Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Mud Monkey Competition

Li Du didnt have a regular car, so he went to Hannahs and borrowed her BMW Z4.

Hannah treated the Z4 as her treasure. She advised Li Du, "You have to be light on the gas, shes a grumpy girl. If you step on the gas too hard, she will accelerate really quickly. Make sure you wipe your shoes before going in. Dont leave any dirt on her"

Hans, who was holding an iPad and searching for clientele, raised his chin and said, "Dont fret, Hannah. Lis a careful driver because he doesnt have a license."

"My God!"

Li Du laughed bitterly and said, "I need to go soon. Can you two stop joking around? When I came to America, I had already applied for a license conversion."

Hannah said, "Still, be careful since its not originally an American driver's license"

Mr. Li rolled his eyes. If he knew it was so troublesome, he would have gone to rent a car instead.

Finally, after ten minutes of repeated nagging, he finally obtained the key and drove off with the car.

Ah Meow wore a dumbfounded expression. It was wrapped in a jacket, with only its head exposed. Hannah had said that Ah Meows fur would get in the car, so she made some arrangements

Sophie was already waiting at the entrance to her apartment. That made Li Du slightly embarrassed, though he wasnt late.

It was soon going into June, and the weather of Flagstaff was becoming warmer. The female doctor was dressed lightly.

Under the shade of the tree, she wore a candy apple red-colored A-shape skirt, and the length was up to her knees. It showed off her straight, slender legs, their complexion smooth, and white as snow.

To complement the skirt, she wore a sleeveless pink vest; on it, there was a Hello Kitty logo. It was extremely cute on her.

She also wore pink slippers and a shoulder bag, looking playful but still retaining a level of grace.

The party started in the day, going from morning until late afternoon. The location was in the Bones Community, in the backyard of the community hospital.

Li Du drove smoothly. The speed wasnt too fast. When they arrived at the community hospital, there were still ten minutes before the party started.

The surroundings of the community hospital had been carefully cleaned up. There were no more signs of the violence from before, when Sophie had smashed the glass of a window with a chair. The broken window had been replaced with new glass.

There were already many people in the backyard. Most were black, Native American or Hispanic, and many of them seemed to be from the neighborhood.

After the two got out of the car, a few people came over. A bald, black male smiled and said, "Welcome, welcome. Welcome, Dr. Sophie."

Sophie smiled sweetly. "Hello, Robert."

"This is?" A black youth asked.

The bald man Robert reached out his hand enthusiastically and patted Li Dus shoulder, saying, "This must be our hero. That night, you saved Dr. Sophie and Hamilton, right?"

Li Du said, "I wouldnt say hero. I guess I was just lucky that I managed to encounter the situation. If it were any other guy, they would have done much better than me."

"A humble brother!" The strength which Robert patted his shoulder increased; his eyes revealed his admiration for Li Du.

As they talked, a customized sports car drove over.

Entering the backyard, the car did an impressive drift. The gull-wing doors opened, and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, tall man walked out.

The man was handsome and looked to be about 27 years old. He was tall and lean, with pierced ears that gleamed in the sun.

"Dr. Lachie Thompson, that guy is still as fancy as always," a Native American man snickered.

Beside him stood a well-built man who looked nearly identical to him. He said in a low voice, "Mind your mouth; dont spout rubbish."

After alighting, the handsome doctor acted as if he were a star, waving to everyone and saying, "Hey guysnice to see yalets get the party started!"

Sophie reluctantly waved back. She turned and said, "Dont bother with him, Li, Ill introduce you to the everyone else."

She introduced Li Du to the others. There was a black youth named Lewton, a pair of Native American twin brothers, named Mandik and Sula. They were prominent figures in the community.

Hans had told him that some figures in the Bones Community had connections with gangs. From the conversations during the party, Li Du believed this. When they talked about what happened that night, Robert said furiously, "Those b*stards from Las Vegas were lucky. If they hadnt been arrested, I would have broken all the bones in their bodies!"

"No need to break them, just feed them to the dogs," Mandik, who had a tattoo on his face, said coldly.

Sula said, "Its fine. Theyll still face punishment once in jail."

Li Du nodded and said, "Thats right, the law will punish them."

"Oh, Im not talking about the law. What I mean is that we have a few brothers in prison. Once we let the word out, theyll punish those sons of b*tches."

Li Du gave a bitter laugh. They werent on the same page.

Sophie smiled slightly and said, "No need, Sula. I didnt get hurt that day. Li Du did great; he snatched away the gun and broke it. He has already taken care of those guys."

Speaking of that, Robert showed an impressed expression. "Yes. Id say, buddy, were you from the Special Ops or something back in China? I saw the videoyou were awesome!"

"Yeah, I heard that you go to storage auctions? Sounds like the wrong job for you. Your skills are really good; you moved as fast a lightning."

"Not just fast, guys, whats more impressive were this guys guts."

"Thats right! When being pointed at by a gun, he still dared to snatch it. My God, he must have nerves of steel!"

"But I still think thats his skills were more impressive."

At that moment, everyone started discussing how Li Du had snatched away the gun from those men. He became the main topic of their conversations.

Seeing such, Dr. Thompson revealed a look of displeasure. He reached his hand out and moved to tap on Sophies shoulder, saying "Sophie, are you ok?"

The female doctor wordlessly evaded his arm. She smiled and said, "God bless, Im fine."

Thompson coughed. "Whats everyone talking so happily about? The party has started, hasnt it? How about we stop talking and play some games?"

Robert said lazily, "Alright, what are we playing?"

"Mud Monkey Competition. I saw that on the schedule, right?" Thompson asked excitedly.

"You did. But are there enough people yet?" another doctor asked. "If theres not a big enough audience, this game wont have the desired effect. We need these games to gain more donations."

Robert said, "Thats simple. Lewton, make a call to hurry the rest over. This is a community activity. Every household should send someone."

"Alright, brother," the black youth nodded and then went to the side to make the call.

Soon, the number of people in the backyard rapidly increased.