Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Everyones the Boss

In the latter half of May, Smith Storage Co. once again began having auctions.

As they had a good grasp of the treasure hunting business in Flagstaff, Li Du and Hans did not go there early. When they arrived, there were already about 20 people chattering outside the storage doors.

Seeing the two, people started to give their greetings.

"Hi, Li, Big Fox. Nice work in Phoenix."

"What attracted you guys here today?"

F*ck, you guys are here. Then Id better leave. I probably wont be able to get anything."

Li Du returned their greetings and said casually, "Theres not a lot of people here today."

Hans nodded and said, "Of course; only four units. There wasnt much news of this either. This kind of auction wouldnt attract many people."

While the two were talking, a treasure hunter that had once drunk with them came over and said, "Guys, wanna go have some fun later?"

Li Du remembered the guy was called Turs. He asked Turs, "Whats the reason to go?"

"The sun is great todayisnt that a good reason?" Turs laughed.

He was about to agree to go, but Hans said, "No, not today, buddy. How about tomorrow? I still have to settle some things today: our sewing machines and water jet cutter."

Turs asked in surprise, "Water jet cutter? You actually got that in Phoenix? Wasnt it just a bunch of sewing machines?"

"Those fools only saw our sewing machines. They didnt see the jet cutter," Hans said proudly.

At that moment, Turs admired them. "You two are really good. That water jet cutter could sell for 100,000 or so, right?"

"Any less than 120,000, and I wont even talk with that person anymore," Hans said coolly.

When he had just finished his words, a voice from a youth came from the side. "Ha, just a water jet cutter. Youre talking as if its a saber from Napoleon."

Li Du turned to the direction of the voice. A well-built youth with hardened facial lines was staring at them in disdain.

When he saw the youth, Turss eyebrow twitched. He then shook his head and left.

Hans rubbed his chin slightly. "Lil Rick? Am I mistaken? Am I really seeing you here in Flagstaff? What happenedI thought you liked big cities that had lots of drinks and women?"

Li Du also touched his chin to ponder. From Turs and Hanss reactions, he could tell that the youth had an unordinary background.

He didnt know much about Turs, but he knew Hans extremely well. What the youth had just said had spited him. If he werent someone with a strong background, Hans would have fought back with worse verbal insults.

The youth Lil Rick scoffed. "Of course Ive made a trip here. If not, Flagstaff would have been taken by you and that foreigner. Have you all forgotten who is the real Treasure Hunting Tycoon of Flagstaff?"

Hearing that, Li Du could not hold in his laughter.

Lil Rick immediately glared at him. "Hi, foreigner, what are you laughing about?"

Li Du waved and said, "No, dont misunderstand. I wasnt laughing at you. Its just that I remember a saying from my hometown. It goes: If idiots gathered in shallow ponds, they would all think they were the boss."

He said this in Chinese, so the rest of the people did not understand.

But everyone was smart enough to guess that it was not something good.

A treasure hunter at the side pulled him a little and said softly, "Lil Rick is Dog Ears Ricks son; dont mess with them. Lets just make money peacefully."

Li Du didnt know who Dog Ears Rick was. But regardless of who he was, he wasnt afraid of them. That Lil Rick was clearing looking for trouble. Li Du wasnt a person who would actively offend others, but he wasnt afraid to retaliate.

Hearing the Chinese saying, Lil Ricks expression darkened. "Hey, foreigner. I couldnt tell that you can speak dog. Bark a few more times, give us a woof, woof."

"Youre pretty good at it yourself," Li Du said with a cold laugh. "Your dads nickname is Dog Ears? Then shouldnt you be called Dogs Mouth?"

The comeback was brutal. Whistles came from the sides.

"Cool, this guy should go on some talk-shows. Hell be on Oprah"

Lil Rick turned his head furiously toward the man and shouted, "Shut up, you idiot!"

Li Du copied Turs and shook his head and left. "Lets gothat guy is crazy. Let him be."

He felt puzzled. They didnt even do anything to him first, so why would he come over and start trouble with them?

Lil Rick was even more enraged. He roared, "Listen up, you two. Dont think that with those few units you picked that you can become the Treasure Hunting Tycoon of Flagstaff. This will always be the territory of my family!"

Li Du said tiredly, "Flagstaffs Treasure Hunting Tycoon? Theres such a title?"

Hans laughed, "There really is. But its not official. Its just something everyone says. In every place there is a Treasure Hunting Tycoon. Everyone wants to be the Treasure Hunting Tycoon."

Li Du said, "If they want to be called the Tycoon, then they should be some kind of outstanding person or hero. With just a million dollars of revenue a year, they can claim to be a Tycoon?"

These were his actual thoughts. To be called the "Tycoon" or the "King" of a business, then they would at least need to be able to control the economy of America; like the Tycoon of Steel, Andrew Carnegie, and the business magnate in energy, George J. Mitchell.

What would a Treasure Hunting Tycoon of Flagstaff be? Li Du felt that it was more like the nickname from a prank.

Hans said, "Its not an insulting term. Its a respectful title everyone gives to a person in this business."

"Yeah, respectful. When I was in grade school, someone was once respectfully called the Tiger of Grade School. In middle school, the most handsome kid was called the Daniel Wu of eighth Grade. In University, the school valedictorian was called the Einstein of the tenth Floor," Li Du said as he rolled his eyes.

Hans laughed loudly.

Originally, Li Du had come to participate in this auction with light feelings. The appearance of Lil Rick had pissed him off, ruining his mood.

The auction was about to begin. Lil Rick went to the front of the crowd. Beside him was someone Li Du and Hans knew: Dog Tail Reginald.

Seeing that Reginald was on friendly terms with Lil Rick, Hans felt enlightened. "Sh*t, no wonder this Lil Rick would appear. It must have been because Dog Tail, that b*stard, triggered things!"

Li Du asked, "Whats the background of this Lil Rick?"

"Hes an idiot, but his father is a good hunter. Dog Ears Joffrey Rick. He has wide connections, always getting info that normal people cant. Hes the best treasure hunter Flagstaff had seen for many years. Everyone had privately admitted that hes the local Treasure Hunting Tycoon."

Li Du said, "Then why didnt we meet him before?"

"Hes a member of the Hundred Thousand club," Hans said. "Now, he primarily hunts in Phoenix and Las Vegas. Flagstaff is too small, with nothing good here, so he doesnt bother with Flagstaff."

Li Du understood now. He and Hans had steady profited and obtained storage units of good quality these past few months. Reginald was probably jealous of their achievements, so he ran to spread some rumors to Ricks father. As a result, Lil Rick had felt pressured into showing them up.

But he didnt care. This Lil Rick looked like a spoiled brat. He was good at talking trash, but when it came to storage auctions, Li Du guessed that he was totally weak.