Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Investment

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Du Zheng Nan knew the manager. He said that in the past, when he was in college for his Master’s, he had spent his summers at the manager’s training company, where he had been a tutor to the students.

The manager processed a payment of 150,000 on the card. He only relaxed when he saw that the money had been transferred. He patted his chest and said, “No worries, I will deliver the piano over tomorrow!”

Li Du greeted Cao Yulin politely. He was unsure of what was going on and hence, felt that it was inconvenient for him to speak. He left Sophie to do as she deemed fit.

Sophie shared her contact details with Cao Yulin and told him that he could call her anytime he wanted. As long as Sophie could be of help, she would do her best to assist him.

After that, she did not say anything more. She held Li Du’s hand and skipped off to check out the fireworks.

The fireworks set off loudly and Sophie was occupied taking pictures of them on her phone.

The display continued for two and a half hours. By the time it ended, it was already ten o’clock. When the official part ended, someone else started to set off their own fireworks behind them. When Li Du was ready to leave, it was already eleven o’clock.

As they strolled along the streets, walking on the snow that had fallen and accumulated over the past few days. Sophie glanced at Li Du curiously and said, “Didn’t you find it weird that I bought that child a piano?”

Li Du said, “Not exactly weird, but it was pretty interesting. Do you think that he is talented?”

Sophie immediately nodded with an enthusiastic expression on her face. She said, “Yes, don’t you think so? Yes, that boy is super talented. How can he be so gifted?”

Li Du could not tell how skilled that boy, Cao Yulin, was. Of course, he played pretty well, but what does that mean exactly?

Sophie said, “You heard how smoothly he played, right? That shows how good he is. He was engaged with my rhythm. He caught it very quickly, which was a great feat!”

Li Du was surprised. “He was the one keeping you two in sync? Wasn’t it you?”

Sophie shook her head vigorously. “No, no. Initially, I also thought that I would have to be in charge of the rhythm and help him stay in sync. In the end, it turned out to be just the opposite. He was the one to play to my rhythm, and he was quite outstanding.”

“So, as you can see, he’s really good. Besides, you probably understood his family is not doing well financially. If I don’t help him, I think his talent might be wasted. That’s why I decided to buy him a piano.”

“I hope that someday, he would be able to make his talent shine. I’ve met so many people who play, but never a piano genius like him. Sky’s the limit for him!”

“If he becomes a famous pianist someday, I can tell I spotted his gift before anyone else did. Then I will be known as a great talent scout!”

Sophie’s cheeks reddened with enthusiasm as she spoke and her imagination flared up.

Li Du lost his smile. So Sophie had made an investment. That is unexpected. As someone who knows her better than anybody, I had not expected that from her. How would anyone else?

He did not understand Cao Yulin’s situation before. However, he believed that if what Sophie said was true, perhaps the child could really become a genius in the future.

They continued on their stroll home along the snowy street. After walking for more than forty minutes, they reached home. It was already midnight.

Upon entering the house, Sophie could not stop marveling, “It feels so safe in your hometown. It’s very dark tonight, and we’ve walked so much and gone through so many alleys, but there was not one hint of danger.”

Li Du smiled. “If you stay here longer, you will discover more things worth your admiration.”

They could not stay on longer, however. On this trip, the Martins had maxed out their holiday. The American colleges would resume classes in the morning and the two of them had to rush home to teach.

After the festival, the year would end officially.

Those who worked would have to go to work, and those who had school were off to their studies. Signs of spring began to show. The farmers, too, were ready to start their labor.

With the arrival of spring, Li Du had many things to keep him busy. He needed to get ready for his trip to Siberia.

Luo Qun had called him several times. Every two to three days, she would call at least once to ask when Li Du would be able to set off.

Li Du had not given Luo Qun all the details and wanted her to wait patiently. However, that lady did not have any patience at all. Even if it meant making an international call, she did not mind and continued to contact him.

When Li Du could take it no longer, he decided to start on his return journey with the Martins.

He had wanted to bring his parents over and convince them to stay in America permanently.

However, his parents shook their heads fervently. “No, no. What is there for us to do in the States apart from watching TV? We are better off at home.”

Li Du could not convince them and eventually decided to stop wasting his breath. In any case, he was not going to stay in America all the time. He would fly to other places around the world and would not have time to accompany his parents.

Du Hang and Yao Zhi Bo drove to the airport to send him off. Li Du noticed that Yao Zhi Bo had been smiling at his phone and teased casually, “Who’s that? Future wife? Look at your happy face.”

Yao Zhi Bo jumped in quickly, “No, no. I’m just having a chat with Ning Yao.

Li Du did not have a good impression of Ning Yao these days. After hearing Yao Zhi Bo’s words, he asked immediately, “Are you interested in Ning Yao? Are you planning to start a relationship with her?”

Yao Zhi Bo’s face reddened instantly. As he drove, he started to mumble, “Who said that? You know I’m beneath her. For now, I only want to work on our vegetable delivery business. Ah, our company is having a good development. There will definitely be profits this year.”

Li Du understood him better than he thought.

Ning Yao’s beauty, wit, and elegance made her one of the most desirable women in their town. During high school, almost all the guys in their class had a crush on her, including Li Du.

Yao Zhi Bo was naturally one of those guys. Furthermore, it seemed he had not snapped out of it to this day.

Li Du did not want to interfere with the private matters of others. However, there were some things that he had to tell Yao Zhi Bo. “If you want to woo Ning Yao, you have to understand some details of her life over the past few years. For one, she seems to be pregnant.”

Yao Zhi Bo said, “Yes, I know that. She wants to go to America. The man who got her pregnant is in America. She wants to go over and settle the score with him. In any case, she met with scumbags over the past few years. Heard that it wasn’t easy…”

Li Du was shocked. “You know about all that?”

Yao Zhi Bo said, “I know. Ning Yao isn’t one to play guys. She’s not having an easy time now. As her old classmate, I can’t just sit back and watch.”

Since he had brought that matter up himself, Li Du had nothing more to say.

Li Du bade goodbye to the two of them. When he got on the plane, he started to read a guidebook for more information on Siberia and the Arctic. He was going on a risky adventure. He would need to make preparations.

Upon learning that Li Du was coming home, Hans rushed to the airport to receive him. He held out his arms enthusiastically when he spotted Li Du. Then, Hans hugged him tightly before saying in a teary voice, “Buddy, I missed you so much! It has been so long!”

Li Du pushed him away, laughing. He said, “Tell me what grievances you have suffered. Did you get in trouble as usual? Don’t worry, Old Li is here to take care of it now.”