose said, "Got it; I will send the police over. You guys had better not go. Its not a good time for strangersespecially Asian businessmento enter Bones Community at the moment."

Outside, night had fallen. The streets were lit with yellow street lights, and the number of pedestrians was dwindling.

But how could Li Du not go? Putting his feelings for Sophie aside, even if a stranger met trouble in that kind of place and asked for his help, he would go forth to help.

This had nothing to do with the identity of the victim; this was about a mans responsibility and spirit.

Godzilla beat the traffic lights all the way and regarded the truck like a sports car. It was good that Flagstaff City was a small city. The two places were not far apart, and there were fewer cars on the road at night. They did not meet any obstacles and raced to Bones Community within four minutes.

Hans had once told him about this area of the city; this community was different from other small communities. "Bones Community" was the collective term for many small neighborhoods, including the most concentrated number of slums in Flagstaff; mainly made up of vagrants, drug addicts, thieves, and so on.

Here, Li Du saw the other side of Flagstaff, which was not exquisite, honest, or clean. There was rubbish everywhere, and in the pitch darkness of the night, the air filled with a strange stench

After the truck hit a rubbish bin and sent it flying, it abruptly stopped, leaving dark black brake marks on the road. Godzillas big leg stepped onto the brake firmly, and he said, "Boss, here!"

Li Du pushed open the car door and jumped out of it. He did not have time to study his surroundings. The door to the outpatient department of the community hospital was pushed open by someone. Two teenage boys walked out and stared at him solemnly, with fierce glares like two wolves.

"Hey, you son of a b*tch, why the f*ck are you here?"

Li Du had no experience interacting with these kinds of people but did not plan to get into a conflict. He shot Hans a look.

Hans raised his hands and said, "Hey, friends! Hey, friendship forever! We are not here to challenge your authority. We are here to pick up a friend, a female doctor"

He had not finished what he was saying when a full-length, first-story window at the side of the building was smashed by a chair with a loud crash. Then a slender shadow appeared, staggered out the window, and quickly ran over upon seeing Li Du.

Under the shine of the pickups headlights, Li Du recognized Sophie at a glance. He quickly ran up to her and turned around to put himself between her and the teenagers. He asked in a low voice, "Are you alright?"

"Thank God for his blessing!" Sophies voice was quivering, the two hands that were grabbing his arm were also shivering.

Li Du saw that, although her clothing had signs of tear, they were intact, and heaved a sigh of relief. At least the female doctor had not been humiliated.

After Sophie escaped, two pitiful screams could be heard from the clinic, and a few more teenagers ran out soon after.

After the rescue, Hans was no longer scared. He said, "Li, we take one each. Godzilla, the rest is for you. Settle them, and you can have five meals a day!"

Godzilla did not say anything. He opened the door at the back of the car, and moved the water jet cutter out as though he were lifting a big shield that matched his humongous body. He looked like a holy warrior!

A teenager raised his arm and shouted at this moment, "F*ck you, F*ck you b*tch! You dared to kick me? Dont move! Stop that d*mn leg! Stop there!"

This scene had caused the facial expressions of Li Du and the rest to change dramatically, for the teenager was holding a pistol in his hand.

Faced with the black hole of the gun muzzle, Li Du suddenly panicked. This was not his first encounter with a pistol, but he was still scared.

The icy dark muzzle of the gun was like a monster opening its mouth; a great terror to anyone.

Six or seven teenagers, staring like a pack of wolves, crowded around. The teenager with the gun was leading in front, smiling coldly as he said, "Ha ha! b*tches, keep talking, please! Who would like to make a move on us? Come on, tell me!"

Li Du struggled to maintain his calm, and said, "Hey bossyoure the boss, right? Can we discuss this properly? What do you want? Money? We will cooperate, we can give you money"

"Get lost. That damn whore had the nerve to kick me! I want to break her leg! That b*tch has d*mn long legs; come and continue kicking!" the teenager interrupted him and raised his leg to kick Li Du.

Li Du could not dodge, as Sophie was behind him. So he got kicked. Both he and Sophie tottered backward.

The black teenager walked forward arrogantly, used his pistol to pat on Li Dus face as he said, "Did you not hear what I said? Get lost and go f*cking castrate yourself!"

Li Du quickly glanced at the other teenagers. They were laughing as they watched the fun; none of them had pistols in their hands, besides the teenager holding the pistol.

Because of this, he made a split-second decision, and whispered in his mind, Slow the time down! Slow the time down!

The speed of the movement of the teenagers wrist dramatically slowed down. Li Du gritted his teeth, grabbed his wrist with his left hand and stuffed his index finger behind the trigger. At the same time, his right hand grabbed the barrel to push it back. After a crisp click, a golden bullet fell out the side.

When the bullet exited, he used all his might to tear the pistol away. The teenager had activated the trigger, but the trigger was stuck by Li Dus index finger on his left hand and could not be pressed downward.

With Li Dus pulling, he cried out at his incapability to hold on to the pistols handle, which ended up being grabbed by Li Du.

From the time Li Du struck to pop the bullet out to grabbing hold of the pistol, the whole procedure was as fast as a flash. There was no time for anyone to react. The few teenagers blinked their eyes, and the gun appeared in the hand of Li Du.

This scene stunned everyone; one of the teenagers shouted, "Sh*t, Chinese Kung Fu!"

Hans sucked in a mouthful of cold air. "F*ck, cool!"

Li Du, after snatching the pistol, kicked the teenagers crotch. The teenagers pained scream turned into a pitiful cry; both his hands clutched his crotch, and he kneeled onto the ground.

He felt secure with the pistol in his hands, and pointed the muzzle at the few teenagers and said, "F*ck! Hands up, hands up, hands up! Place your hands in places that I can see! Quick." The situation had taken a turn, the teenagers were overwhelmed. Li Du immediately reloaded the gun.

On hearing the loading of the bullets, the teenagers finally got frightened, and quickly hugged their heads with both hands.

Li Du heaved a sigh of relief. He saw the water jet cutter beside him, and then he slammed the pistol on the porcelain table top, grabbed the gunjet and swept the jet of water against the gun muzzle and handle a few times.

Then, he swept the pistol onto the floor in one movement. The whole pistol split into a few pieces in the air, and dropped to the floor with a cracking sound.

At this scene, the teenagers were completely petrified.

Li Du laughed coldly, "Who still dares to move? My water jet cutter could effectively shoot a distance of twenty meters. There is at most thirty feet between usI would be interested to find out whether all of you are faster than this jet of water!"

The teenagers felt cold. The trucks headlights were flashing, and the fragments of the pistol were gleaming on the ground; it was a very eerie sight.