Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259 Antlers

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This was trouble!

Looking at the mud that almost reached Li Du’s thighs, the people were really frightened. Driver threw the rope aside and said, “I’ll try bringing the car over. Boss, tie the rope around your waist, I don’t believe I can’t pull you out!”

Ah Meow and the others were also very worried. Ah Meng looked at Li Du and then at the mud underneath him. Then it ran to him and started digging with its limbs.

Bogs were viscous, semi-solid. They did change shape, but at a moderate rate, and they didn’t fill up quickly when they were dug up.

Ah Meng was very good at digging. He was strong and had long thick claws, which made him very capable at this work.

It took some trying at first, but when it went on easily.

Ah Meng was sprawled on the ground with its claws in the front like a shovel, digging fiercely at the sticky mud, creating a pit around Li Du’s legs. In just a few minutes, the mud receded from Li Du’s thighs to his knees and then to his ankles.

Crispy Noodles helped out too. The raccoon was also good at hole digging.

Li Du was left standing in a sticky puddle, but there was no mud trapping his legs anymore.  ( Boxno vel. co m )

The people around cheered and began to pull the rope with renewed energy.

Li Du tried to help them, then felt more clearly that something was pulling his feet down.

Nevertheless, without the mud, it was much easier to pull him out, and his feet were finally extracted from the bog, along with a strange object.

This strange object was a pair of antlers. It had come from a big reindeer and had a dozen of branches.

Li Du’s feet had been hooked by this thing. The antlers were covered with weeds, and the weeds were like ropes, binding them together between his heels. No wonder they found it so hard to pull him out.

Finally, with some effort, Li Du was dragged out, along with a deer’s head.

There was a whole deer in the marsh, it turned out, and they pulled the head off the deer before they could get Li Du out.

Li Du would have to admit that he was down on his luck this time. Not only did he step in a swamp, but he also unexpectedly entangled himself in antlers. If it were not for the number of people he had to help him, and Ah Meng’s great capability for digging holes, he might have really been in trouble this time.

This was the nearest brush he had had with death, apart from being shot in Africa.

Li Du smelled so bad that Godzilla rushed to get a bucket of water to wash his boots. His boots were ruined; they were torn when they got snagged on the antlers.

However, it was nice to get out alive. This crisis was much bigger than they expected.

Sophie hugged and kissed Ah Meng and Crispy Noodles, oblivious to them being smelly and smeared with mud.

Little Ford said admiringly, “You don’t keep your pet for nothing.”

“They didn’t just help me today. They’ve come to the rescue many times before,” said Li Du with a smile.

Ah Meng and Crispy Noodles really did a good job.

Li Du changed his trousers and boots and was dry and clean again. Godzilla went off to boil water and prepared to give Ah Meng and Crispy Noodles a bath.

Brother Wolf then removed the head of the deer, handed it to Li Du and said, “Boss, keep it as a souvenir. A deer with sixteen branched on its antlers is a rare sight.”

The deer must have lived for many years to have grown such impressive antlers.

Li Du’s situation would have been even sadder if he had not been rescued in time.

Many countries in the world had lucky charm traditions. Both the United States and China were no different, but China’s lucky charms came mostly from the temples, given by the Taoist priests. In the United States, people believed that some things brought bad luck, but as long as one could overcome the circumstances, they were also considered lucky charms.

The head of the deer became one such lucky thing for Li Du. He fixed the antlers on the front of the car, and the two heavy, sharp tree-like antlers branched out from the front of the car, looking imposing.

Actually, this matter could have been less complicated. Li Du was flustered while being caught in the swamp. He forgot that he could have used the little bug to take a look after realizing something below was wrapped around his feet.

If he had only calmed down a little earlier and used the little bug, he could have managed to get his feet out of the antlers sooner.

After all, it was the first time they had met such a thing. Hankway and his party were talking about mystical beings. This made Li Du and the other panic.

The main course for lunch was salmon sashimi, which they mixed with mustard and served with salmon fillets.

Although the salmon here has not yet entered the breeding period, and the fat content in the fish was relatively low, it was still delicious thanks to the freshness. The flesh had a naturally sweet flavor that made it exquisite.

Ah Meng and Crispy Noodles were rewarded. Li Du let them choose the best pieces of the salmon. The two little ones fell upon the fish, eating and eating until they stuffed their bellies.

They hit the road again and finally met two modified SUVs.

The road from Irkutsk to the Evenk district was not without a road link. The reason they delved into the wilderness was to look for the ivory hunters.

This time they encountered an SUV with water pumps, water cannons, and diesel engines. That was the standard gear for ivory hunters. They finally met the ones they were searching for.

They stopped to wave. The SUV stalled, and the driver asked, “What do you guys want? ”

The scarred young man stepped forward and said, “Hello, guys. I’m from the Iron Hand. You’re ivory hunters, aren’t you?”

The other man did not say anything and nodded cautiously.

The young man with the scar said, “Do you want to make some extra money? We’re looking for information about a person, and if you can help us, we will give you a reward.”

After a short discussion, a big man came out and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

The young man with the scar showed them a recent photo of the Black Snake and said, “Do you know this fellow? He was my brother when we were in the Ice Tomahawk. I’ve heard the news that he branched out and created a gang named the Prayer.”

The big fellow frowned and looked at the photo. He said, “You are very lucky, I know him. Black Snake Sean, is he? He did start a group called the Prayer Gang.”

The young man with the scar perked up and asked, “Do you know his exact location?”

The big fellow coldly glanced at him and asked, “What about the money?”

“If you know where he is, I’ll give you a thousand dollars, yes, a thousand dollars, not a thousand rubles.”

The big fellow was interested. He said, “I’ll discuss this with my brothers.”

After talking with a few people in Russian, he turned around and said, “How about a thousand dollars each for the five of us?”

“It depends on whether your news is worth the money,” said Hankway, coming up.

The big fellow said, “I’ll give you a piece of information first. He’s around Krasnoyarsk.”

Li Du and Luo Qun were both hopeful after hearing this. The young man with the scar on his face also said that Jonas Malone was in Krasnoyarsk. Now, since this man said so too, this indicated that the news was reliable.

Besides, according to the man, he knew the exact location.