Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 Do You Want To Go To Australia?

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As he drank the beer, Su Nan poured talked about the hardships he had been facing.

Previously, he had went to workworked in a museum in Philly on following the recommendation of his tutor. In the end, he was only there for two months. The museum had closed down even before he could finish his internship term.

There were many museums in America. Some people said that there were more airplanes in America than in any other countryies in the world. That, was a saying more suitable for referring to museums. There were many more museums in America than all the museums added up around the globe put together!

It was not uncommon for museums to close down. Many museums relied on the donations from the rich to maintain operationsthemselves. Some museums only depended on one or two rich donors and most of them willing donors were old people.

Once those people passed on, their family members, who would have received their inheritance, would not be unwilling to continue to donatinge to the museums. Hence, eighty to ninety percents of the museums would close down in time.

“For those who were in a full-time positionrole, it was okay. There’s a contract, there’s an agreed length of service and the compensation that the government and museum would give. But what about me? A freshie, an intern, there was’s nothing for me when the museum closed down, it was a straight ‘scram now’,” Su Nan said as he shook his head, taking another gulp of the beer.

He appeared as though he has been suppressing many things inside of himbitter feelings and was meetingmet with Li Du to rant.

Li Du said, “That’s why you gotYou can get a new job. Your research studies were geared towards accountancy, right? There must have been all sorts of qualifications that you passed. The industry is very broad.”

Su Nan burped a few times and waved his hands, saying, “It is very broad, but no one is willing to hire me. I have no idea why. My resume is pretty good, my expectations are low, but these most companies are unwilling to engage Chinese.”

Sophie repliedsaid, “The key reason is that the economy is not doing well, there are many businesses that have shut down. They are the key bodies that engage accounting professionals. Don’t despair, and even more so, don’t doubt your status and capabilities.”

Su Nan laughed bitterly, “Yes, the macroenvironment business climate is a reason. Sigh, butHowever, it can’t be so bad that I’m unable to can’t find a job even after I have sent my resume to almost every part of America, right?”

He shook his head dejectedly as he spoke., “There’s no way out. Poet, I am getting ready to return home. China is good too, it’s just that money would come in at a slower pace.”

Su Nan did not have a favourablefavorable family background. Both of his parents had been become very ill and were unable to work. His sister had to resign from her job to stay at home to take care of the parents.

Su Nan had chosen to be a research student at the universityUniversity of Philadelphia because the school had great welfare programs for the poor but outstanding students. They had reduced the tuition fees and provided bursariesscholarships.

Hence, Su Nan was able to rely on the a full-fledged scholarship for his research studies. He had camecome over and worked part-time as he studied. Not only did he not avoid spending a single cent of his family’s money, he even remitted sent one thousand and eight hundred1,800 US dollars to his family back home monthlyeach month.

Although that sum of money could not dowas not much in America, it could be converted to at leastwas worth five to six grand in Renminbi. That was sufficient enough money for his family back in China.

Su Nan had not gone to Phoenix to visit Li Du because he did not have much money on hand. He was a thrifty person.

Li Du patted Su Nan’s hands and consoled him, “First, don’t despair. There must be a way out. After all, you are graduated from a branded top school and have good qualifications. Won’t it be easy to earn money back home? There would be plenty of high-salary positions.”

Su Nan laughed bitterly., “It’s not that simple. Donidn’t you watch the news? There are too many people whoToo many people have returned to China from their studies abroad. Having earned a degree in America is not that big a thing anymore. This is especially trueso for us, people with an accounting specialisationspecialization. The system in China and elsewhere is different. I would have to learn from scratch when I return, and the pay would not be high.”

“If I were able to find a job here that pays four to five thousand dollars a month, it would be great. , Aas you know, I don’t spend a lot. I can remit send two orto three thousand to my sister every month. When that is converted to Renminbi, it would be plenty for them to live comfortably.”

“But what if I was earning Renminbi? I would have to work in places like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, right? How much would I get monthly? A starting salary of ten thousand won’t be too low, right? But after deducting the amount I would have to spend on living, how many thousandmuch would be left?”

Picking up the beer bottle, Su Nan started to lament.

It had been too long since Li Du connected with Su Nan and he did not know that Su Nan’shis friend’s situation was so terrible. Hence, Li DuHe asked, “Your parents, they need money urgently?”

Su Nan took another huge gulp of beer and said, “My dad has to go for dialysis, ideally three timesice a week, once every two to threeother days. My mom relies on imported drugs for her liver illness. D*mn, they do not have insurance. Tell me, isn’t the pressure very high?”

“My dad is thrifty, even more so than me. He felt that dialysis was too expensive and only goes once a week. D*mn, once a week? He will lose his lifedie in six months that way!”

Concerned, Sophie asked, “Then do they need to be movedPerhaps they should come to America for treatment? My tutor knows some experts in kidney and liver-related illnessesdiseases. Perhaps they would be of help.”

Su Nan shook his head., “Money. I have todon’t have that kind of money. Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. Sigh, dDrink up, poet, drink up. We haven’t had a drink together for ages.”

Li Du opened up another bottle for him and said, “You should have reached out to me earlier. I didn’t know that your situation wasis so tough.”

Su Nan smiled sadly, “Tough? It’s already, I have gone through tough times before, I can endure all thesehandle this. Besides, you know me, I enjoy cracking jokes and making people laugh, sure. But I am also pridefulproud…”

Then, Su Nan continued to sigh, having lost the fighting spirit he had from the past.

Li Du said, “I’m saying, I know some people here, I can introduce recommend you forto some jobs.”

Su Nan’s eyes widened.

Li Du felt that there would not be an issuehe could easily assigning Su Nan a role in Harry vey-Winston inc.Inc. Even if there was no room open position for him at Harvey Winstonthe company, he could get help from Steve and the others, even the Ford brothers that he just met with. It was verytoo simple to help Su Nan land a job.

However, Li Du also had other ideas. thoughts, “What if you haveWould you be willing to leave America to work in Australia? Also, what if you would havehad to go on business trips often to and move aroundfrom time to time, will you be willingwould that be an issue?”

Su Nan replied, “Go to Australia? On what terms? If the salary is reasonable, I would not even have reservations goingwould have no problem going to Mars.”

Saying that, Su Nan smiled. When he saw that Sophie was also smiling, he started to feel embarrassed and rubbed his head. “Sorry, sister-in-law, my mouth is really loose, hope you don’t mind.”

Sophie smiled gently and nodded. She was only listening for the most part and did not interrupt them.

“You can claim the travel expenses, and there will be allowances for food and accommodation. During probation, the salary will be five thousand US dollars, how about that?” Li Du asked.

“And after passing probation?”

“Additional fifty percent on top of the five thousand US dollarsthat.”

Su Nan immediately put down the bottle of beer. With widened eyesWide-eyed, he asked, “Are you kidding me? There’s a job with such a high salary?”

When he was working in America, his expected monthly salary had been four thousand US dollars. For graduates, this wasit was lucky to land such a position a more suitable role.

Li Du said, “Don’t get your expectations uptoo high., thereThere will be many things to look after, or and there will be many accounting responsibilities. , Iit’s actually quite complicated.”

Su Nan said, “Nope, nope, nope, all that is not a problem. As long as I can do it, this job is great.”

Li Du had thoughts of bringing Su Nan into his camp, to work for him.

A monthly salary of a few thousand was peanuts to Li Du. Just the maintenance of the yacht hasd been costing him a few thousand dollars every month.

Besides, Li Du understood Su Nan. After all, they had been classmates for the four years in university. Su Nan was a capable and was a responsible person. It would be fitting to send Su Nan was sent to Australia to help him manage the Llightning Rridge and the accounting jobs on Seagull Iisland.

At that moment, Su Nan stopped drinking and had put down the bottle to start asking more questions.