Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Come Down

The audience was stunned. Thompson, who before had a full-blown smile plastered on his face, was also dumbfounded.

Li Du raised up the ball and said, "Im done, arent I?"

Sophie jumped and applauded like a small, excited child. "Yay, yay, yay! Nicely done, youre awesome!"

Robert and the rest also applauded.

"Sh*t, that guy cant be the Flash, can he?"

"Did anyone believe the video of him fighting n the Bones District was sped up? Li Dus is that fast!"

"Ill bet, when he relieves himself, it must feel great since he has such quick hands!"

Thompson was fed up, and said, "Sorry, friend. The game hasnt started yet."

Sophie exclaimed in rage when she heard that, "Dr. Thompson, youre just being mean! Li, come back, Ill wipe the dirt off your back for you!"

Thompson said in a loud voice, "Im not being meanIm the referee here, and the game only begins when the referee says that it has. I didnt say that the game had begun just now, so it hasnt started."

"Then why did you throw the ball out?"

"For them to warm up a little," Thompson argued.

Seeing that both parties were about to begin a quarrel, Li Du let go of the ball and said, "Sophie, Robert, enough. Lets just say that the game hasnt started then."

Robert held back Sophie, who still wanted to get her point across. "Believe in Li; with his speed, wont it be easy to get the ball again?"

Thompson retrieved the ball, cleared his throat, and shouted, "Begin!"

He swung the fishing pole and moved the ball from one end of the swampy pool to the other. With that, the four had to chase after the ball.

The pool was almost like a real swamp; the depth had reached their thighs, making it difficult to walk.

The other three formed a team. Two came over to obstruct Li Du; he got into it with them and began a three-way fight. They were quickly covered in mud.

Thompson relentlessly swung the ball around, and the other guy had no way of getting it. Running out of breath, he couldnt take it anymore, and shouted angrily, "Hey, what are you trying to do?"

"Have some patience, Dr. Morven," Thompson snickered.

He was frightened by Li Dus speed, and couldnt help but speed up.

But after being reminded, he began to slow down, and moved the ball closer to the Mud Monkeys.

He wanted to make Li Du look bad, but he didnt want to offend the rest.

Soon, two of them had gotten the ball and left the pool, leaving Li Du and a big-sized male nurse.

The male nurse could tell what was going on. He made use of the opportunity when he was holding Li Du off and spoke to him secretly, "Ill cover yougo for the ball."

Li Du could sense the hostility Thompson had toward him. "Dont worry, friend. Its more important that we have fun. Well go for it together. In any case, it wont take more than a minute or two."

The male nurse nodded, and reached out for the ball.

This set had gone for long enough, the audience was displeased and began shouting.

"Enough, Thompson, slow down the ball."

"Do you think theyre Superheroes? Do you know how to play or not?"

"D*mmit, do you want to play until night?"

Thompson had no choice but to slow down the ball. The male nurse took the chance to grab the it, leaving Li Du as the last person.

Normally, for the last person, there would be just a quick round of chasing the ball, and that was it.

But Thompson made things difficult and swung the ball around non-stop, from one end to the other and back again. Li Du had no way of getting the ball.

Li Du could slow down time, but that technique only lasted for a short period. There was too much resistance from the mud, and he had no way of moving long distances to get the ball.

Thompson got even meaner. Not only was he swinging the ball madly, but he was also mocking Li Du. "Hey, monkey, come get your bananas!"

Hearing that, the audience began muttering. Robert and the rest creased their eyebrows and scolded, "Does that guy have sh*t for brains?"

Li Du continued maintaining a mild smile, but he let out the bug, and after examining the chair, he let the bug fly to one of the legs and began sucking up its time.

This was something that he had discovered not long ago when he was dealing with Lucas: the bug could absorb any objects time, but only when the bug was absorbing by its own will would it be strengthened; forcing it to absorb the time would waste Li Dus energy.

Mr. Li was mad, and his plans were serious. He wanted to teach this arrogant Thompson a lesson, so he was willing to use that energy to make the bug absorb the time.

No one noticed, but the one of the wooden legs of the chair rapidly decayed.

Thompson once again swung the pole heavily with his body. The center of gravity had shifted to where the decayed leg was. The wood could not withstand the pressure and broke!

"F*ck!" he shouted in panic. The chair flipped, and, unable to react in time, he fell like a sack of potatoes into the mud pool, making a huge splash!

He was drenched, and in shock from the fall. After getting up, he slipped and fell after taking a clumsy step, fully submerged in the mud.

Li Du called the bug back, and went up to him with fake sympathy to help him up. "Dr. Thompson, are you ok? What happened? Why was the chair so unstable?"

Dr. Thompson began cursing, "F*ck, which idiot"

Li Du loosened his grip, and he slipped into the mud again. As he had opened his mouth to curse, he ended up drinking a mouthful of mud!

"Sorry, sorry, my hand was full of mud, my hand slipped," Mr. Li quickly tried to apologize. Thompson choked on the muddy water and kept coughing out the dirty water. Talk about pathetic.

The game had ended. Robert called people to help Thompson out of the mud so he could clean himself, and Sophie brought a bag of paper towels to help Li Du clean up. "Here, quick. Clean up your face."

Li Du gave his face a quick wipe, and then went to the shower room that was temporarily set up to wash in. With a change of clothes, he soon became clean and fresh again.

Thompson was in bad shape; his clothes were all full of mud, so he couldnt wear them.

Someone brought him a set of patient clothing, and it was oversized. After wearing it, coupled with his messy shoulder-length hair, and unenergetic steps, he looked like a mental patient.

Dr. Hamilton was a nice guy, and said, "Ill bring Dr. Thompson back to get a change of clothes.

A black female nurse, Kanali asked, "Do you need our help?"

Dr. Hamilton shook his head and said, "Its fine, its just a change of clothes."

Kanali looked pitifully at Thompson and said, "That poor b*stard is gonna be traumatized. If I remember correctly, hes a clean freak, right?"

Li Du said, "Thats awful. I have athletes foot, and didnt Dr. Thompson drink the water that I washed my feet with?"

Hearing that, Thompson retched.

Sophie consoled him and said, "Dont worry, athletes foot doesnt spread through the mouth or intestines."

Thompson roughly walked away.

Kanali pushed Sophie playfully and said, "The two of you making fun of him in a duetthats so bad of you two. Lil Sophie, youve been learning the wrong things."

"Ive always been a bad girl." Sophie shrugged innocently.

Li Du asked, "Is the charity continuing then? Ive lost just now, so I have to donate 200 dollars. What else happens now?"

"Some donation activities and meals. What kind of alcoholic drinks do you like? We have 75 percent, 92 percent and 98 percent alcohol," Sophie joked. "Ethanol, that is."

Li Du said, "Pure ethanol, lets drink together, and then well go meet God."

A doctor was passing by and said casually, "What a unique way of flirting."

The two glanced at each other in embarrassment.