Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 Hospitality

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Before Christmas, Li Du and his party got on their return flight.

Initially, he had planned to return to America right after flying back from the Antarctic.

However, Ivana had a second operation and Sophie was worried that Brother Wolf

might not be able to handle it alone.

Since they had not stayed too long in Australia and there was nothing urgent back

home, they remained in Sydney for another week.

Five days after Ivana’s operation, everything was declared to be fine. Then, they started

on their return journey happily.

Li Du had work to do when he returned and the five other bodyguards that Brother Wolf

had contracted were ready to join them. The five of them had quit their jobs in Germany

and just arrived in Phoenix.

Big Ivan had left before them, one week earlier. He had returned to take care of those

new elite men that had arrived from Germany.

Brother Wolf had two types of comrades. One type consisted of those who were still

serving in the military. As there were all elite men, the military would be very willing to

turn them into professional soldiers.

The second type would be those who have left the military and found new jobs. They

were also elites and decided to leave the army because they had suffered some

injuries, or had a family to feed and the military salary was insufficient.

The first type were mostly officers or soldiers with great potential. The second type were

veteran military men who had reached the rank of lieutenant and did not have a high


It was fortunate that Li Du did not need officers. What he needed were those old military

men. He had Brother Wolf as the officer and everything would be fine with him

managing the others.

Those new men were also involved in bodyguard roles back in Germany. It was their

best option to raise their salaries. Of course, they deserved to be highly paid.

Li Du had doubled or trebled their previous salary. In addition, each of them would have

forty-five days of paid leave. Hence, those men did not have reservations about quitting

their jobs to join Li Du’s team.

Besides, they had been willing to come over as they had trust in Brother Wolf. To be

bodyguards, they had to be always ready to shield their boss from gunshots. It was a

dangerous job.

Hence, being a soldier was similar to being a bodyguard. They needed to be supported

by trustworthy teammates.

Brother Wolf had gathered his old comrades and they all could draw a high salary while

working with their old partner. Hence, they were all happy to join.

The plane landed in Los Angeles again this time around. Out of habit, Li Du went to

attend a warehouse auction and managed to find a large-scale event.

However, he was not as lucky as before. There was nothing exceptionally valuable in

the seventeen warehouses. Hence, he auctioned for a warehouse that had a full set of

Siemens home appliances. He estimated that he would be able to gain a profit of ten


As Hans was not around, Lu Guan and Big Quinn were to clear up the warehouse. The

two of them would be responsible for dealing with the warehouse company.

Li Du drove back to Phoenix and when he returned to the villa, there were a few big

men standing out the house.

Most of them were slightly older than Brother Wolf, all around forty years old. They were

in good shape and all were at least 1.85 meters tall. Their average high was close to 1.9


The G9 Frontier Brigade had strict requirements for the height and weight of the

soldiers. They considered the ideal height to be 1.9 meters.

“Black Bull Adolf Arthur, Madman Bart Bex, Vampire Bob Bin, Whirlwind Charles

Bradley, Feminine Amanda Engels,” Brother Wolf pointed to the men to introduce them

to Li Du as they drove. “They are all good men.”

Confused, Li Du asked, “That guy is named Adolf? Are there still people named Adolf in

Germany? Don’t they prefer to avoid associations with Hitler?”

Brother Wolf said, “In German, the meaning of Adolf is ‘noble wolf’. Many people give

their children that name.”

Li Du got off the car and, under the lead of Big Ivan, the row of men bowed to greet him.

From external appearance, Li Du was pleased with them. He trusted Brother Wolf’s

information on them and arranged for him to lead them and get to know them better.

Brother Wolf was not someone to mix business and private matters. If those people

were trouble, he would not hesitate to tell Li Du.

Having just met his five new underlings and only being back for two days, Li Du

received another phone call. He was surprised at the identity of the caller. It was one of

his classmate from college, the secretary from the committee of back then, Su Nan.

The classmates often chatted with each other in the chat group. However, due to the

time difference, Li Du hardly participated in the group chats and so he had drifted apart

from his classmates.

Additionally, most of his college mates stayed in China and worked in the same city.

Every year, they had at least one to two opportunities to bump into each other. As for

him, he was at the other end of the world, in America. He had no chance to get together

with his classmates and it was another reason why he drifted apart from them.

As for Su Nan, although he was in America, Li Du seldom spoke to him over the phone

or texted him. Hence, their relationship was not particularly close.

Once Li Du picked up the phone, Su Nan’s foxy voice rang out. “Hey, poet, what are

you busy with? It’s been a while, do you miss your tough and rough brother Nan?”

Li Du sighed. “Miss you to death. All these tough men are around me. Every time I go to

the toilet, I bring along so many of them, they remind me of you, little toothpick.”

Su Nan pretended to scold him. “D*mn you, let’s talk about something serious…”

“You have anything serious?” Li Du was surprised.

Su Nan said, “Alright, buddy. You’re now a seasoned person in America. Alright, alright,

you’re cleverer and stronger. You win, okay?”

Li Du was confused. Su Nan was not acting like his old self.

As the secretary of the committee, Su Nan was one of those who spoke in flowery

language. He was cunning, eloquent, and had never lost out in a debate.

Li Du said, curious, “Are you really Su Nan, the trumpet? It can’t be that someone is

trying to imitate his voice, right?”

Su Nan said bitterly, “Who would want to imitate me? Besides, you can meet me if

you’re suspicious.”

Li Du asked, “Where are you? Still in Philadelphia?”

Unlike him, who had only been accepted into a lousy university, Su Nan’s results had

been much better. To put it more accurately, Su Nan was a top student. When Su Nan

had applied to be a research student at the University of Philadelphia, he had been

accepted at once.

The University of Philadelphia used to be known as the Philadelphia Textile School.

Although that name was very old-fashioned, it was a powerful school. It was a famous

private university in Pennsylvania.

Su Nan said, “No, I’m in Phoenix. That’s why I just said that we can meet. You’re in

Phoenix now, right?”

Hearing that he was in Phoenix, Li Du perked up.

Su Nan had always been doing research in Philadelphia and did not have much spare

time. Li Du had also been busy due to work and hence, they had had no opportunities to

meet up.

Hearing that Su Nan was in Phoenix, Li Du said, “Give me your address and wait for

me. I will arrive very soon.”

Su Nan said, “No hurry, I’m free now. I can wait a few days, it’s no issue.”

Li Du came to a realization. “Oh, you’ve graduated? Congrats, well done!”

Su Nan said in a bitter tone, “What’s there to congratulate me for? Forget it, you can

come over first. Let’s have a chat, I need someone to talk to.”