Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 Planning A Trap

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Some hours later, night fell and it got dark.

Li Du went back to the warehouse. Hans and a young African American man waited at the door.

The stranger was about twenty-five years old, with afro hair and a suit of Macy’s blue overalls.

After meeting Li Du, the man said, “Only one person is allowed in. We have strict security here, I could not take more people in.”

Hans said, “I will not go in the warehouse. I will only go into the compound with you. Is that all right?”

The young man shook his head and Li Du said, “I will give you five hundred more, and my friend will follow us into the door.”

The man flipped and mumbled, “Take a quick look.”

Hans took out a roll of cash and gave it to the man, who checked it and turned around, saying, “Follow me.”

They entered the warehouse by the last light of the setting sun.

They were already walking inside when an electric patrol car came towards them.

The African American guy was so nervous that he whispered, “Don’t talk. Don’t say anything.”

There were two big black men in the electric patrol car. They were joking and laughing When they saw the three of them, they slowed down and one man asked, “McRae, Who are these two? They look unfamiliar.”

The guy who accompanied them laughed and said, “I’m just showing these two new guys around to get them familiar with the working environment.”

The other man curled his lip and said, “Huh, they are still hiring? Why hire when the company had gone bankrupt?”

McRae said, “Who knows? The company’s arrangement, you see, is that the warehouse has to be guarded from now on, right? Presumably, that’s what they are hiring for. Forget it. I don’t have time to talk to you right now. I’ll see you later.”


As the three men moved on, McRae got nervous. “Come on, be quick, damn it. If these two guys go back and ask our supervisor, they’ll know the warehouse isn’t hiring.”

Li Du nodded and said, “OK, I know.”

At the door of warehouse 103, McRae looked around, pulled out a bunch of keys and opened the door.

At last, he admonished, “Don’t touch anything, got it? You’re treasure hunters, right? You should know the warehouses that have been photographed must not be touched!”

Before the warehouse went up for auction, it would be photographed and preserved.

The photos were taken when the warehouse was ready for auction, and had time stamps on them.

When one bid for a warehouse, they could ask the warehouse company for photos to monitor the things inside and check whether someone moved anything in the warehouse.

If some of the contents turned out to be missing, the treasure hunter could ask for a refund.

Li Du went into the warehouse, and McRae followed him, staring at his every move.

The flashlight lit up the warehouse, and the pieces of jewelry shimmered, but unfortunately, they were blocked by the colored flyers, so it was just a flash and not a clear view.

Li Du noticed the jewelry and wanted to get closer to take a look.

McRae pulled him back, shook his head and said, “You’ve got something under your feet. Don’t go further or you could accidentally touch them.”

“I’ll be careful. I’m curious about what’s inside. It’s important to me.” said Li Du.

“If it is important to you,” McRae said firmly, “Then you can take down the warehouse and get it. You stand here and don’t touch anything. That’s our agreement!”

Li Du had to compromise. He tried his best to lean forward and tilt the beam of light to the safe.

Outside, a car honked and appeared around the corner.

Seeing this, McRae got nervous again and ran outside to have a look. He came back and took Li Du by the arm. “We have to leave now. My supervisor came back. Damn, why is he back so early?”

Li Du complained, “Hey, I just had a minute…”

“I’ll make it up to you. Let’s go, or you won’t be able to join the damn auction tomorrow. If you get caught, you would have worse consequences than I,” McRae said anxiously.

Li Du was frustrated but could not object.

He took one final look at the safe using his flashlight, and then turned on the flash mode, snapped a photo on his phone, and said, “Let’s go.”

McRae quickly closed the warehouse door and said, “Let’s get out of here quickly.”

They hastened to the door when a voice said, “McRae, who are you with?”

“Oh, two repairmen, there’s something wrong with the drain in the warehouse kitchen, it’s been fixed.” McRae smiled, then opened the door and winked at them.

Out of the warehouse, McRae breathed a sigh of relief. “That was close, damn it. We were an inch from being caught.”

“We paid six thousand dollars and stayed in for a minute?”

“I told you, I’ll make it up to you,” said McRae.

He took out his phone and sent Hans a picture, saying, “This is also from warehouse 103. You should know what this is.”

It was an open safe with gold and silver jewelry.

Li Du was suddenly short of breath and said, “God, is this gold jewelry?”

“As you can see, this warehouse is definitely worth bidding for,” shrugged McRae.

Li Du blurted out, “This is impossible, how can these things be left behind? Is Macy’s crazy? They left Vicente, Zenith Badge, Marlena in warehouse 77, and there are so many jewels in warehouse 103, what are they doing?”

Upon hearing this, McRae froze and asked, “What did you say? What about warehouse 77?”

Li Du hurriedly changed the subject and said, “Nothing. I want to say, how can there be gold jewelry in warehouse 103? If someone took pictures, it means they found this stuff. Why would they leave these behind?”

McRae smiled. “Because it’s not the high-eyed bureaucrats of the company who found the jewelry. It’s our colleague.”

“Then why don’t you take them for yourself?”

McRae looked at them like they were idiots. “It’s all on record. You can take them, but if they disappear and the company doesn’t find them, they’ll know it’s our warehouse keepers who took the stuff. How dare we touch it?”

“Then you could bid for them yourself,” said Li Du.

McRae shook his head. “No, we could make money using the other way.”

At this point, he laughed and smirked.

“What other way?” asked Li Du.

McRae shook his head and said, “It’s time for you to go.”

“You have sold the information, haven’t you?”

“I’m not saying anything. Anyway, if you want to bid for this warehouse, it would be difficult because there are already a few who know about this stuff,” McRae said with a smirk.