Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 Revenge

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The black boss accepted the money and said with a satisfied smile, “Good, don’t say anything when you go out, or I will send the immigration police after you. Don’t think I don’t know what you have done in America. I have my contacts, and it’s easy to find out who you are.”

Su Nan gave him a wry smile when he got out of the door. “When can I go to Australia? I don’t want to stay in this lousy country anymore.”

Li Du said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make him pay for what he has done, I’ll get back at him for you!”

He took out his cell phone and called one of the treasure hunters in Phoenix.

As it happened, there are several warehouses up for auction in Phoenix recently. The treasure hunters of Flagstaff city and the rest of the area have gathered in Phoenix. When Li Du called, they were all hanging out together.

“Hey, Li, we heard that you had gone to Australia again? When will you be back?”

“Just got back. I was at a motel down the Corinthian Trail and someone messed with me. Call all the boys and come here to help me out with something.”

The treasure hunters came in groups when they received his call, bringing their buddies along.

All over Arizona, the treasure hunters knew Li Du’s name. They knew they would be able to gain something if they were close to him, and when he got into trouble, they were happy to help, because everyone knew what it meant.

It was not easy to make Li Du owe them.

Within half an hour, hundreds of treasure hunters came.

“Black Eyes Motel, I know this place, Old Li must have been blackmailed by the boss, let’s go in and screw him,” roared one treasure hunter.

Dickens stopped the treasure hunters who were getting uncontrollable and said, “How would Big Li live in a place like this? Let him arrange it, and do as he wants us to.”

The landlord’s face darkened at the sight of so many people gathered at his door.

Su Nan was stunned. He did not expect a phone call from Li Du could gather such many people, most of whom were local Americans!

Li Du gestured for the treasure hunters to be quiet and said, “You were hanging out, weren’t you? Change the venue, go into the restaurant in this hotel, but only order one bun per person.”

The treasure hunters rumbled in. All were tough men and the hotel restaurant was packed.

Each man bought a bun for fifty cents. Then they sat in the dining room with the bread in their hands and drank beer.

Li Du bought the beer from outside. Motels like this would allow their customers to bring their own drinks.

The treasure hunters drank beer and swapped tales all afternoon and into the evening, and the atmosphere was hot and packed.

The landlord could not stand it any longer. It was dinnertime and the restaurant was losing money because it was full of people who weren’t ordering anything.

If the restaurant was occupied and tenants could not get in, they would definitely check out and might even complain about the service.

The boss had to find Li Du and surrender. He took out five hundred dollars to hand him and said, smiling, “Man, it seems that I looked down on you, sorry. I am guilty in this matter, I’ll return the money to you and we are good, OK?”

Li Du pushed the money away and trampled on it, saying contemptuously, “No, it’s not OK. You wanted to bully me, right? Well, come on, then!”

Upon hearing this, the man’s expression changed. He patted the table, stared at Li Du and said sharply, “Hey, man, what do you want to do?”

Li Du pointed at himself and said, “Don’t talk to me as if I’m your buddy. I am Chinese, and today I let you know what a Chinese could do!”

The middle-aged black man nodded and showed a dangerous expression. He said, “You want to play hard with me, do you?”

Su Nan pulled on Li Du’s sleeve and said in a soft voice, “Leave it, Li.”

Li Du smiled at him and gave the boss a cold look. “You just understood that now? Really dumb. Do you have banana mush for brains?”

Enraged, the man tried to slap Li Du in the face.

Slowing down time, Li Du avoided his palm easily, stretch out a hand to pull his wrist and pulled him forward instead. The black man was thin and Li Du pulled him easily, bringing his face near. Then he gave him a resounding loud slap.

The black man cried in pain and staggered a few steps backward.

The two waiters he had brought with him tried to act loyal when they saw that the situation was not good.

Both of them tried to take the opportunity to punch Li Du. Brother Wolf, who stood silently beside his boss, dashed forward, grabbed the nearest chair and swung at them. The two waiters tumbled to the ground.

The middle-aged black man mercilessly pointed at Li Du and said, “So you want to play with me, right? Never mind, I can play too!”

Looking furious, he ran out, took out his cell phone and began to make a call.

Su Nan was worried. “What should we do now? Old Li, I am the one who caused this trouble…”

“Stop worrying. I said I’ll take revenge for you.” Li Du turned his head again and looked at Brother Wolf, saying, “Tell your friends that now it’s their application test.”

Brother Wolf rarely smiled, but he did now. He said, “They are always ready.”

The boss had obviously gone to call someone. He had been on the phone for more than ten minutes when several modified motorcycles and cars roared up to the hotel and a group of strong black men got off with sullen expressions.

Six big, strong men came up to them, and then one of them ran into the leading black man.

The black man grabbed him and pushed him back angrily, raised his leg and wanted to kick the man.

As soon as he did so, the six bodyguards, without saying a word, slipped their belts off, wrapped them around their fists, and darted off into the crowd.

Unlike ordinary street fighters, the bodyguards did not fight on their own. They worked together, marched in and out of the fight, and someone shouted a command.

The big black men were street fighting veterans, but their opponents were often young street boys, working with nothing but brute force. No street fighting group had such a systematic fighting way.

Although there were bigger men around, six or seven times as many, the parking lot was full of cars and the space was too small for them to spread. Therefore, the six bodyguards were able to attack and defend and find ways to beat their opponents up.

In a few deft moves, the big black men were thrown down to the ground, howling.

The more they tried to resist, the faster they got hit. The six bodyguards worked well together and were highly skilled. The ones who were beaten up all fell to the ground and lost heir attacking ability.

When the fight was about to end, a few dozen people saw the situation was not on their side and fled with their motorcycles…

The motel owner, who was originally excited and wanted to go out and welcome them, was shocked to see the scene. Shivering, he turned around and said to Li Du, “China guy, you had gotten yourself into trouble, and you are going to regret this!”