Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Luo Qun

After displaying the HMG, Hans said proudly, "What did you just say? You used 1,500 to get what?"

Lil Rick gritted his teeth and said, "Move out, were leaving."

Godzilla pointed the muzzle at him again.

Lil Rick was apparently afraid. He dodged to the side in fright.

Reginald reminded him, "Dont fret, buddy, that gun isnt loaded."

Hans smirked and brought out a long strip of bullets. Godzilla lifted the catch and Hans put the bullets in, moving in a synchronized manner.

"F*ck you! Are you crazy?!" Lil Rick shouted in frustration.

"Continue your insults, and Im gonna pull the trigger," Hans said with bad intentions.

Lil Rick shut his mouth, his limbs trembling. It wasnt clear whether this was caused by fear or anger.

With that, Reginald had no choice but to speak. "Big Fox, my good friend. How about you guys move your truck? We have to get past it."

Hans said playfully, "How did we block the road so that you guys cant get past? Isnt there enough space? How about this: Ill use my gun to split your crappy boat in half, and then you guys can pass, right?"

Lil Rick stiffened his expression and said, "Lets go!"

Li Du said lazily, "Be carefuldont put a scratch on our car. Its new, a million-dollar posh, and you guys cant afford it."

Lil Rick said in disdain, "Are you treating us like fools? That d*mn car"

"Im talking about in RMB," Li Du cut him off. "Also, its not that Im treating you like a fool, its that everyone thinks youre a fool. And you are, indeed, a fool."

Lil Rick had many things to rebut, but before he could start, a series of sharp, blaring gunshots rang out: Pa pa pa pew, pa pa pa pow.

Hearing the gunshots, the crowd jumped in fright. Lil Rick was especially afraid, and ran to the back of the yacht. He screamed, "Call the cops! Arrest him!"

Hans laughed loudly. He raised his phone and said, "Arrest me for what? For using gunshots as my ringtone?"

The gunshots were just noises that he found online.

The treasure hunters standing on the side laughed as well. One of them said in a mocking tone, "Lil Rick, dont be afraid. He wouldnt dare fire and kill someone."

"Buddy, what are you doing kneeling on the floor? Be careful, the bullet might hit your leg."

"Thats a heavy machine gun. At such a close distance, that yacht wont be able to handle the penetrating power of the bullets. Theres no point in hiding. If he were to really shoot, wed all be dead."

Hans waved his hand and said, "Dont worry guys, we still want to strike it rich. How could we commit murder?"

"Yeah, man. You guys are the big treasure hunters of Flagstaff. You have a good life ahead, dont be rash," Turs said exaggeratingly.

Hearing that, Lil Ricks lip twitched slightly. He waved his hand angrily and said, "Lets go!"

The ones that went with him were only Reginald and his men. Most of the other treasure hunters stayed and crowded around to check on the machine gun.

Someone asked, "Did you guys manage to see the gun during your viewing?"

Li Du shrugged. "No. We were just playing a game of Chicken with Lil Rick, and took these two units. Seems that we got lucky."

The treasure hunters were all elites, so of course they didnt believe what hed just said. But even if Li Du didnt want to tell the truth, they couldnt do anything about it.

Sending the machine gun to the truck, they left immediately after cleaning up the two storage units.

Hans stroked the gun barrel, almost as if caressing Taylor Swifts legs in stockings; his face revealing his infatuation.

Li Du said, "I really wished that when we went to save Sophie, we had this gun instead of that water jet cutter."

Hans asked, "How about we make another trip to Bones District?"

"Screw off."

The next day, Hans called him. The sewing machine and the water jet cutter had been sold off.

The sewing machines were sold to Kevins junk storeeach for 1,000 dollarsracking up a total of 27,000 dollars.

Hans contacted a factory for the water jet cutter. The two parties met and negotiated. Eventually, the water jet cutter was sold a high price of 140,000 dollars.

With that, Li Du was given a share of 83,500. Hans didnt stop working, and began contacting buyers to deal with the Japanese royalty papers and the heavy machine gun.

The two items had not been sold off by the time that the weekend had arrived. Mr. Li changed into a set of Nike exercising clothes, looking fresh and in high spirits.

Rose was on the sofa, watching a talk show while wearing her sleeping gown. She asked, "Going on a date?"

Li Du turned back, and saw her elegant, smooth figure. Rose had her back straightened. Her delicate hips, her supple behind; when she lied on the sofa like that, she had a beauty that would capture the soul.

Li Du had only taken a glance when Rose immediately clenched her fist and said, "If you still want to have your eyes, then stop looking!"

Mr. Li was exasperated. Did she still have any logic in her mind? She could make such an alluring posture, but he couldnt be allowed to look? In Chinese, there was a saying: "The magistrates are free to burn down houses, while the common people are forbidden to light lamps." This was a similar situation.

"Going on a date?" Rose asked again.

Li Du said with displeasure, "No, attending a party."

Rose pouted and said, "You spent ten minutes doing your hair just for a party? It must be a one-night-stand party."

Li Du stared at her in silence.

He couldnt be bothered to talk anymore with the bossy female cop, and opened the door to leave.

But when the door opened, an envelope fell out the side. He picked it up and saw that it was written in traditional Chinese characters. "To Luo Quna letter from San Francisco? Whos Luo Qun?"

Rose, who was previously as still as a log, instantly became as quick as a rabbit on the run. She jumped out of the sofa and ran over, saying, "Quick, pass me the letter."

"But this is for Luo Qun," Li Du said on purpose.

"F*ck, I am Luo Qun, my Chinese name is Luo Qun!" The female cop said anxiously.

She wanted to reach for her gun. Li Du jokingly stepped back to play a prank, but the female cop didnt stand properly and fell onto him.

Mr. Li could feel two soft things pressing on his chest.

"Youre not wearing your bra?" He said without thinking.

Rose pulled back her sleeping gown and showed off her long and beautiful legs. Li Dus heart skipped a beat. Whats this? Is she offering herself? Im not ready yet!

With the sleeping gown pulled back, besides exposing her beautiful legs, Li Du saw there was also a gun holster strapped to those legs.

Rose said coldly, "The next step will be pointing this gun at you."

Li Du hastily handed the letter over respectfully with both hands. "Dont shoot! Were from the same country, dont shoot!"

Rose brought the letter to the study. Li Du scooped-up Ah Meow, who was watching the scene at the side, and ran out. He felt that he should put some distance between himself and that crazy woman who would pull out a gun for whatever reason.

He had just gone outside for a short while, when Sophie called. She said in her gentle voice, "Hi, Li, can you come over to pick me up? Lets go attend the party together, alright?"

Mr. Li quickly agreed. Thats how a lady should be. The one in the house was a male Tyrannosaurus.