Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269 Site Compensation

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The little white monkey was very lively, jumping, running and screeching.

Li Du felt funny looking at it. This little thing was not even a child’s knee height and had no combat skills. He was not sure whether it was ignorant or brave to be so aggressive in front of them.

Then, however, he felt somewhat touched. The little thing was actually very timid. He was scared and ran away when it saw Ali.

However, when it discovered the public was touching the bodies of what Li Du presumed were its parents, it has no hesitation to jump out and drive the intruders away. From this point of view, the little monkey was a dutiful child.

Li Du didn’t understand much about biology but took it for granted that the two dead white apes on the ground were the parents of the little monkey. There was no doubt about it; the little monkey must have come from somewhere.

Steve wanted to grab the monkeys. He waved to his people and said, “Take them. We’ll go back and study them. I think we found a new species of primates.”

A bodyguard came forward, but the little monkey refused to let go. It reached out and grabbed a stone from the ground, staring at the bodyguard ferociously.

“Be careful so that it doesn’t bite you, or you may catch some diseases,” Some people laughed and joked.

Li Du thought about it for a while, then went up and said, “Come on, Steve, don’t hurt the little fella. This is their nest. It is not good that you want to move them away.”

Steve looked at him in surprise and said, “Hey Li, we’re not going to take him. We’re not going to hurt him… okay, you’re right.”

Steve was not an unreasonable person and did not lack sympathy. In fact, Steve’s personality was the best among all the rich heirs that Li Du knew.

Steve shrugged and said, “Well, I’ll take a few pictures. Is that okay?”

“Go ahead,” Li Du laughed.

Brother Wolf led the group to back away a little. “Boss. This is monkey territory. What about ivory? Shall we stop digging?”

Li Du was stunned.

He hadn’t thought of it until now, as if he had been a little distracted since he had arrived in Siberia.

The ivory was not only for making money, but also part of a plan to capture Jonas Malone, and if he could not extract the deposit here, he would have to go to another ivory stash.

However, he didn’t have that much time.

Steve pulled out his camera and took a series of photos. The flash went off and on, and the little monkey blinked and looked at them in horror from behind a dead monkey’s body.

Li Du said, “We’ll dig ivory, but we don’t harm this monkey, is this okay?”

He pondered and guiltily said, “I’ll give it something to eat. Look at it, it’s skin and bones. It must be very hungry.”

Firecracker said casually, “Boss, aren’t you a little too kind?”

Li Du felt helpless. He had shown his kindness in front of Steve, so now he might as well carry on.

Mammoth tusks were usually stuck in frozen soil and needed to be washed with a high-pressure water jet before they could be retrieved.

There were hundreds of mammoth carcasses in this burial ground, which was worth millions of dollars in ivory alone, and tens of millions with the mammoth bones.

Moreover, it was right next to the lake, with easy access to water. It would be simple enough to wash the tusks and bones out.

Li Du was confident that he could find the ivory, so he had prepared all the digging tools including water cannons, an air compressor, and a wind cannon.

He told Brother Wolf, Godzilla, and the others to prepare, and asked Hank to ask the local people in the nearby village whether they would like to earn some extra money. He offered two thousand rubles for each extracted tusk.

Two thousand rubles was a small price to pay for ivory, but local labor was cheap.

If the people in the village were willing to work hard, they would surely feel satisfied with the money, because there were so many ivory tusks here, and Li Du estimated more than ten could be dug up in a day, which means they could earn tens of thousands of rubles each day, whereas locals would often earn less than 100,000 rubles a year by fishing and raising sheep.

Li Du took some fruit to feed the little monkey. Ah Meng and his party followed. When they saw the little monkey, Ah Meow’s eyes lit up and, like a sharp arrow, he swooshed towards it.

The little white monkey was frightened and darted up the wall on his hands and feet.

Li Du quickly stopped Ah Meow, who had rushed after the little white monkey. Hearing Li Du’s shout, he stopped and then casually tapped the terrified little monkey with his paw before he ran back in ease.

Ah Ow was also becoming interested in the little white monkey.

Li Du had to chase them away, and then took out an apple for the little monkey. He said, “Come on, have something to eat.”

The little white monkey hid behind a rock, only one eye peeping as it fearfully stared at Li Du.

Li Du found out that an apple was clearly not tempting enough, so he took out a banana again, and after peeling it, he offered it to the little white monkey. The little monkey did not even bother to look.

“Damn,” Li Du was depressed.

He offered the monkey every kind of fruit he had and even took out a bottle of honey, but the little creature did not care. It only glanced in his direction from time to time to see if Li Du would do something threatening.

Li Du was at a loss. The monkey had an unusual nature and was not interested in fruit.

He did not believe that any monkey would not like to eat fruit, so he played a waiting strategy to observe the little monkey’s diet.

After a long standoff, the monkey got hungry and began to look for food.

To Li Du’s surprise, the little monkey looked for worms to eat on the ground, and sometimes slapped a big mosquito and put it into its mouth. It ate whatever it met; unexpectedly it was a carnivore.

However, when Li Du offered him things like dried meat, fresh meat, raw meat, and cooked meat, it did not even bother to look in his direction.

Li Du was at his wits’ end. He really couldn’t handle the monkey.

Brother Wolf and the others were ready. Hankway told him that the people in the village were interested in making money and would work for him.

Li Du squatted on a stone helplessly, nibbling at the apple, then threw the apple core on the ground and said, “Wait a little, don’t start just yet.”

Steve said, “Yeah, this is their nest. It’s not good for us to invade and destroy their nest, is it?”

He Li Du’s very own words. Li Du was speechless.

Brother Wolf shook his head. He and Hank could not understand. In their eyes, it was kind enough to drive the little monkey away without hurting it. Why would they bother with it further?

When Li Du was about to leave, the little monkey crept up to the core of the apple he had thrown away and sniffed at it.

Then, with Li Du looking at it furtively, the little monkey picked up the apple core.