Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254 Relax

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The two bags of weapons were placed together outside the door. Li Du’s car was blocking the bags from the wind and hence, although the dust storm was strong, their bags were not blown away.

Li Du had great patience and was waiting without fidgeting. Every once in a while, he would go out for a look.

The dust storm had started in the afternoon. The wind continued to howl and very soon, night had fallen.

The days were still short in the current season. Hence, the sun had set very early. There was no more sunlight, and the dust storm had also blocked the light of the stars. The entire place was in darkness.

Inside the camp, everyone had their tummies filled and started to get ready for bed.

When nobody was looking, Li Du went out of the house and placed the two bags of weapons in the Black Hole.

The space in the Black Hole had been slowly increasing. From one cubic meter, it had more than doubled. It was now already larger than two cubic meters.

It was just great that Li Du had previously brought out his own weapons. That had helped to reduce the room in the Black Hole greatly. Hence, he was able to stash the two bags of weapons away comfortably.

Li Du went out and came back inside quickly. He had returned right after packing up the bags of weapons. The time he took was similar to the time it would have taken him to go to the bathroom.

Someone had noticed that Li Du went out. However, Li Du had been going in and out many times. Previously, some of the mammoth ivory hunters had followed behind him to check if Li Du was trying something funny. However, after a few times of observing that Li Du really went to the bathroom, they lost their interest in following behind him.

After all, the wind was blowing very strongly outside. There were pebbles and bits of frozen mud flying in the wind. It was painful when those bits flew and hit the face or body.

Seeing that Li Du had returned, a few hunters followed him with their eyes for a short while, before losing interest in him.

It was only a few hours later when the wind became weaker and the environment outside changed for the better, that some people decided they would go out for a toilet break.

It was completely dark outside and the wind had weakened significantly. Although the howling could still be heard, the wind no longer felt like it would blow them off the ground.

The mammoth ivory hunters left the underground room. Yawning, they stretched themselves and got ready to do their “business” outside. However, they suddenly noticed that the two bags which had been sitting behind the car had disappeared.

They thought that they had missed the bags because they could not see clearly in the dark. Hence, they rubbed their eyes and switched on their flashlights to improve their chances of seeing properly.

Under the white light of their flashlight beams, they saw that it was true – the place where the bags had been was now empty!

One of the men got anxious and, without buckling his pants, rushed into the house and shouted, “Buddies, come out! The guns are gone! Our guns are gone!”

Hearing that, more than half of the mammoth ivory hunters stood up. The rest of them were asleep, but the others soon shook them awake. All of them ran out of the house.

Having confirmed that the two bags were missing, they stared blankly at the empty spot. Someone turned angry and yelled, “D*mn it, it must be that yellow man! He must have done something!”

“F*ck, scumbag, come out!”

“I’m going to teach him a lesson! That son of a b*tch!”

All of them rushed back in. Li Du was just resting behind the door. Hence, the men saw him the moment they returned into the house.

Li Du watched the row of men and popped the bullets into his gun without a word.

This gesture calmed the men down and the leader of the pack walked over with a solemn face. The man said, “Where are our guns?”

Li Du looked at them, puzzled, and said, “Am I supposed to guard your stuff?”

One of the men pointed at him and lashed out, “Don’t pretend you don’t know anything, son of a b*tch…”

Li Du raised his gun and said coolly, “Shut up and watch what you’re saying. I’ve warned you guys twice. The next time you insult me, I will shoot!”

Facing the gun muzzle, even the bravest man had to hold back.

The hunter did not continue his phrase but glared at Li Du and said with a face full of hatred, “You must have hidden our guns! Give them back to us!”

Li Du smiled coldly, “Where’s the proof? You lost your bags and you blame me for it? I had advised you guys to place them in the car. I told you, the wind is so strong, your bags could be blown away.”

“Our bags are too heavy. Besides, the car was blocking the bags from the wind, so how could the bags have been blown away?” someone said angrily.

Li Du shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe the wind is really that strong!”

The men were unsatisfied with his nonchalant expression. However, Li Du was holding a gun and had the towering Godzilla by his side. They even had a wolf with them!

At that moment, everyone had recognized what Ah Ow was. Previously, Ah Ow had been hiding by Sophie’s side for warmth. Hence, the hunters had not caught sight of it before.

As the hunters had recognized the kind of animal Ah Ow was, they became less rogue.

Having been active in the wild for so many years, the hunters were aware of the fighting spirit of wolves. If they did not have a gun with them, a wolf could easily hurt them in the wild.

The man with the stubble walked over. His face twitched as he forced out a smile. He said, “Hey, buddy, we had some misunderstanding previously. But there’s no problem between us now, right?”

Li Du nodded, “That’s right, nothing wrong between us now.”

“Then,” The man said deferentially, “Could you please return our guns? As you should know, if we are traveling around a place like this, we can’t survive without guns.”

Of course, Li Du was aware of that. That was exactly why he had hidden their guns.

There was danger everywhere in Siberia. The dangers came from the environment, the weather, the wild beasts and other humans with ill intentions.

In dealing with the environment and the weather, they could only depend on their own cautiousness. In dealing with beasts and dangerous people, they would have to rely on weapons. Without a gun, they could not go deeper into the wilderness. Otherwise, they could easily meet with trouble.

Li Du said, “I really did not hide your guns. You guys can search all you want. Driver, go open the car door.”

Driver sauntered over to the car and reached out to shove the hunters who were blocking his way. He asked, “Why stand in my way? Get lost.”

The hunters could only suppress their anger. Some people clenched their fists, but others stopped them. The people shook their heads, gesturing for the rash ones to suppress their anger and hold it off until they find their guns.

Without a gun in hand, they had no way of fighting Li Du. Although Li Du looked like he only had one gun, in such a small space his one gun would be able to kill quite a few people.

None of them wanted to die!

The hunters started their search, holding up their flashlights and looking in all directions. They searched the few cars several times but found nothing.

Finally, someone could not suppress it any longer. He raised his leg and kicked the car tire, shouting, “Give the guns back to us, d*mn it. I’m not going to let this go!”

Ah Ow appeared at the door. In the flashlight beam, Ah Ow’s eyes reflected cold green light. Her eyes looked colder than the night in the wilderness.

Godzilla whipped out a dagger that he had stashed away. Of course, that tool had been made especially for him. For his size, it might be a dagger. However, compared to the physique of regular folks, that tool was rather more like a sword.

At the sight of it, the hunters kept themselves in check again.

They had rested long enough. Now that the wind was weaker, Li Du got up and waved everyone over. He said, “Let’s go find the rest of the guys.”