Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261 Crickets Nest

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Both parties were stumped.

Other than Li Du, who had long prepared for such a situation, everyone else was stunned.

Needless to say, the Russians were hairier, which helped them to resist the cold. On such a chilly day, Flint only wore a pair of shorts, without any warmers or thermal wear underneath.

Perhaps Flint’s outfit was meant to prove his toughness. However, without any inner wear to shield his body, when the pants he was wearing fell to the ground his two hairy legs were revealed.

The Ford brothers burst into laughter and even Steve chuckled. He said, “Although I know that it’s very impolite to laugh at this moment, I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself. Hahaha!”

“You should wear a belt of better quality,” The younger Ford brother teased.

Everyone else started to laugh and the bodyguards watched Flint with a look of contempt. Someone even whistled and said, “Wow, what sexy legs you have.”

As it happened rather suddenly, Flint was at a loss of what to do. It was likely that he had never imagined such a thing would happen. Instead of pulling his pants back up the moment they dropped to the ground, he had frozen in shock.

His sidekicks, who were standing behind him, were stunned as well. However, when they finally snapped back into action, someone had started laughing.

The two groups of people were pitting themselves against one another. The leaders of both groups were showing each other what they were capable of. Now one of the leaders had his pants drop to the ground. No matter how anyone looked at it, it was simply embarrassing.

Now that things had come to that, Flint could no longer pretend to be a model for a tough attitude. He quickly pulled up his pants and tried to buckle his belt. However, the buckle had broken, rendering the belt useless.

When someone behind him realized that, he immediately removed his own belt and passed it to Flint.

However, Flint turned from embarrassed to angry. After he took the new belt, he waved a fist at that man. Then he yelled, “Scram!”

That man was rather unlucky. Perhaps he had wanted to offer his help and get into Flint’s good books. Little could he expect that Flint would react that way!

After that, it was not easy for them to reach a consensus anymore. To negotiate, one required a certain level of mutual respect. After Flint’s pants dropped, respect for him was all lost. Even if his people had looked menacing and formidable, it would be of little use.

Even worse, Flint’s people squeezed together and some men at the back had not seen what happened. They even asked, “What happened, what did you see?””What’s going on?””What are you guys laughing at?”

There are always idiots in the world, and some of the gangsters loved seeing those in power humiliated. Hence, some of them answered their comrades eagerly, “Boss dropped his pants.”

“Hahaha!” Clear and crisp laughter rang out.

Flint heard that and his face turned beet-red. He channeled his anger towards Li Du and tried to shove him. Gritting his teeth, Flint said, “Get out of my territory! Scram!”

Li Du avoided his shove easily and smiled. “We will leave now. You don’t have to send us off. You had better buckle up your belt properly. Don’t let your pants drop again.”

Flint almost went crazy with anger. He reached out to grab Li Du’s shoulder.

Ah Ow dashed over, just like a launched missile. With a thud, Flint was knocked down to the ground.

Ah Ow opened her mouth and sunk her teeth into Flint’s neck. Although she had yet to bite down hard, she was making deep howling sounds from her throat. Ah Ow sounded menacing.

Seeing that their boss had been attacked, the people from the Fire Stone gang were angered. Shouting, they whipped out their baseball bats and metal batons and formed teams as they walked over.

There had been only a small number of people on the street before. Now that everyone saw the scene, they all tried to run off and the street was even emptier.

On Li Du’s side, the team looked even more menacing. Brother Wolf and the rest walked forward swiftly. Since they were in the city, his people had not whipped out their weapons and only had their fists to fight with.

Steve waved his hands and the dozen-odd bodyguards that were protecting him and the Ford brothers also rushed over.

Although the number of fighters from both sides was vastly different, they were similar in terms of morale. In terms of their ability to fight, Li Du felt confident that their side would emerge victorious.

On their side, the bodyguards were either retired elite soldiers, martial arts experts or boxing champions. Once the two groups of people joined forces, their invincibility increased exponentially.

Li Du knew that the fight would not be able to gather steam. After all, they were in the city. If the gangsters dared to fight in public, they would be practically sending themselves to the police station.

The mammoth ivory hunters were not true gangsters. They did not dare to go rogue in the city. Ever since **** had been elected, the security and safety in Russia had improved greatly.

Li Du called Ah Ow back and Flint got up in a distraught state.

Flint glared at Li Du sinisterly and pointed at him. Then, he said, “Kill this d*mned animal! Otherwise, I’ll kill you guys today!”

Li Du brought out a cigarette and flitted it from one finger to another. He grinned and asked, “Is that so?”

Flint raised his voice and said, “D*mned yellow dog. I am not…”

Bang! The sound rang out and a hole appeared in the ground underneath Flint’s feet.

Flint’s face changed immediately. That was a real show of power through a gunshot!

He looked at Li Du with a shocked look and said, “You dare to fire in the city? You are holding a gun?”

Li Du continued to play around with his iron cigarette and laughed, “Gun? Where’s the gun? I don’t see any gun.”

He had managed to find a few spy guns from the prison warehouse. There was finally an opportunity now for him to use one of them.

Flint looked at him with hatred. Then he gestured to his people and said solemnly, “Stop, let’s all go. Let’s go!”

Someone asked in surprise, “We are letting this dog off just like that?”

Flint laughed coolly and did not say more. He walked towards a pickup, taking big strides, and got in.

As their boss had gone into the car, the rest of the gangsters had no reason to hang around. They had all been trying to show off, without success. They would not really have the guts to face such a large group.

Likewise, Li Du also turned back and said, “Let’s go to Cricket’s Nest now.”

The scar-faced youth did not want to partake in the matter anymore and said fearfully, “Hey, Boss Li, as you can see, I’m just saying that you should know that the information I provided is accurate. Black Snake is in Krasnoyarsk Krai, hence…”

There was no point in keeping that youth by his side. Li Du nodded and Sophie went to the car to fetch forty thousand dollars to pass to him. The scar-faced youth did not count how much money he received and slipped away right after getting the bunch.

Cricket’s Nest was located more than one hundred kilometers northeastwards of Krasnoyarsk Krai. The two places were connected by a road with many pits. The condition of the road was poor but with an SUV, they could still travel smoothly.

Li Du guessed that Black Snake must have escaped to another place by then. However, he thought they should still head over to try their luck. Hence, he got Driver to speed up.

The SUV maintained a speed of one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour and flew through the first lane. They got to the small town in less than an hour.

Entering the town, he noticed that it was deserted. There were no longer any residents left. The electricity and water had been cut off by the government and the place resembled the ruins left behind after an apocalypse.

There were weeds everywhere in and out of the town. The roads were littered and most of the windows in the houses were smashed. Some of the houses had neither doors nor windows.

After they entered the town center, they noticed that some buildings were better preserved. Some pickup trucks were parked by the roadside in a disorderly manner. Li Du drove the car over and got out quickly. In the company of Brother Wolf and the rest, he walked towards the building.

Steve’s car arrived soon after. The two drones rose to the sky and started to monitor the entire area. If Black Snake was escaping now, they would be able to know at once.