Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266 Lake Island

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The movement of the wild wolf was slower and slower, but its imposing manner was as fierce and threatening as before, and the look in the eyes was still full of aggression. It acted like it would give Ah Ow a fatal bite whenever it wanted to.

However, it faced too many disadvantages when it encountered Ah Ow. At first, this was shown in the strength and physique, and gradually, the intelligence difference between the two sides was shown. The wild wolf was left in a situation where it could not defend itself anymore.

Ah Ow found out the wild wolf kept attacking her most vulnerable parts, so she kept making her neck and abdomen visible to her opponent on purpose.

This was bait, of course.

When the wild wolf tried to bite her neck, it would have to expose its own neck too. Ah Ow gave it a good scratch with her claws.

When the wild Wolf pounced on her and wanted to bite her belly, Ah Ow used her limbs to kick it away like a rabbit, and then quickly gave it another bite.

Finally, after about ten minutes more, the wild wolf was exhausted and could only lie on the ground and gasp for breath.

Even now, its eyes were as fierce as ever!

Ah Ow stared at it and wagged her tail. After making sure that it did not have the experience and ability to win over her, she took small steps towards it.

As she approached, the wild wolf, which was covered in blood and trembling all over, appeared to be out of breath. Suddenly, it jumped up, again full of fighting spirit, showing his teeth and aiming at Ah Ow’s neck.

The two sides were very close, and the wild wolf was desperately fast. This time, Ah Ow still tried to avoid it, but she couldn’t quite do it.

Ah Ow felt the pain, shook her head and pushed the wild wolf with her paws at the same time. It was not letting go no matter what!

The grip of its jaws was unrelenting.. Li Du found the wild wolf dead when he took a closer look. The attack was its final desperate move before it let out its last breath.

The wild wolf was dead and his body became stiff very quickly. Ah Ow ran around, but even though it was dead, she still could not get rid of its teeth sunk into her neck. She was getting desperate.

Li Du beckoned, “Ah Ow, come back, come back. I’ll help you.”

After the bloody battle, Ah Ow’s heart was clearly perturbed.

Ah Ow, who was always obedient, did not come to Li Du. She continued to run across the taiga, constantly swinging her neck and head and giving out long, loud and shrill howls from time to time.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Li Du quickly found Sophie. At this moment, Ah Meow ran to Ah Ow. Ah Ow saw him approaching and turned around to bite.

Ah Meow reacted much faster than she did and easily backed away from Ah Ow’s mouth.

Ah Ow stared at him, opened her mouth and let out a low growl. Her eyes became as aggressive as those of the wild wolf.

Li Du was shocked when he saw this. Has Ah Ow’s wildness been awakened? It can’t be possible, can it? Has she become a real wild wolf?

Ah Meow’s thought was simple. He thought that Ah Ow wanted to attack him and he could not bear it. Therefore, he went up and gave her a scratch.

At this time, Ah Ow had the weight of a dead wolf clinging to her and could not move easily. She was not fast enough for Ah Meow, and in the current situation, she could not avoid his claws at all.

Ah Meow attacked with a strategy. He pounced once, and then ran away and attacked again. Ah Ow was scratched all over her face, her wounds were more numerous than when she fought with the wild wolf.

After several attacks, Ah Ow finally gave in and ran to Li Du with a shrill cry, dragging the body of the dead wolf in her wake.

However, Ah Meow would not let her go. He chased after her and scratched her all the way, which made Ah Ow’s face and her buttocks full of blood.

Li Du put his arm around Ah Ow and comforted her for a while so that she recovered her tameness. She stuck her head in Li Du’s arms and licked him.

Sophie came over with the medicine box. When she saw Ah Ow, she almost burst into tears. “God, how did the little one get so many wounds?”

Ah Ow looked at Ah Meow angrily, like she was saying that it was all his fault!

Ah Meow licked his paws and looked at her dismissively once in a while.

The top priority was to pry open the wild wolf’s jaw. Its bite was powerful, so that even strong men like Brother Wolf and Godzilla could not open it. They were out of ideas and finally, they found a small chain saw to cut open the wild wolf’s mouth to release Ah Ow.

This was the ferocity of the wolf. It would not let go even in death!

There were also badly injured wolves in the wilderness. Hankway said that they didn’t need to care, it was none of their concern. The animals would die due to excessive blood loss or cold before dawn.

Every now and then, the howling of the wolves made it impossible for people to sleep, but the howls had a warning sound, and that night, no more animals came to disturb them, not even mosquitoes.

The wolves did not disperse. The next day, when they went out on the road, the wolves followed them from time to time.

It was still the wolf pack from the day before. They did not give up, they kept chasing the party, and their ferocious look was still daunting.

However, their pursuit was futile, and they could no longer threaten the group.

Li Du and the others met another motorcade on the road. The wolves then disappeared, whether because they finally realized the futility of their efforts or because they followed the other motorcade.

After another day, they arrived at the upstream of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, a vast lake from which the rolling waters of the Tunguska River originated.

They were in the middle of Siberia, and there were a lot of rivers and lakes and swamps, and then there was the big river, Yenisei, river, which was surrounded by the Yenisei nature reserve.

Li Du studied the map and saw that one of the mammoth ivory treasure troves was in the middle of the lake.

This discovery made him a little depressed. Was the ivory treasure at the bottom of the lake? Or has the local topography changed over the years, and the treasure flooded over?

Either way, it was not going to be possible to dig mammoth tusks from the bottom of the lake in the current temperature and conditions.

After some perplexity, Li Du decided to look it in the lake, because the location indicated on the map was right in the middle of the lake. Limited by the proportions of the map, there was no specific explanation.

The people who lived around the lake were nomads or fishing and hunting people. They had come there many years ago, and they lived by the water, subsisting by fishing and raising goats.

Li Du rented two small motor boats, which sailed out into the lake accompanied by the sound of motors.

The water was clear, reflecting the impurities of the sky, and as the wind blew across it, the surface of the lake rippled, its waves equally clear and spotless.

The water was overgrown with weeds, and sometimes fish could be seen swimming among them.

However, he couldn’t enjoy the beauty of the lake. There were mosquitoes there too. They lay eggs in the water, which was the perfect nursery for the larvae. This lake seemed to be a giant mosquito nest.

The launch alerted the mosquito swarms, and several of those banded together, blotting out the sky with a layer of black fog.

Li Du covered his head with his clothes and only left his eyes exposed. He took a pair of binoculars and looked around. Then he found an island in a lake. He asked Brother Wolf to bring the boat closer.

The motorboat sped up and opened the way by bolting across the mosquito fog. The mosquitoes seemed to smell the sweet human blood and tightly followed behind.