Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Play Dirty

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Returning to his room, Li Du asked Hans and the others, “What is going to be auctioned in warehouse no.103?Why do they want it so badly? Go and find out.”

Hans said, “Well, I know one of the storekeepers at Macy’s. I can get some information from him.”

Li Du nodded and said, “Let’s find out what’s in that warehouse. The local gang must have something up their hands if they want to get hold of it. Let’s see what we can do about it.”

Brother Wolf said coldly, “Boss, you work as usual, they would not dare to do anything. Otherwise, I have a way to kill the head of the gang without anybody knowing.”

“Chief, we don’t have to do it ourselves. I’ve got a couple of guys from Ukraine,” Big Ivan said casually. “Half a million bucks per head and they’ll do a clean job.”

Li Du smiled and said, “It is not necessary, we’ll see how it goes.”

It was already very late at that time. The auction would begin the day after tomorrow, he had enough time to find out all about the warehouse, so he was not planning to do anything that day. After chasing Brother Wolf and the others out of the room, he hugged Sophie and slept.

The next morning, after Li Du got up, he went out with Brother Wolf, Firecracker, Madman and Big Ivan and drove to the warehouse company of Macy’s in the suburbs.

It was a large company with hundreds of warehouses, large and small, storing a huge number of goods.

Big companies like Macy’s had lots of good stuff in their warehouses and were not stupid enough to leave all their inventory to the treasure hunters.


The warehouses they auctioned off were filled with items found in the sales process, returned or replaced items it was too late to dispose of, recycled stuff and so on.

These goods could not be sold directly, they would have to be returned to the factory for repair or be professionally refurbished. Therefore, it would be troublesome to deal with them.

Whenever a local department store went bust, similar junk would be disposed of locally, and what could be sold directly would be released at a discount or left for a warehouse auction.

Because most of the goods in the department store were of high value, the guards at the warehouse here were so diligent that Li Du could not get in. He could only stroll around outside.

He let the little bug out and first went to warehouse 103. The sudden approach of the Eagle Beak Gang puzzled him, and he did not know why they were after him.

Warehouse 103 was a small warehouse with some cabinets, some of them disorderly, spread with advertisement posters of Tiffany, LV, Cartier, Chow Tai Fook, Navy Mystery, Estee Lauder, Barbie B, and other luxury brands.

These were the showcases of luxury companies, still with their logos, but of course, they were empty now, without any trace of the countless treasures they had once contained.

Some of the display cases had doors open below, and Li Du noticed that one of them belonged to an iron box that looked like a safe. Seeing this, he let the little bug fly into the safe and saw a lot of precious metal jewelry inside.

There was gold jewelry, platinum and silver jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and even anklets.

There were some problems with all the jewelry, such as broken necklaces, bent bracelets or discolored earrings, etc. Some paper sheets outside the safe carried a description of the jewelry inside.

Despite these small defects, the value of the jewels was still considerably high. Li Du estimated they were worth as much as $200,000 or $300,000 in gold and silver alone.

At the sight of the jewelry, he knew at once what the Eagle Beak Gang wanted.

On closer inspection, however, he noticed something was wrong with the jewelry. Some of the gold bracelets were very uneven in color.

Therefore, he arranged the little bug to fly into the jewelry, and then saw these so-called gold bracelets had something fishy about them… they were black inside!

The little bug then ventured into other jewelry, coming up with similar results. The insides of the jewels were all black.

At once, Li Du realized that this was gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry, not real precious metals.

Then he wondered why Macy’s had fake jewelry in their warehouse. That was not Macy’s way of doing things!

He thought about it and turned back time to see what had happened.

As scenes emerged, everything was clearly visible. He saw the production of the fake jewels and how they were brought here. Interestingly, in the process, he saw some familiar faces.

George Anthony, it was George Anthony again!

Thinking about this and trying to put this together, Li Du set the little bug up to continue searching inside the display case and saw another safe.

There were some more pieces of jewelry in the safe, studded with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, turquoise stones, and so on.

Unlike the previous safe, this one had its door ajar, and a few jewels fell out, exposing half of the safe’s contents.

Needless to say, this stuff was all fake too!

Li Du thought this matter was getting interesting. He touched his chin and tried to figure out what was going on from the scene he saw when he reversed the time.

Someone tried to play dirty. He was the target.

He put the matter on hold while he continued to control the little bug and searched the warehouse.

All warehouses in total occupied a wide range, and there was a certain limit of distance the little bug could cover. Thus, he could not see all the warehouses. Li Du had strolled around the warehouses, and only the middle ones were left out. He would check on them during the auction.

Among these, he found several very good warehouse with some valuable things. Li Du could make a profit if he bid on them.

After leaving the warehouse, he called Hans and said, “Remember what we talked about in my room last night? Well, I have a plan. You said you knew someone in this warehouse. Is that true?”

“If you are willing to throw money out, you would have people you know in any warehouse, depending on the price you give them,” said Hans.

Li Du smiled and said, “Ok, then you find an acquaintance, go to the warehouse 103 and take a look. Inquire about the situation inside and keep in touch with me.”

Leaving the warehouse company, he first went to find a restaurant to grab a bite. His energy was severely depleted since he had used the little bug the whole morning. He felt hungry and dizzy.

While he was eating, Hans called and said, “I found a guy who wants quite a sum in cash. He said there are good things in the warehouse.”

“How much does he want?”

“For two thousand, he can give me some photos, and for five thousand, he could let us go in and have a look, but we can’t touch anything, because the warehouse has been photographed and documented.”

Li Du wiped his mouth and said, “Very well. Give him five thousand dollars and tell him I’ll go in and have a look.”