Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Veterans Storage

With that, Li Dus morning exercise plan was ruined.

The fat orange Tabby had poor feral instincts compared to its kind, and was also not as durable as dogs. The moment Ah Meow rushed up the tree, it leaped at the Tabby. On landing, the cat rode right to the top with Ah Meow on its back. Thankfully, Ah Meow did not flatten it.

It was lucky that Li Du managed to catch up and pry Ah Meow off, or else the life of the fat orange cat would have been over.

"Whats wrong with you? Why did you turn so violent? Are you trying to be a warmonger?" Li Du glared at Ah Meow.

Ah Meow clawed menacingly at a Samoyed dog that was a distance away. "Meowwww!"

A man came by from the side. When he saw the scene, he said, "Could your cat have gotten rabies?"

Li Du said unpleasantly, "This child is healthy, without a doubt."

Ah Meow continued its hostile rage. There was no choice: he had to bring this ocelot back home.

Rose was off-duty, watching TV on the sofa with her legs crossed. At the same time, she was cleaning her pistol.

When Ah Meow returned home, it was still unwilling to settle down, jumping and running everywhere. A lion appeared on the TV coincidentally. Ah Meow was fearless and began raging at the TV.

Rose creased her eyebrows and said, "Whats wrong with the ocelot?"

"Probably went crazy," Li Du said tiredly.

"Oh, put it to sleep then," As the long-legged female cop said, she raised her pistol.

Ah Meow had seen the power of those guns. When the muzzle was pointed at it, Ah Meow immediately behaved. It meowed twice and then scurried toward Li Du.

Li Du was scared too, and quickly raised his hands and said, "Lets talk things out, we know each other, dont shoot!"

Rose laughed. "I was just scaring it. I wouldnt shoot."

Li Du gave a dry laugh. Guns are weapons of murder. How could she just use it to scare for fun?

But the method did work. After the long-legged beauty pointed the gun at it, Ah Meow had become much more behaved.

In the afternoon, Sophie called. Li Du asked, "Hi, whats up?"

Sophie smiled lightly and said, "Oh, nothing. But I dont think that should be something that stops us from talking, right?"

Li Du said, "Of course, I wasnt really thinking much. How are you?"

Sophie said, "My colleague has calmed me down. I feel much better now. Actually, I did have something to tell you. Haha, sorry, I just wanted to make fun of you."

Li Du said with a bitter laugh, "Its fine, since Im just an honest man and all."

"I dont believe you. My mom said that there are no honest men," the female doctor said.

But after saying those words, she felt that the topic was going in a weird direction. She quickly changed the conversation, "I wanted to ask whether youre free this weekend."

"I should be free. Whats up?"

"Its like this: we met with something bad at Bones community. Some of the residents there feel apologetic, so they want to have a party for us to make us feel better."

"Thats nice. I havent really attended many parties yet," Li Du said. "Are you inviting me to the party?"

Sophie said in an apologetic tone, "Sorry, we cant invite you to this party."

Li Dus lip twitched slightly. That made things awkward.

The female doctor quickly continued, "Because the party was canceled. I wont attend, the colleagues wont attend, so you cant also, right?"

Li Du said with a bitter laugh, "Right, why was it canceled?"

"Our hospital felt that just a simple party would be meaningless. Were planning to learn from you guys, to organize a party as a charity event. There will be some activities to raise funds for the health care for that community," Sophie explained.

"So thats how its going to be," Li Du said.

"Yes, I wanted to invite you to this charity event. Maybe you would like to show up for it?" the female doctor asked in a cheeky tone.

Li Du had always thought the female doctor was a kind and simple lady. It seemed that he was wrong. This lady was kind but was also full of surprises.

He accepted the invite to the party, and then the conversation died. For a full ten seconds, there was no sound.

Sophie decided to talk first: "Hello, was the line cut?"

Li Du hurriedly said, "Oh, no. I was thinking about how I should continue the conversation, but I couldnt think of anything."

Sophie was amused. A melodious voice came from the phone: "Youre very honest."

"Thats one of my best qualities," Li Du also laughed.

Sophie said, "Well how about now? Can you think of anything to talk about? I can help youwe can talk about Ah Meow."

Hearing that, Li Du felt annoyed again. "I dont want to talk about itthat wild child. I dont know what happened to it today. It turned hostile to all the other animals."

Sophie said with a smile, "I think I know why. Its probably because it has started to mature and turned territorial. You should help it mark out its territory."

As they talked about Ah Meow, the conversation flowed, and almost lasted an hour before finishing the call.

Right when he hung up, Hans called. He started complaining the moment he opened his mouth to speak. "I say, what happened to you? Who were you making such a long, romantic call with? Is it your favorite doctor?"

Li Du was aghast. That *ssholes instincts were pretty accurate.

But he didnt want to tell the truth, so he asked back, "Whyd you call? What do you want?"

Hans said, "To invite you to meet some girls. What else?"

"Officer Rose is right beside me."

Hearing that, Hans immediately wised up. "D*mn! I was just kidding! In fact, I wanted to tell you to rest up today. The day after tomorrow, there will be another storage auction. Tomorrow we will rush over to look."

"Wheres the place? Can we make it tomorrow?"

"Smith Storage Company. Weve been there before; its close."

Li Du nodded. This storage company was one of the largest in Flagstaff. Every ten days at most half a monththere would be an auction due to unclaimed units.

The next day they met up. They drove toward the storage company.

On the way, Li Du asked, "Whats in the storage this time?"

Hans said, "There are a total of four storage units. Two are veteran units, and the other two are hostel units. Whats exactly there, I dont have any information on it. But we can expect something valuable."

The veteran storage unit was a small one; about 32 square feet.

Li Du approached the storage unit and let out the bug. The items in there appeared in his vision.

There was nothing of much value in the storage; mainly some run-down household products, tables, and benches, and disused household appliances.

From this unit, he could not find things that represented the owners veteran status. There were no weapons, army gear, or anything else related to the army. It seemed more like a place a homeless person lived in, with lots of trash.

The bug passed through the wall and went to next door. From the looks of it, this was similar to the previous unit. However, in a corner, there were two wooden chests.

Li Du still didnt see anything valuable around, so he moved the bug into the chests.

The first chest was full of toilet paper, with rolls and rolls stuffed into the chest. Those were also worthless, but the second chest was a hit. What was inside gave him goosebumps!