Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Showing The Cards

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Valerie had not spoken loudly, but her words were like a bomb dropped. They made a deafening impact!

“Wow, Big Li has joined the Million Dollar Club?”

“Is that true? That is astounding news. It’s the Million Dollar Club! How long has it even been since he joined the trade?”

“What’s so surprising about that? He is Big Li. Don’t you guys know? He has helped a few others to become members of the Hundred Thousand Dollar club.”

“When did such a capable guy appear? Tell me, tell me. I’ve been in Chicago the entire year, I didn’t know about this.”

Discussions broke out around them and the treasure hunters started to talk fervently.

The Mexican man, Hernando, looked surprised and said, “You gotta be kidding me. He… he is in the Million Dollar Club?”

With the gold he found hidden in the car and the Birds of America, Li Du had indeed managed to join the Million Dollar Club.

He felt that it was a little premature. In fact, he had yet to receive the money for Birds of America. There was a chance that the Audubon Society might go back on their offer. Hence, his status as a member of the Million Dollar Club was not entirely legitimate.

However, it was still only a matter of time. Either way, Li Du was advancing in the direction of joining the club anyway.

Chief Bill had only promoted him that afternoon, but now he was already an official member. It was truly magical.

Hearing Hernando’s doubts, Chief Bill stood up and grinned. He said, “Actually, I’ve been preparing to announce it later tonight. It is a joyous occasion. This year, we have two new members of the Million Dollar Club in Arizona.”

Conrad Anthony’s face paled. He stared straight at Li Du, face twisted with anger and jealousy. His glare was so strong that it was as though he was shooting daggers at Li Du.

George Anthony looked calm, but both his hands gripped the armrests of his seat. The veins on the back of his hands protruded. It was apparent that he felt just like his son.

Now that Bill had confirmed the information, Hernando became speechless.

He wanted to argue but did not know what to say. He could only mumble, “D*mnit. He… he… he… oh hell. This… this… this…”

Li Du looked at Hernando curiously. Then he turned to Bill and asked, “Hey, Chief, is this something you planned? Is this guy cosplaying as a recorder?”

Hearing that, the treasure hunters around him broke into laughter. Most of them added fuel to the fire and said, “This New York dude is such an embarrassment.”

Bill waved his hands. “No, I did not arrange for this.”

In his heart, Bill loathed Hernando. Of course, he knew that the mastermind must have been George Anthony. George had wanted to make Li Du look bad but had not expected that he would embarrass himself instead.

The conflict between the Anthonys and Li Du was not a secret in Arizona. Bill was naturally aware of that.

He had not been the one to invite Hernando. He had invited George Anthony, who had, in turn, invited all the New York treasure hunters.

However, Anthony would not invite just any random guy. Those that he invited would at the very least be official members of the Million Dollar Club. Hence, it was not too bad to have those people as guests at the big party.

The only mistake Bill made was not expecting Hernando to be so ruthless. Hernando had struck in his presence. That was equivalent to not giving him any respect.

In fact, he had given Valerie permission to speak up just now. He had been mad because Hernando and the Anthonys were making a scene, and he had also wanted to improve his relationship with Li Du.

Although the Anthonys started out in Arizona, they had now migrated to New York. If only from that point, Li Du was considered closer to him than the Anthonys.

Li Du wriggled his fingers at Hernando, gesturing him to get up. He said, “Come on, New York dude, give up your seat. I will take yours.”

Hernando did not have the power to continue pitting himself against Li Du. With a pale face, he shifted to the next seat in the row.

Li Du held him back and pointed to the row behind him. He said, “Where are you going? Go sit there.”

Hernando suppressed his anger and asked, “What do you mean?”

Li Du said, “I feel that I’m the gatekeeper of this row of seats. These are seats reserved for the Million Dollar Club. Are you a member of the Million Dollar Club?”

Hernando did not put up a fight. He knew that he would only embarrass himself further. Hence, he looked at the Anthonys and then walked to sit behind Li Du with a solemn look.

Hernando wanted to find a random seat. However, Playboy, who was beside him, stood up and spoke up. “I am a small country bumpkin in Flagstaff. How can I sit beside a big shot from New York? I need to change my seat.”

Hernando’s face took on an even more terrible look.

The event had not even officially started and such a thing had already happened. The drama was just what the treasure hunters had been yearning for. Hence, just like that, the atmosphere tensed.

After that, no other major mishaps took place. Bill kept things under control and had the event going as planned.

When everyone stood up to leave, there was no shortage of people pointing at Hernando and gossiping.

Hernando felt angry and embarrassed. Without lingering around, he walked to the carpark and made to drive off immediately.

George Anthony gave chase and said a few words to Hernando, who ended up staying behind.

The big party lasted three days. In those three days, the treasure hunters took over half of Riverdale. Everyone let themselves loose, feasted and drank to their heart’s content.

Li Du, too, hung out with the treasure hunters and met many new people.

He was not an expert in such social dealings. Hans had usually handled most of it. However, this time Li Du hardly saw Hans, who must have gone in pursuit of the lovely Barbara Bryan.

On the second day, the cross-country truck racing competition started.

The geographical location of Riverdale was very advantageous. It had a river valley swamp on the periphery, a forest grassland, and a northwest direction that was close to the Grand Canyon National Park. There was plenty of green trees and grassland.

Not too far to the southeast, there was the usual desert terrain in Arizona.

The race was to take place there. The land was wide and the roads were tough. Although trucks were huge and heavy, they would not run into any problem in such terrain.

The racing had attracted many people, including the local residents. That was because the race was just like horse betting, with everyone making stakes on the winners.

It was morning and the sun shone brightly.

Some of the drivers have already started their trucks and made honking noises. They were getting ready to travel to the starting point of the race.

Li Du turned back and asked, “Where’s Big Fox? Is he not coming back?”

Playboy drove over in his car, still the same fiery red Ferrari. Hearing Li Du’s words, he popped his head out of the window, removed his shades and said, “Has he made progress with the lady? I must have underestimated this guy. He’s really good at this.”

Li Du shook his head. “Hope that he won’t land himself in any trouble.”

They got on the car and followed along the cinder road. After some time, the greens changed into a landscape of yellow and brown desert. Many cars were traveling in that direction.