Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Extra Auction Chance

Li Du wanted to mess with that spoiled brat; besides thinking this, Li Du wanted to execute it.

The first storage unit opened, and everyone queued up to view. It was the start of the auction.

Li Du knew that this unit was full of rubbish. After taking a glance as always, he said plainly, "Bidding!"

Hans looked at him, puzzled. "Are you sure? This unit?"

Li Du said softly, "Were gonna set that guy up. Hes a brainless, spoiled brat, whos trying to hinder us, and his only way is to raise the prices of the units. Lets get him."

With the end of the viewing, the auctioneer raised his hand up and shouted, "Everyone come forward, this unit is 100 dollars, 100 dollars, 100 dollars. Anyone willing to go for 100"

"Thats cheap, well take it," Hans immediately called.

The auctioneer pointed at him. "Alright, 100someone has taken it, now 150, 150, 150"

"Me!" Lil Rick quickly raised his hand. Li Du and Hans looked each other in the eye and snickered at the same time.

Before the auctioneer could speak, Hans raised the price sharply, saying, "500!"

The other treasure hunters fervently discussed this turn of events.

"God, my friend, 500 for this unit? Are those two having a charity again?"

"Whats so valuable in there that we didnt see? Five hundred dollars? No!"

"They really are rich. Such a high price for this kind of unit? Were out!"

Li Du and Hans gave a high price to screw with Lil Rick. As long as the other party followed up, they would then back out from the bid.

In the end, Lil Rick didnt make any more offers. He didnt even look at them.

The auctioneer called three times for "500" with no offers, so this unit landed in the hands of the two.

Seeing such, Li Du was slightly dumbfounded. He looked at Hans and couldnt resist taking a glance at Lil Rick.

Lil Rick noticed his stare, and made a cut-throat action. "Fools, spending money to help the storage company to clean up their trash? You guys really have the Communist spirit!"

Reginald and a few others laughed. "Someone eventually has to clean out the storage, right?" With the first auction over, the crowd walked to the second storage unit.

Li Du noticed that someone was walking behind him, so he casually said, "That guy seems to have some skill. Hes not as bad as he looks."

"His dad, Dog Ears, is possibly the best treasure hunter that Flagstaff has ever seen, so having some skills of his own wouldnt be weird," Hans said with an open mind.

Li DU said, "Next unit, continue to jack up the price. I dont believe he will let us take all the units!"

A treasure hunter who was following behind them heard their conversation. He slowed down his footsteps and then secretly made a sign to Lil Rick.

Li Du pretended that he didnt see anything.

The second unit was still veterans storage. It looked run-down like a garbage dump, so the auctioneer began the auction with a starting bid of 100 dollars.

He had just started the bid when Hans immediately raised his hands and said, "500!"

Auctioneers loved treasure hunters like this. Hearing the offer, he immediately pointed happily at Hans, "Alright, this buddy has called for 500, how about 550, 550, 550, anyone up for it?"

Lil Rick had a cunning smile. "I hope there are more Communists in this business. If its like this, there will always be people to clean up the rubbish units."

Turs reminded Li Du, with good intentions, "These two units are bound to be profitless. Friend, you dont know who the owner of this storage unit is?"

"A veteran."

"Yes, a veteran. That old fella was said to have fought the second world war, but you didnt know this, right? His latter half of his life was miserable. He was like a vagabond and a beggar; what could be valuable in his storage?"

Li Du laughed and said, "Maybe there is something good? One should be adventurous in life."

There were some treasure hunters that had some interest in the unit and wanted to take a gamble.

But they didnt want to risk 500 for an adventure. Also, they had also realized that today was a fight between Li Du, Hans, and Lil Rick. Outsiders shouldnt try to interfere.

Of course, if there were really any good units, they wouldnt care anymore about the fight between the two parties. But if there were only junk units, then being a spectator was a better choice.

Another 500, and the second unit landed in the hands of Li Du and Hans.

With this unit in their hands, Li Du could finally relax.

The third was a hostels storage unit. In it were large amounts of garbage bags and snakeskin bags. But there were also some household appliances and furniture. On one of the cupboards, there were two big boxes. On the box was a drawing of Transformers.

Seeing the two boxes, Hans said quietly, "Its a supreme-grade Transformer, the highest level of grading. Its one of Hasbros hit products. How about it? Should we try to get this unit?"

Li Du said, "Raise the price. If Lil Rick doesnt follow up, then well take it."

The two Transformer boxes didnt have any toys, just a bunch of newspapers.

Because of the possibility of the Transformer toys, and because the appliances were out in the open, the starting bid for the third storage unit was higher. "Two hundred, two hundred, two hundred: this is a reasonable price, isnt it? Anyone up for it?"

Li Du raised his hand and shouted, "500!"

The treasure hunters shook their heads.

"Those two guys are obsessed with 500!"

"No, its that they are competing with Lil Rick!"

"Guys, trust me, thats not a wise choice!"

Lil Ricks expressions was grim. He knew that call was directed at him. He hesitated for a few seconds before deciding, "600!"

Reginald became anxious. "Hey, buddy, your father told you not to bid for all four unitsdont we have our trump card?"

Lil Rick impatiently dismissed Reginald with a wave of his hand. "Shut up, I know. I have my plans. If this unit didnt have any value, Id naturally not make any offers, but this was clearly worth the riskisnt it?"

Hearing him making a call, Li Du immediate raised his hand and said, "800!"

Lil Rick was even more hesitant, but he still nodded and said, "1,000!"

Hearing that offer, Li Du immediately shrugged. "Well done, friend. Welcome to the Communist Youth Club. Its your turn now to clean up this trash unit."

Lil Ricks expression changed. He couldnt resist and pointed the finger at him, "What do you know, dumb*ss? Dont talk so confidently!"

Li Du didnt reply, but just snickered.

The fourth unit was another hostels storage unit. This time, they didnt make any offers. Lil Rick didnt either. In the end, the unit went into the hands of a middle-aged white male.

The white male was hesitant when he got the last unit. He turned toward Li Du and Hans and asked, "Are you sure youre not interested in this unit?"

Hans patted his shoulder and said, "This unit belongs to you, Michael. We already have two storage units. Todays work is done. The Treasure Hunting Tycoons prince should be very excited to start cleaning up his trash."

As he said this, he winked at Lil Rick, and then went to the financial department of the storage company with Li Du for payment.

The buff Godzilla was already waiting at the entrance. Hans opened the storage unit door. Godzilla went to work, and the two examined the items that were brought out.

Not long after, Hanss phone rang. He nonchalantly took the call, and then shouted in panic after hearing a few sentences. "D*mn it, extra auctions? Whats going on?!"

After hearing the rough details, he hastily said, "Lets go, buddy, two chances for extra auctions have appeared. F*ck, weve been played!"