Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 Humanity

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Li Du could not deny that Hudi had superb eyesight. In such a windy dust storm, he was able to locate the campsite with just a small streak of light.

By that time, he had already let out the little bug. The little bug’s vision was not affected by the dust storm. However, even the little bug could not beat Hudi in spotting the campsite because the place was camouflaged.

Hudi stretched out his hand to point in the right direction, and Li Du let the little bug fly onward. Then he discovered that there was a protrusion from the taiga ground. There were two SUVs next to it. The vehicles had been covered with tarpaulins. If one did not pay special attention to look for it, they could easily miss it.

The protrusion resembled a small mound. However, there was a door made out of thick and solid wood at the south of the mound. The wood formed a sturdy, massive door.

Driver tried his best to bring the car closer but the wind outside was not subsiding. The car shook as it drove along, making the ride terribly frightening.

Sophie said anxiously, “Are we going out of the car in this weather? I think we should stay in the car to hide from the wind.”

Hudi shook his head. “No, no. It’s not safe in the car. Hurry, stop the car parallel to the door to seek shelter from the wind. Let’s all get out.”

Li Du said solemnly, “Let’s follow Hudi’s instructions. Sophie, bring along Crispy Noodles and Ah Meow. Let’s get out of the car!”

The door of the mound was facing south. As they were in a chilled zone, the wind was blowing from the north. Hence, Driver parked the car parallel to the door, with the front of the car against the door. They were able to block the worst of the wind that way.

Li Du let out the little bug into the campsite for a look. There were already some people inside. However, that was expected. After all, two SUVs had already stopped by the door.

The entrance to the camp was on the surface of the ground. The camp was located underground and comprised a small area. It looked to be only about twenty to thirty square meters large. It was cramped and there were no windows. All the lighting came from the strong headlights that the people were wearing on their foreheads.

There was a total of seven people in the camp. Four of them were men and the remaining three were women. They looked young and were probably looking for an adventure.

The car stopped. When the car door was opened, strong gusts of wind blew inward. The wind brought along the chill of the Arctic. As the temperature was probably below zero, when it blew at Li Du, he could not help but shudder.

Without a word, Li Du removed his fur jacket and wrapped it around Sophie.

Sophie said in surprise, “God, you really…”

“Hurry, get down!” Hudi said anxiously.

Godzilla had already rushed to the mouth of the entrance. He looked just like King Kong, a God of War. His huge body appeared even more impressive in the strong wind.

He went forward to pull open the door. The wooden door was very primitive. It was just a huge block of wood, and as long as someone was strong enough, it would not be too hard to open it.

After the door was opened, he crouched low and returned to bring them over.

Li Du got Godzilla to bring Sophie over to the door first. Li Du, Driver and Hudi, together with Ah Ow, Ah Meng, and Ali followed behind. The latter three were better at shielding themselves from the wind.

The wind continued to howl and it felt like some ancient god from afar was breathing heavily. Li Du almost tripped as he made his way around.

Fortunately, the three of them were rather strong and they finally managed to brave the wind and get inside the shelter.

Now he understood why the campsite was built underground. If there had been a hut above, even one made of stone, it could be blown easily to bits.

After they entered the campsite and were sheltered, the wind did not sound as fierce anymore. There was only a little current of air that blew into the campsite through a small opening at the door. It was not strong enough to cause them any harm.

The youths inside were all very kind and got up to help them get further in.

The ceiling of the underground shelter was only slightly higher than two meters. Godzilla, therefore, had no way of standing straight in the house. However, as the place would help them to stay alive, he did not complain.

There was a line strung high up and Godzilla hung one of his lamps on the line, easily raising his arm.

The luminescence was more useful than a strong LED flashlight. Although the light might not be as bright, it could light but a wider radius and brighten the entire place.

The space in the house was cramped, and with more than ten of them, together with five animals, it felt a little claustrophobic.

However, the good thing was that while all of them were pressed close together, it was warm.

Li Du greeted the youths opposite them. He smiled bitterly, “Hello, guys. Isn’t it a bad day to be out? Haha.”

“It can be also considered as a unique experience,” a blonde youth smiled. “You won’t feel such wind in a skyscraper in the middle of the city.”

“I’d rather skip that kind of experience, thanks very much,” a blonde girl beside him mumbled.

As it was fate that they should meet one another, Li Du and their group exchanged handshakes and introduced themselves. The atmosphere was rather amiable.

Initially, when the youths took notice of Godzilla’s physique, they had been worried that Li Du’s group was rogue. However, after chatting with them, the youths felt that it was easy to talk to them and even passed them some food and drinks. The two groups quickly grew closer.

Unlike what Li Du had thought, the seven youths were not there on an adventure. They were students from Moscow University and were in the Evenk District to conduct some research.

Both parties were still chatting when they heard the noises of car engines in the howling wind.

Sophie revealed a grin. “Could it be one of the vehicles of our party?”

Driver, who was eating a canned ham with the aid of a knife, shook his head. “No, this is the sound of a gasoline engine. Our cars are all diesel engines.”

In the face of a natural disaster, everyone was friends with one another, however. Li Du asked Godzilla to open the door and prepare to receive the new arrivals.

Godzilla looked at the door and then stopped in his tracks. Very soon, Li Du realized why he reacted that way.

There was quite a handful of cars –three of them, and all were SUVs. About fifteen to sixteen people got out of the vehicles, which was to say that every car had been full of passengers.

The space in the campsite was not big. If those fifteen or sixteen new arrivals came in, they would be more packed than sardines in a can.

However, what could they do? They had no choice but to squeeze in.

Godzilla looked at Li Du to see if he should let those people in.

Li Du said, “We can’t be selfish. Besides, we don’t own this house.”

It was fine that all of the people got out of their vehicles. However, they were also bringing along their entire luggage, which was difficult for Li Du to accept. There were between ten and twenty of them, and they had plenty of stuff. Pulling their luggage along, they pushed and elbowed one another into the house in a disorderly manner.

Due to Godzilla’s physique, the people who came in were all very polite and thanked him profusely. “Thank you so much, buddy.””You saved us.””Thank God we bumped into a kind soul today!”

After they managed to squeeze past Godzilla, the people’s politeness seemed to have dissipated.

There were too many people and too much luggage. Even though Li Du’s group and the students had moved in further, there was still insufficient space for them all.

Hence, Driver became unhappy. He pointed to the can with a knife and said coldly, “Even the ham inside this can is not as squashed as us. Why don’t you guys go put your luggage back in the car?”

Hearing his words, the people were displeased. A big man with a stubble glared at him and said, “You can bring in your d*mned pets but we can’t bring in our luggage? Scum, if you want this space to be less confined, throw your pets out of here!”

Li Du grew angry and said, “Watch your mouth. You know how confined this place is. Your smelly breath has spread to every corner of the room.”