Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 Wolf Trouble

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It was even worse for the men, especially Godzilla. He was used to doing things his way. He did not pay extra attention when he needed to go for a toilet break. He would not prepare the insect spray and would just go ahead with his “business” as usual.

In the end, Li Du noticed that Godzilla was always reaching inside his pants.

“That feels really terrible, right?” Brother Wolf asked.

Godzilla said with a blank face, “F*ck, will it stop already?”

Brother Wolf passed him a bottle of insect spray and told him, “Just spray it there.”

After Godzilla did as he was told, his eyes widened and his mouth opened wide. He took a deep breath and moaned, “Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh!”

“That’s a relief, right?” Brother Wolf asked.

Godzilla shouted in despair, “It’s too hot, I’d rather have it fall off!”

Brother Wolf patted his thigh and said, “What silly things you are saying. You’re not even married yet. There is still important use for that part. Bear with it, it will get better after a while.”

At night, they started a bonfire and the brightness of it attracted the mosquitoes. They formed a dark fog and the fire made pitter-patter sounds. Then, there was a strange smell of burning protein.

Needless to say, the mosquitoes were burnt to death.

Later at night, the group of them set up the tents and after making all preparations to protect themselves from the mosquitoes, they got inside and went to rest.

In the middle of the night, Li Du was jolted awake when he heard wolf calls. He attributed it to Ah Ow and quickly got out of the tent.

The bonfire was still burning here and there. However, one corner of the fire was dying down and it looked like the charcoal and wood were almost all burned to ashes.

After Li Du got out of his tent, a few others also got out of theirs.

Elson asked calmly, “What happened?”

Brother Wolf, who was keeping watch with his people, walked over carrying a gun and said, “Seems like we’ve approached a pack of wolves.”

“Not a lone wolf? Are you sure it’s a pack of wolves?” Elson asked. “I only heard one call.”

Li Du replied, “It’s Ah Ow who made the call. She must have smelled something. Calling out is her way of warning us.”

Ah Ow, Ah Meow and the rest were circling the bonfire. Ah Meng was surveying the surroundings with its big eyes. It was snarling and had prepared to start a fight.

Li Du took out his binoculars to check out the surroundings. It was still dark and he did not spot anything.

However, after just a couple of minutes, some shadows were seen in the taiga. They were approaching from the Southwest direction, like a tidal wave rushing over.

As the shadows neared their campsite, Li Du spotted pairs of bright green eyes in the light of the bonfire.

Just like the wolves in the movies and drama series, the eyes of these wolves were jade-green. They were beautiful but had a cold look that was chillier than the Siberian wind. One could not help but flinch after seeing that look.

That was the difference between wolves and other canines. Dogs’ eyes would also turn green in dull light. However, their eyes would look friendly and benign, while wolf eyes resembled chips of icy-cold jade.

Seeing the animals, Brother Wolf immediately said, “These are Siberian Plain wolves. We’ve met with tough guys.”

Li Du did his best to observe the pack of wolves and saw around ten to twenty of them. As they were constantly moving, it was hard to count them.

Those wolves were huge and had bushy tails. The looked to be just over one meter long. Their limbs were thick and they had muscular chests. Their speed of running made the wind whoosh around them, and they looked both magnificent and menacing.

All of the bodyguards had come out of their tents. Brother Wolf said, “No worries, boss. You guys go back to sleep. As long as the bonfire is still burning, they wouldn’t dare to attack us.”

“They would be in trouble if they start an attack on us. We can strike back at them. We can easily beat them,” Madman laughed.

Big Ivan reminded them, “Don’t be careless. These Siberian wolves are very cunning. They are definitely not easy to deal with. Especially with such a pack of wolves, they are following the lead of a dominant wolf. That makes them well-organized.”

Siberia had been battling the problem of wolves for years. In the second half of the last century, the Soviet Union had once organized a grassland cleaning operation and destroyed many wolves.

After that, conservation work for the environment and for animals started to spread around the world. Russia had been influenced by Europe stopped its programs of hunting and killing wolves. Hence, the wolf population had risen and returned to its previous size.

The nomadic Siberian people, like the Nenets, who lived in remote places and often relied on reindeer herding for their livelihood, were the main victims of wolves.

Even worse, there would still be incidents of children being stolen by wolves in some small-scale areas.

Li Du and his group were unafraid. They were a large party and the tents of their camp were set close together. They had the protection of firearms. Brother Wolf and his team had the ability to start firing and they had no reason to fear the wolves.

Brother Wolf gathered all the bodyguards and split them into teams of two to guard all directions.

The wolves did not launch an attack but loitered around some distance away. They eyed the campsite patiently.

Li Du rubbed Ah Ow’s head and asked, “I’ve bumped into a wolf in America previously. That wolf had been attracted to Ah Ow and came over. Do you guys reckon it might be the same thing this time?”

The wolf that they had met at that time had been friendlier in comparison. It had been a male wolf and was attracted to Ah Ow. In the end, Ah Meow had chased off that wolf.

Brother Wolf shook his head. “No, wolf packs follow their prey. Even if they are attracted to us because of Ah Ow, they probably treat Ah Meow as prey.”

After that, the wolves and Li Du’s group went into unequivocal conflict.

That was because Li Du turned impatient after half an hour. Hence, he found a hunting rifle and started shooting and making loud sounds with it. Honk! Honk!

The animals, who had been calm previously, were shocked by the gun sound and their ears perked up. From afar, they started to circle the campsite. Li Du continued to shoot, attempting to drive them away.

Just like that, after a few rounds of circling and realizing that there were sounds of shots coming from the camp, the wolves retreated into the woods.

Li Du threw down his hunting gun and grinned. “Seems like they are smart wolves. If they won’t leave, we can go into battle.”

They had heavy-duty SUVs and they could just knock down the wolves as they drove across the terrain. That would certainly kill the wolves.

Although the wolf pack appeared to have vanished, Li Du wanted to be careful. He held up a flashlight and said, “Let’s form teams and do a search. We should check out the surroundings. Be careful, everyone.”

Brother Wolf and the others split up to check out the area. Li Du brought along Ah Ow and Ah Meow and joined the patrol.

Twenty to thirty meters away from the campsite, the light from the bonfire had turned very weak. Li Du had no choice but to adjust and increase the brightness of his flashlight.

There was some mud in the taiga. In the night, the temperature had fallen and most of the mud had frozen. It was somewhat slippery to walk on. However, as the earth was hard and solid, they did not fall.

Li Du continued to walk forward, directing his flashlight beam around him. However, in front of him, Vampire turned around and gestured frantically, saying, “Boss, go back, we…”

Right there and then, he stopped as if the air was knocked out of him. A black shadow rose up from the ground as fast as lightning and hurled itself at Vampire. The shadow pushed him to the ground like a stack of hay.

“F*ck!” Li Du lashed out and hurriedly dashed forward.

Ah Ow and Ah Meow were running even faster, especially the former. In a few seconds, they had rushed to Vampire’s side and pounced.