Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 120

Chapter 120: The Dominator Meow

The two got out of the car. "Its been hours, but I havent given you my thanks. Li, thank you. If it werent for you today, my life would have been ruined," Sophie said.

"Dont say that. Firstly, that was something I should have done, because you called me. Secondly, we should always stay strong, so that nothing in life will be able to beat us down," Li said.

Sophie let out a tired sigh. "You dont understand me, Li. I dont know how to say this to you Oh, and thank you for that hug. Im sorry I overreacted, but Ive never done that with a man before."

Li kept silent. He was trying to understand what those words meant.

Sophie lowered her head, and two locks of her hair drooped down. Under the silvery moonlight, they glowed softly and magnificently.

"Since I was young, my parents and I have dedicated ourselves to God. God decrees that we keep our body pure. In my life, I had never hugged a man. Is that weird?" she asked self-mockingly.

Li Du hurriedly shook his head. "What kind of joke is that? How is that weird? That is an example of a proper lady. In fact, in China, thats how our good women are."

Sophie said, "Thank you. I understand what you meant just now. You want to console me, but I wasnt ready. Sorry. Anyway, it wasnt because I disliked what you did. In my eyes, youre a reliable friend!"

Li Du smiled. "No need for explanations. I understand. If you didnt think that, you wouldnt have called me."

Hearing that, Sophie carefully raised her head and looked at him. "Is that so? Then can I explain to you the reason why I called you?"

"Its not that you just randomly called someone?" Li Du said with a dry laugh.

"No, no. Of course not," Sophie took out her phone and said. "I couldnt dial 9-1-1 in time, and your name was on the very top of my contact list because Ive saved your name in Chinese."

Li Du glanced. The first contact was apparently his name in Chinese characters.

Sophie continued, "I didnt dare to call the cops. It wasnt just because I couldnt dial 9-1-1, but because I was using the hands-free when I was reporting my whereabouts. If the cops took the call, they would ask for confirmation. If those people knew that I called the cops, I think they would kill me!"

"Good thing that I reacted fast enough, right?" Li Du asked jokingly.

Sophie gave a beautiful smile. "Thank God, yes. When I called, I was praying to God: Dont let him speak, let him understand what I mean. In the end, you did it, and you saved me."

Li Du blinked. What did that have to do with God?

But since he couldnt argue about such a religious topic, he changed the conversation. "You wanted me to drive you here for this?"

Sophie said, "Yes. I wanted to explain why I pushed you away, because I didnt want you to misunderstand. I dont want to lose our friendship. Were friends, right?"

"Of course were friends. Youre too sensitive. How could that have affected our friendship?"

Sophie lightly sighed. "Yes, Im sensitive. Sorry, Ive never wanted to have much contact with men. They all said I was weird. My friends are few, so I dont want to lose any more of them."

Seeing her melancholy, Li Du felt that she was kind of pitiful. But the female doctors purity gave him a favorable impression instead.

Returning to the car, Hans asked him what they had talked about.

Li Du explained briefly. Hans thought for a bit and said, "Sh*t, I forgot. Sophie always seemed to be a very faithful Christian. You shouldnt have hugged her."

"F*ck you! Who told me to do that?"

"Sorry brother, I miscalculated," Hans snickered.

"You dont seem to be sorry though!" Li Du said angrily.

"Of course, and at least now I know that youre definitely aiming for Sophie," Hans laughed heartily.

"Die, b*stard!"

Ah Meow heard Li Du, and flashed its claws menacingly at Hans. "Meowwww!"

Hans stared at it in annoyance. "What are you growling at me for? If you have the guts, then go growl at those strays outside. If you have the guts, go dominate the pet world in Flagstaff, and then Ill respect you!"

That was meant to be a joke, but the next day Li Du realized that Ah Meow seemed to have taken it seriously.

Pine Tree Tops was a middle-class district. There were many households with pets. Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, Huskies, Siamese cats, Russian Blue cats, orange Tabbies

The district had many patches of greenery. There were fields, gardens and small forests. Many households would let their pets out. Whenever the weather was nice, there would be pets everywhere.

In the morning, Li Du went out for a run. Ah Meow followed behind him in high spirits. Once he opened the door, he saw a Husky chewing his lawn until its mouth turned green.

Li Du recognized this dog; it was called General Kim.

When it saw General Kim, Ah Meows eyes suddenly dilated; it opened its mouth and growled, "Meowww!"

Either it didnt hear Ah Meow, or it pretended it didnt hear, and continued chewing on the lawn.

With that, Ah Meow then went over, gave an agile leap and landed on General Kims back. A few movements from its front claws and there was dog fur floating around the air.

General Kim whined in pain, and then lied on the ground with its four legs up as if it were dead.

Li Du jumped in panic, and quickly ran over to separate Ah Meow away, shouting, "Sh*t, General, are you ok? Oh no it cant be, Ah Meow, you killed it? This is bad!"

He hastily tried to revive the Husky. In the end, the Husky was fine; its heart was still beating normally. Just that the four limbs were frozen stiff, its eyes were shut and unmoving.

Li Du felt his balls clench. Didnt this mean that CPR was needed? What happened to the dog? Was it in shock?

As he pondered, the unmoving Husky suddenly got up and sprinted off to flee.

Li Du had a dumbfounded face. He still didnt understand what had just happened to the dog. Huskies were true to their reputation for being natural jokers.

He had just left the entrance of his home when two Golden Retriever puppies came running over loudly.

Seeing the Golden Retrievers, Ah Meow joined in again. It ran over to block their path, with its tail raised up straight like a flag pole. "Meowww, meowww!"

The Golden Retriever was a friendly breed, but they were very playing during their puppy age. When Ah Meow went to block their path, they thought it was playing with them, so they ran toward Ah Meow so they could all play together.

With a dance of Ah Meows claws, a cross-swipe attack was made, and the air was once again flying with Golden Retriever fur. The two puppies were in pain, their eyes watery with tears, and they ran away with their tails between their legs, whimpering non-stop.

Li Du was stunned. Had Ah Meow gone mad? Attacking on sight?

He quickly scooped Ah Meow up and ran onto a side road. The owner of the retrievers was coming.

On the side road, there were cherry blossom trees on both sides. A fat orange Tabby cat was under the trees, staring at a bird on the branch, salivating. Its eyes were glistening and bright.

Ah Meows eyes also glistened, and it jumped out from Li Dus embrace, leaping toward the tabby cat.