Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Change Your Target

The police came from the stations pretty quickly. Li Du had held off the few youths for about five to six minutes, and then the police vehicles arrived.

Rose, in her uniform, rushed over with her team. They then began collecting evidence and statements.

The gist of the incident was soon pieced together. These youths were not local; they had just moved here from Las Vegas not too long ago. Sometimes at night, they would get together to smoke some weed, and this time they decided to stir up some trouble after getting high.

The day after seeing Sophie and the rest come to the community center for some charity medical services, the youths thought that the doctors had money and that the medical equipment was valuable too. Adding that they had some foul intentions toward Sophie, they decided to rob the center tonight.

The painful cries that occurred before Sophie broke the window and escaped were the result of some of the youths beating up two doctors. Sophie had to run because the youth with the gun wanted to rape her.

It was a good thing that Li Du had rushed over in time, and that he was able to deal with the situation. His nimble actions had held off those youths; if not for him, the night would have ended in tragedy.

The teenagers were sent to the station, and Rose said with disgust, "The residents of Flagstaff are devoted to God. Since that is so, why didnt God take this trash away?"

"Maybe even Hell doesnt want to be polluted by them," Li Du scoffed. "Those b*stards souls have already decayed."

Rose nodded and said, "But you did greathow did you hold those b*stards off? We found another two guns with them."

Li Du was also lucky. Before, he was worried that those youths still had guns on them, and thus took the risk to cut the pistol into pieces with the water jet cutter.

The power of the water jet cutter was limitless. It was really a shocking sight to behold when the pistol had been shredded.

He was describing what he had done to Rose when Hans came over and gave him a push. "Idiot, are you still planning to make a second statement? Go and take care of your little girlfriend. Dont you see that shes so frightened shes crying?"

Li Du really hadnt known. Following Hans, they went out of the station and saw that Sophie was sobbing at the back of the truck.

Hans narrowed his eyes at Li Du and said, "Remember: a kiss and a hug. Make her feel safe. God gave us small eyes, noses, and ears, with one exception: a big mouth. Its because the mouth has many functions, and out of all of them, kissing is the most important!"

Li Du creased his eyebrows and said, "Bullsh*t."

"Sh*t, what do you know? With just a hug, a quarrel can be resolved. With a kiss, theres no need to talk. Remember, fewer words, more action, so do itwith love!"

Li Du gave him the middle finger and then proceeded to open the door. Sophie heard the opening of the door and shuddered in fright. Raising her head and seeing that it was Li Du, she relaxed and tried her best to calm herself down.

Li Du passed her a paper towel. "Here, wipe your tears. Dont be afraid, Im here."

"Thank you," Sophie sniffed, "I dont understandwhy would this happen? We were there to help them, so why? Why would they do that? Doesnt God want us to help one another?"

With implications of morals and religion, Li Du wasnt sure how to answer, and could only say, "This world is cruel, Sophie. Some people are just bad."

The female doctor said, "I know, Im not some 10-year-old girl anymore. Ive seen the cruelties of this world. I was once an intern in Syria, and my teacher was a war medic. But, we were there to help them. How could they treat our kindness like this?"

Seeing her slightly trembling figure from the sobbing, Li Du thought about what Hans had said. He reached out his arms to hug her and said, "Perhaps this would"

But he had only spoken a few words when Sophie was so taken aback by the embrace that she pushed him away with a heavy shove. She screamed and said, "Dont, dont do this!"

Li Du was also shockedhe didnt expect Sophie to have such a strong rejection of thisand things turned awkward.

Sophie stared at him, eyes widened; her lips moved a few times to try to say something, but in the end, she didnt say anything.

Li Du smiled awkwardly and said, "I just wanted to help you feel better."

Sophie hung her head down. The atmosphere turned even more awkward. He rubbed his nose in embarrassment and then left the truck.

Seeing that he came out, Hans, who was squatting at the roadside and having a smoke, said in surprise, "What are you doing outside?"

"To accompany you, seeing that youre lonely and all," Li Du tried to lie his way out.

Hans showed him his phone. "Im talking to girls; theres already two ladies that are waiting for me."

"F*ck you!"

Hans asked, "So what happened? Why did you come out so fast?"

Li Du told him what had happened. Hans thought for a bit after listening, and said, "If you have feelings for Sophie, then just be friends. You cant be lovers or husband and wife change your target."

"Who said that I want her to be my lover?" Mr. Li rolled his eyes.

Hans said in disdain, "In front of this Saint of Love, do you think a baby like you can fool me?"

Mr. Li was depressed. "Alright, I admit that I do have some feelings for Dr. Sophie, but Ive never thought that I must be with her."

Hans said, "Thats good. She doesnt have that kind of feelings for you like a lover would, or else, with such an outstanding performance at saving her, when you consoled her when she was frightenedeven if she doesnt dive into your chest by herselfshe wouldnt have rejected your embrace."

Li Du nodded despondently. Truth to be told, such a result after plucking up his courage to act, he felt quite depressed.

Hans said, "Alright, shes not the one for you, but there are plenty of other girls waiting for you, like, say"

"Like, say, Hannah," Li Du said as he rolled his eyes.

Hans shook his head and said, "Not HannahI dont know whats going on in her head, but she really did fall in love with that guy, Stephen. For you, your landlady isnt so bad. She has a nice pair of legs. Those are perfect, my brother"

As he said this, Hans made a really disgusting expression.

Li Du almost brought out the jet cutter to cut him.

It was late in the night, and the incident was resolved. The youths were charged with armed robbery, illegal possession of guns and drugs, violence, and attempted rape. With these charges, they were guaranteed a long time in prison.

Before separating, Rose smiled and said, "The one in the worst shape was the guy that was kicked by you. That poor b*stardGod bless that he still has the ability to control his bladder."

Li Dus kick was merciless, and with Ah Meow taking the chance to claw his face, he was under emergency care in the hospital.

The other two doctors that had been involved came to give their thanks to Li Du and the rest. Before driving off, they asked Sophie, "Let us send you to where your parents are, alright?"

Sophie hesitated for a moment and said, "I want to ride in Li Dus caris that ok?"

Li Du said, "Sure, its on the way anyway."

The car started, and Sophie sat in the back. She wanted to pet Ah Meow, but Ah Meow deftly avoided her hand, and went into Mr. Lis embrace and nuzzled into him. Ah Meow even rubbed its oval face on Li Dus chest.

Hans said, "Wow, what a caring child."

Li Du laughed; when he had been consoling Sophie, Ah Meow had been watching. It probably understood that Sophie rejected his good intentions, and was being angry for his sake.

From that, Li Du felt that it was worth it caring for this wild child.

They reached the parking lot of Sophies apartment. The truck stopped, and Sophie said, "Hey, Im home."

"Well be here, and well only leave after you enter your home, so dont be afraid," Li Du smiled and said, displaying some gentlemanliness to remind her that he wasnt distancing himself.

Sophie said, "Can you walk me back? I I have something to say to you."