Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286 The Power Of Money

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Li Du had never seen a mental patient before, but he felt that these doctors and nurses were professionals in their field and could definitely tell the difference between a lunatic and a normal person.

They were all normal people, and everyone should be able to recognize it, so he desperately explained.

Nevertheless, the white coat people looked at them as if they were idiots.

Madman and the others panicked too and said, “Boss, why are you wasting your time talking? Let’s get out of here, we will lead the way. Getting out of this place is the important matter now!”

When Li Du was just about to speak, Big Ivan and Driver were having a skirmish with the female Godzilla. That lady waved her strong arms, caught Big Ivan like an eagle catching a little chick and threw him away.

Big Ivan got up and aimed a smart flying kick that hit Miss Godzilla square in the chest, which looked vast enough to suckle several calves. It was useless, however, because he just bounced back as if he had collided with a spring.

Very soon, the courtyard became a scene of chaos. Someone blew a whistle, and Madman and the others were preparing to attack.

At that moment, several security guards appeared in and around the yard. They were carrying weapons that looked like stun guns but actually fired sedative shots.

Seeing the people with guns, the guards were stunned. Their weapons were taken away when they boarded the plane; they were supposed to be sent into the city by a different channel.

As the guards were about to take aim and fire, Li Du took out his wallet and desperately threw out a wad of cash.

Swoosh! Suddenly, money was falling from the sky.

Seeing this, why would the security guards shoot? They were just hired employees, not well-trained elite soldiers, and nothing else mattered once they saw the cash.

The four of them snatched the money with one hand while the other held a gun. Even the doctors lunged for the money. One of them checked the bill he snatched and said in surprise, “It’s real money!”

Li Du cried, “Of course it’s real! We are really tourists just arrived in Vorkuta! I’m from America! By the way, look at this, it’s my license!”

A White Coat examined his driver’s license in disbelief. Sophie and the others took out their passports and drivers’ licenses and handed them to the personnel.

The White Coats were not dumb people who would persist in their error. They looked at the documents and exchanged shocked glances. “Have we really made a mistake? They are not mental patients?”

Li Du hurriedly nodded. He really felt like crying at that moment!

Money was powerful. He might not have paid attention to the web article, but money was an effective way to smooth any misunderstanding.

Mental patients were usually taken in by family members who would call the psychiatric hospital. Patients did not often have a lot of money with them. In short, they were soon able to prove their identity.

Now the fire was aimed at the bus driver, with white coats staring at him and hectoring him in Russian.

The driver took out his hip flask and swallowed another mouthful, cross-eyed and mumbling. Li Du did not know what he was saying. Anyway, all of this situation was because of him.

“Can you let me go now?” asked Big Ivan.

Miss Godzilla shook him off with one hand and nearly threw Big Ivan to the ground.

Madman and the others laughed at him quietly, and Big Ivan was frustrated. “What are you laughing at? If any of you thinks they can beat her, go ahead.”

Miss Godzilla’s size was definitely extraordinary for a woman. Her arms were the size of Big Ivan’s thighs. No wonder poor Ivan could not win over her.

This misunderstanding was solved just in time. Li Du and the others were seconds from being knocked out with sedatives. If they were locked into the asylum, they would be in real trouble and could not even ask for help!

Miss Godzilla took charge and asked the security guards to return Li Du’s money. The security guards had already hidden some of it, but Li Du did not care. He just wanted to leave quickly.

The mental hospital did not give off very good vibes. Li Du had no desire to stay there another second. It made him even more uncomfortable to think that he had come into the city in a mental hospital’s bus.

Li Du had an ominous feeling that their trip to the Arctic would not go well.

Shortly after they got out of the door, Steve called and said, “The driver said he didn’t find you. What happened?”

Li Du was frustrated. “What kind of driver did you find? We’re already in the city, and damn it, we almost got locked up, you know?”

“What?” Steve asked blankly. “Who tried to lock you up? The police?”

Still feeling disgruntled, Li Du blurted out, “We are hungry, we’ll have lunch now and call you back later.”

There were many restaurants in the city. Li Du and the others spotted a large place with many customers and went in.

Although most of Russia’s territory was in Asia, most of its residents lived in the European part of the country, and the food culture had more European influence.

The local cuisine was quite distinctive. Compared with the delicate French and Italian dishes, traditional Russian cuisine was much more rustic.

The restaurant they had entered seemed to specialize at fish. The tables were stocked with salmon, herring, sturgeon, trout, Pomfret, Chum salmon and so on, which were smoked, served with caviar, grilled, fried and cooked.

After spending a month in the wilderness, eating mostly dried meat and dehydrated vegetables, and occasionally finding some bird eggs to make an omelet as a way to improve their diet, they all perked up at the sight of the delicious food.

Li Du ordered a lot of appetizers, soup dishes, main courses, side dishes, desserts, fruits and so on.

He ordered so much that the restaurant owners didn’t even mind that they came in with their pets. A rich customer was always right.

Russian people liked to eat raw cold dishes very much, and such local dishes were rich and varied. Li Du ordered a salad, mixed cold appetizers, a grilled sausage platter, pickled fish, fish jelly, chicken jelly, green vegetable sauce, fish puree and so on.

The food at this restaurant was more elegant than most Russian dishes. Lemon greens were served on lilac platters, various thin fish slices were served in light green dishes, and vegetable salad was served in coffee-colored dishes.

When the dishes were served, Li Du patted the table and said, “What are you waiting for? Say Grace and eat!”

“Say shit,” Godzilla muttered, seizing his knife and fork and digging into the food right away.

Li Du ate a piece of fish jelly. Although he did not add sauce, he still felt that the jelly was especially good. Judging from its taste, it contained mustard and horseradish. He ate with gusto and said, “This is good!”

Ah Bai was a foodie. It was very greedy and tapped vigorously on Li Du’s shoulder. Li Du gave it a piece of fish jelly and the monkey quickly ate it. Then its fur raised up and it squeaked loudly.