Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223 Soft And Messy

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Hans told Li Du everything excitedly. In the end, he pouted and said with regret, “It’s too bad we were not there. Otherwise, the entire incident would have been more interesting.”

Li Du said, “Let’s keep a low profile. George Anthony definitely knows who the mastermind is by now. He must hate us to the core. Let’s be careful in the future.”

He was glad that the Eagle Beak Gang had taught the Anthonys a lesson. The motive behind his plot had been to give them a taste of their own medicine. It was just that the Eagle Beak Gang were too vicious in the execution, actually fracturing George Anthony’s ankle.

George Anthony was unlucky!

The entire thing had blown up. George Anthony was now crippled. Judging from his pettiness and evil nature, he must have blamed Li Du and Hans. George Anthony would not let the issue go.

Hans understood that too, but still, he shouted blatantly, “Why? Are you scared?”

“Scared?” Li Du lost his smile. “Who is George Anthony? Can he scare me? I am never afraid of anyone who provoked me. Since they dared to mess with me, I wouldn’t be afraid to dig a deeper grave for them!”

Now that the issue with George Anthony had come to an end, for the time being, he had to deal with the housekeeping company.

Soft Company had gone too far in trespassing on the premises of the expensive villa he had bought. There had not even been an apology from them.

Soft Company had intended to resolve everything simply by cleaning up the villa. Li Du had spoken directly with the operating staff to ban them from entering his house again.

Soft Company could not care less. When they realized that Li Du banned them, they had dropped the case entirely. That drove Li Du mad. He had never met such a shameless company!

Li Du would not take that lying down. However, he did not strike immediately and stayed quiet, waiting for an opportunity.

The opportunity had come quickly. The winter wind had swept across the entire county. The trees and grass flapped and rustled, shaking in the strong gusts of wind.

The best employees of Soft Company were deployed daily to the houses of the county leaders to perform housekeeping duties. The houses were cleaned up well, especially the residence of the county committee secretary.

The country secretary was a lone wolf. He had been sent to the county to take up the responsibility of managing it. He was living alone and had not brought his family along when he moved here.

According to Brother Wolf’s research, the secretary would go to work at seven in the morning each day. The house would be left empty before the cleaner from Soft Company arrived to start the housekeeping work.

However, the cleaner who took care of the secretary’s house was not an ordinary worker. He was actually the boss of Soft Company. His name was Lu Hai Tao and he was a capable and skillful man.

Most of the cleaners had a low social status. They were either nannies or simple domestic workers. However, Lu Hai Tao’s position was more that of a general housekeeper who took care of every aspect of daily living. He gave himself the responsibility of cleaning the secretary’s house and replenishing any necessities. The secretary appreciated him greatly.

Lu Hai Tao was a fast worker and could clean the house within half an hour. When he was done, he would shut the doors and windows and continue with his own work.

After all, he was still the boss of a moderate-scale company. He was rather busy on regular days.

Li Du droved the Passat over to the county leader’s compound and stopped next to a pole. Then he let out the little bug to check on Lu Hai Tao.

Lu Hai Tao was a middle-aged man, lean and tall. He smiled at everyone he met and of course, his smile would be wider if he met someone of a higher status than him.

He opened the door and the windows for ventilation. Lu Hai Tao knew the job well. He cleared the rubbish bins and the ashtrays. Very soon, the house was all clean and orderly. Then, Lu Hai Tao shut the windows and doors before leaving in his car.

He had been doing that job for a couple of months. It was all familiar to him and everything was under his control.

After Lu Hai Tao left, Li Du summoned the little bug back and waited for a moment.

It was around noon when he was sure that no one else would enter the secretary’s home. Then he released the little bug again.

The little bug flew into the living room, which had two huge fish tanks by the door. There were some beautiful fish swimming inside, and also a small faucet to draw new water into the tank.

Li Du found the faucet and let the little bug out to absorb the time energy of it.

The high pressure of the water relied on the aerator to control the flow. When the aerator started to go through wear and tear, it was no longer able to withstand the high pressure of the water. Hence, it broke apart and the water rushed out.

Li Du then let the little bug absorb the time energy of the hinges on the northern and southern windows. Although the rooms in the county secretary’s residence were old, whenever a new leader was elected, the rooms would be renovated again. Hence, the renovations in the house were very well done.

The windows of the secretary’s room were sealed tightly with springs. Once those springs lost their elasticity, slit in the window frame.

That day, the south wind was blowing strongly. As long as there was a slit in the window frame, the window would be thrown open.

The rooms were all unobstructed from south to north. In addition, the south hall and the north kitchen each had a large floor-to-ceiling window. Perhaps because the house was decorated in a modern minimalist style, the design of the kitchen was open.

That was great for Li Du. As the south and north of the house were linked and unobstructed, the northern wind could blow through the house like a trumpet and quickly reduce everything to a chaotic mess.

Li Du had chosen to work on the secretary’s house for a few reasons. First, that house was unoccupied most of the time. Second, the secretary had the habit of working in the living room. There were many documents and files on the living room table.

When the strong wind blew, the neatly stacked documents neatly would be scattered everywhere. Some would even flutter out of the windows.

Besides, the water was still rushing out of the faucet in the fish tank of the living room. The fish tank filled to the brim soon and the water overflowed.

There were ancient warship ornaments, around which the silver Arowana circled in the fish tanks. As the water surface was now at the same level as the top of the fish tank, the fish could easily jump out, which they happily did.

Once the fish fell upon the floor, they realized that they should not have jumped out. Desperate, the fish could only flip and jump, trying to survive.

The fish tank was just like a waterfall. The water rushed out and flowed down onto the floor. Then, it continued to spread around, turning the neat living room into a pool of water.

As for the documents on the desk, some had been blown out of the house and others fluttered to the floor. As the pool of water spread, the documents became wet, soon turning into paper glue.

Li Du continued to act upon his plan and let the little bug absorb the time energy from one of the legs of the decorative mantel in the living room.

There were some beautiful porcelain figurines on the mantel. Li Du had thought that those were simply for decoration. However, he had not expected them to attract the little bug as well. Those were obviously antiques!

Seeing that, Li Du was pleased. How would the county’s secretary be able to afford that antique porcelain collection? Either way, whatever was there would be reduced to shards.

Li Du was not done. After the little bug was finished with the time energy of the antique porcelain, he continued to absorb the energy from the leg of the decorative mantel.

Just like that, the mantel broke down eventually. All the items on top fell and were shattered to bits!

Done with all that, Li Du started his car to leave. His plan for revenge had started and now he just had to sit back and watch the show.