Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 Flying Fish

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The appearance of the fish was strange. Their pectoral fins were especially well-
developed. Once the fins spread out, they looked exactly like wings of birds.
Their long pectoral fins stretched all the way to the tail. The entire body of the fish
resembled a long, weaved cloth. The fish formed a school and jumped out of the water,
and then flew towards the sky.
“Flying fish!” Li Du stood up, excited. Just like the Emperor penguins, he had long heard
of that species of fish. However, he had never seen it before.
Many fish had joined to form the school. There were tens of thousands of them. They
appeared all around the yacht and then flapped their fins to fly near the water surface.
As they were close to the fish, Li Du could see them clearly. The back of the fish was
ocean-blue and their shape resembled carps. They had the bodies of fish and wings of
birds, and their heads were white while their mouths were red. They had green scales
on their backs and looked like strange monsters.
That was an opportune timing to capture the flying fish. It seemed like God was trying to
make up for his past difficult time in Antarctica, and was now giving Li Du such a rare
The flying fish typically only formed flying schools at night and were rarely seen out of
the water during the day.
The current situation could not be better. As long as someone cast a net, there would
be an endless stream of flying fish that would go into it.
However, Li Du had no interest in that. Doing that would spoil the scenery.
The Li-Martin yacht seemed to be moving ahead, propelled by the push from the flying
fish. As that was a rare sight, Sophie had raised her camera and was filming, her face
full of excitement.
While Li Du had no material interest in the flying fish, Ah Meow was very excited. It saw
an opportunity for a fresh snack!
Seeing the flying fish, Ah Meow had gone to one side of the ship, held onto the railing,
and looked on with its eyes as wide as saucers.
A fish flew past it and Ah Meow reached out to try to catch it with its claw, wagging its
long tail.
However, it missed by a hairsbreadth and the fish flew past him. Ah Meow had a small
body and small short limbs. It was no match for the flying fish.

Hence, it got anxious. It was extremely aggravating to be able to see food but never
reach it.
Ah Meow turned to the left and dashed towards Ah Ow, who was also holding onto the
railings in a similar position, watching the fish. Ah Meow opened its mouth and bit Ah
Feeling indignant, Ah Ow lifted her leg and gave a kick. Ah Meow was agile and
managed to avoid the kick. However, it was angry and it started to scream, “Meeeow!”
Seeing that she had bit her own companion, Ah Ow, withdrew her leg, face full of
Ag Meow jumped and managed to stabilize itself to stand on the railing. Then it hit Ah
Ow’s face with its long tail.
Ah Ow could not take it anymore and scratched its face with her claws. That was itchy,
Ah Meow rolled its eyes and stuffed its tail into Ah Ow’s mouth, crying out, “Meow,
That was when Ah Ow understood what Ah Meow wanted. Hence, Ah Ow closed her
mouth and bit down onto Ah Meow’s long tail.
Another flying fish flew past the ship very, very quickly. Then Ah Meow jumped off the
railing, its limbs spread out, charging at the prey. With a swipe of its claws, Ah Meow
managed to grab the fish and held onto it with its claws.
Ah Ow, meanwhile, was holding its tail with her teeth. Just like a long-tailed monkey
hanging from a tree, Ah Meow hung from the ship's side.
Ah Ow bit down on Ah Meow’s tail and pulled, tugging Ah Meow back onto the ship.
Ah Meow brought in his catch. The flying fish jumped around the deck and the two
animals tried to stop it. They stretched out their claws to poke at the fish, torturing the
unfortunate creature.
Li Du was stunned. Just to get food, Ah Meow really went to no end! To pull it in by the
tail, Ah Ow must have bitten down hard, and it must have been very painful!
He glanced at Ah Meow and Ah Ow briefly before he turned around again to continue
observing the flying fish.
The water was clear and from a close distance, he could see that the fish were moving
almost as fast in the water. They were swimming at top speed and when they were
about to emerge from the water surface, their fins would be tucked closely by their sides
before they left the water, head first.

Once they broke through the water surface, they would spread their fins wide. At the
same time, their tails would hit back and forth on the water surface rapidly, building
energy to propel them further.
That propelling was not a moment’s work. It required accumulated energy.
The tail hit back and forth continuously on the water surface. When it had garnered
enough power, it would gather its energy for a final push. Then, the tail would be lifted
off the water completely, sending the fish flying into the air.
The flying fish was also pretty speedy in the air. Some of the bigger fish could fly further,
at least one to two hundred meters.
Even when they fell back into the water, their tails would continue to hit back and forth,
waiting to accumulate the next wave of power to send the fish flying like arrows again.
The emergence of the flying fish attracted some birds. There were many birds on
Seagull Island. Otherwise, there would not be so many snakes. As the sea snakes did
not appreciate opal, they subsisted on birds’ eggs.
Out on the sea, the fish flew. Very soon, the birds joined in to fly in the sky and that
scene was truly overwhelming.
When the yacht neared the deep-water granite, it started to slow down to prepare for
anchoring. The fish continued to fly, attracting the birds to pursue them.
Li Du turned around reluctantly and saw that there were over a dozen plump flying fish
jumping around the ship deck.
Ah Meow wore a look of pride on its face. Those were all his trophies.
Sophie said, “It must be because our ship shocked the school of fish. Otherwise, very
few of them would fly above the water surface during the day.”
Big Ivan said, “There could be predators in the water. To avoid them, the flying fish
could have flown off the water surface.”
“In the end, there were more predators above the water,” Li Du said as he glanced at Ah
Meow, who was licking its claws.
Li Du went to clear up the flying fish and Ah Meow quickly jumped to its feet to grab
onto the catch. It did not allow Li Du to move them away.
Li Du said impatiently, “I will freeze them for you, eat slowly.”
Ah Meow remained cautious. In its eyes, no one could be trusted with food.
The yacht had stopped and in the end, Ah Meow was unable to keep its food anyway.

Upon seeing the flying fish, the Martins were very excited. They said, “We can marinate
them in salt, then hang them up to dry. They just need to hang for two days in such
weather. When they’re dry, we can eat them.”
Then Li Du’s parents joined the Martins and promptly took the flying fish away.
Ah Meow could not believe its eyes and opened its mouth to call out dejectedly,
The construction team had arrived very quickly on the island to prepare for the first
week of work. Their first mission would be getting rid of the snakes.
Li Du reminded them to be careful around the sea snakes. The workers had been split
into two teams. One team would engage the help of the small airplane to drop the
medicine that would repel the snakes all around the island. The other team, led by an
engineer, would select some areas on the island to set up the radio frequency machine
to get rid of the snakes.
The radio frequency machine was pretty easy to use. Once it was assembled and
started, the surrounding snakes would slither away from the area and head towards the
sea to hide.
It was the best way to get rid of the snakes. Li Du did not want the snakes to become
extinct. After all, he was the invader.
Of course, the situation did not allow him to soften his stance either. He had spent a
huge amount of funds to buy that island, close to two hundred million. That amount of
money, as long as he was content to return to his life back in his hometown, was
enough for him to lead a comfortable life.
The snakes did not appear and it was inconvenient to stay on the island. Hence, Li Du
left Hans behind to be responsible for the island development and the black abalone.
On his end, he started to get ready to bring his family back to America.