Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253 Throw It Out

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Just like that, with that clash, the atmosphere inside the campsite became colder than outside.

The big men had a fiery temper and flared up immediately.

The bunch of them stood together and shouted, “D*mn you, idiot. What d*mned thing did you say?””Scram and take your attitude out of here!””Is this place a playground? You bring your sh*tty pets here to have fun?”

Seeing that the two groups were about to break into a fight, one of the students jumped in to mitigate. “How about this? Let’s all try squeezing together again and see if we can make some space for the luggage.”

“Why do we have to squeeze? Just bring the animals out and we’ll be fine,” a youth wearing a baseball cap said.

Li Du had lashed out previously because those people had badmouthed his pets. He always treated his pets as though they were his children and of course, he did not feel good hearing insults hurled at them.

However, he was not an unreasonable person. He understood that under such circumstances, it was normal for other people to want Ah Meow and the rest to get out.

Initially, he had just been lashing out to vent his displeasure. However, after hearing what the baseball-cap youth had said, his anger rose again and he could not suppress it.

However, he continued to try his best to calm down and pointed outside. “This wind won’t be able to blow the cars away. At most, the cars will only be flipped. You guys place your luggage back in the car. It won’t be lost. However, it’s different with my pets. The wind outside is strong and cold, and they might also die when the car flips.”

“Who cares?” Someone said petulantly. “They are just a few animals. They are not human.”

“Obviously someone sees them as sentient creatures. There are people these days who treat their pets the same way they’d treat their parents. Parents are human, right?”

“Hahaha!” Laughter erupted.

Someone called out, “F*ck, can you guys stop talking nonsense? The wind is still almost blowing me away at the door! Hurry up and make space! Either you get your pets out of here or you go out with them!”

Li Du did not want to contain his anger anymore and shouted, “Why don’t you get out instead?!”

Godzilla took his words as a command. He was right at the door and his arms were thick as car tires. He raised his arms and pushed the man at the door out.

As the wind outside was very strong, the man fell to the ground, losing his balance when he was pushed out suddenly.

That frightened him, and he seemingly forgot all his English. Instead, he started shouting in Russian.

A few people at the door quickly rushed forth to help the man up. They wanted to return to the campsite, but Godzilla had blocked the door. As the saying goes, One man can hold a thousand off.

Li Du said coldly, “Look, isn’t there more space now? That’s good, let’s keep it this way.”

The other group looked shocked. They had not thought that Godzilla and Li Du belonged to the same team. The two of them had carried themselves too differently. Besides, Godzilla was Mexican while Li Du was Asian. There was seemingly nothing linking them together.

Realizing that Godzilla obeyed Li Du’s words, they became a little wary. After all, Godzilla did indeed look formidable.

However, they knew that they had more people and they were all big men, strong and fit. Would Godzilla alone beat them all?

As a result, they immediately started to retaliate. Someone turned around and pushed Godzilla, shouting, “Move! F*ck you! Move! If something happens to my brothers, I will kill you!”

Someone pointed at Li Du and shouted, “D*mn Chink, scram! Scram from this place! Otherwise, you will die here!”

Someone even put down their bag and took out the parts of a gun that had been disassembled. They actually carried guns with them!

However, that could be considered a norm. Although the former Soviet Union banned guns, in the modern era, the civilian guns market was free. Russia’s control of handguns and pistols was relatively strict, but they were still relatively open to long-range weapons such as hunting shotguns.

Seeing that they were starting to assemble their guns, Li Du grew anxious.

He reached into his undershirt and took out a grenade from the Black Hole. Just like how he had dealt with Remonin in the past, he held up the grenade and commanded, “All of you, stop, or you will be blown to bits!”

Some of the students cowering in the corner looked on the verge of tears. What is going on, aren’t we all here to hide from the wind? How did we get to this point?

The fighter people had their wits about them. Their eyesight was good and the light in the campsite was pretty decent. All of them could recognize Li Du’s grenade for a real one at a glance.

Seeing that, the angry big men calmed down.

Since they had decided to seek shelter from the dust storm down below, it already showed that they feared death.

Li Du was holding a grenade in his left hand and a gun in his right. He pointed at the men and said, “All of you, put you d*mned luggage down. Down, I said! Your guns might not be loaded, but mine sure is!”

The men put down their things solemnly. Someone said, “Buddy, you’ve gone too far, be careful of burning yourself!”

Li Du gave Driver a look and said, “Search their luggage.”

Driver walked over to open their bags, and someone stopped him. Li Du pointed the gun to that man’s forehead and said menacingly, “You don’t want to die, do you?”

The men stayed on the ground and while they were angered, they did not dare to say a word.

Driver was familiar with such tasks. He checked the entire luggage swiftly and gathered all the weapons from there.

In each bag, there was a hunting rifle. Some of the men had even brought along Swiss knives, daggers, and machetes. All of them were deadly sharp.

Li Du understood now. They were mammoth ivory hunters.

Driver collected the weapons and Li Du found two big bags for him to throw them all in. Li Du said, coldly, “Let’s both take a step. You guys put these two bags in the cars and keep all the rest of your luggage stuffed here. We can squeeze in.”

In the face of such circumstances, the men could not refuse.

A man with prickly stubble looked to a fellow who seemed to be the leader and said, “Boss, let’s squeeze. In any case, this wind will not last for long.”

As Li Du held the upper hand, his opponents had no choice but oblige.

The leader took those words as an opportunity to back off and nodded solemnly. He said, “Alright, put those bags in the car. No, put them at the door.”

“Although the wind is strong, the bag with all the weapons is heavy enough. They won’t be blown away, we can leave them at the door,” someone else nodded.

Driver jumped in with a cold smile and said, “What do you mean? Put these things at the door? If you guys put it there, we can…”

“I don’t mind. As long as they don’t leave it here, they can put it anywhere they want,” Li Du interrupted. “But if it really gets blown off by the wind, they can’t blame anyone.”

The men placed their bags at the door. Obviously, they had other plans in mind. Their people were all standing by the door. If Li Du and his group did not notice, they could secretly assemble their guns.

After the two bags with the guns had been thrown out, Li Du got Godzilla to come in. Godzilla was holding a gun and guarding the door. He looked at the men coldly.

Their conflict had been temporarily resolved. All of them were squeezed in the little space and they stayed silent. The atmosphere instantly became tense.

However, to Li Du, the conflict had just started. He was not a type to cause trouble, but he could hardly say the same about those people who left their weapons by the door.