Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291 A Slap And Money

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Steve and the rest were stunned. One of his bodyguards removed his shades to look at the happenings more carefully. He mumbled, “My god, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Driver laughed, “D*mn, stupid people are really hilarious. Are these people gangsters or clowns?”

Laughter erupted and Li Du could not help but join in. He had never thought that the solution he came up with so randomly could end up so interesting.

The Motorcycle Gang climbed up pitifully. Two of the youths hobbled into the restaurant to push their motorcycle out. The back wheel of the motorcycle continued to spin and the two of them had no idea what to do.

The group of gangsters was shocked. Morale was everything to bullies, and without it, they would wither away. Just like the last time when the head of Flintstone Gang, Flint, had dropped his pants in Krasnoyarsk Krai, the Thugs were defeated by sheer humiliation.

Some of them attempted to remedy the situation and raised their baseball bats, pointing at Li Du. They shouted, “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Scram! You guys are dead meat! B*stards! Get away!”

“Hahahaha!” Li Du’s side replied with laughter.

The gangsters had lost their face and the situation turned sour.

However, they were still determined to resolve the situation. They pulled their motorcycle up. Initially, they had wanted to look more commanding by riding motorcycles and stepping on the accelerator.

However, they would definitely shame themselves if they got back onto the bikes. Hence, they could only pile their bikes together and walk off with solemn looks.

A big man with long, Viking-style hair stood before Li Du and his people. He asked, “Hey, where are you guys from?”

Li Du replied, “How about you guys? Are you the boss? Your English is pretty good. Are the Russian gangs going global these days?”

The long-haired guy glared at him and said, “There’s nothing good in having a smart mouth. So tell me, what’s up with you guys? Where are you guys from?”

Steve spoke up, “So you guys just rushed at us without knowing anything?”

Young Ford added, “That’s quite a rush. The bike did not stop and just sped forward. That was ferocious, just like a herd of wild pigs, oink, oink!”

He began to mimic the sounds of pigs and Li Du and the rest started to laugh again.

A vein throbbed in the long-haired dude’s forehead. Most of the gang did not understand English and had no idea what Young Ford said. However, they could tell that the foreigners were laughing at them.

Li Du raised his hand to signal for the crowd to calm down. He said to the long-haired dude, “Listen, buddy, I seem to have caused this situation. However, I have no idea what happened. Your friend has the mad dog disease, it appears. He tried to bite someone.”

The long-haired man said coolly, “F*ck you, don’t insult my brother if you want to leave this place in one piece!”

“Don’t be too cocky. You guys still have no idea who you have offended, right?” someone shouted in English.

Li Du threw his hands out and said, “It was your brother’s own doing. I have yet to grasp what had happened to lead to this. So I’m not sure how you guys intend to resolve this.”

The long-haired man glanced at him sharply, then turned back to speak with his companions in Russian.

At that time, a bunch of big men walked out of a nearby restaurant. They started to shout to the long-haired man and the rest of them in Russian.

The people who had walked out of the restaurant all looked menacing, like they were not people one could trifle with. Li Du thought that they did not seem to be a regular restaurant-going crowd. He peeked into the restaurant and noticed that there were slot machines, gambling tables and other similar set-ups inside. It looked to be a casino.

The long-haired man seemed to have quite a bit of influence locally. He went over to punch a big man who came out of the restaurant. The smugness on the latter’s face had disappeared, and only anger was left.

After he had shown his spunk, Long Hair returned and continued with a cold look, “I’ve understood what happened. You guys teased my brother’s woman. That’s like insulting Russian men, and we won’t put up with it!”

Li Du’s face hardened. “That’s really shameless!”

Long Hair said, “There are only two possible ways out of this. One, you continue to offend us and face the consequences, or two, you guys will pay up.”

Li Du asked, “How much money?”

Long Hair said, “One million.”


Long Hair smirked. “You guys came from America. Do Americans deal in rubles? Of course not, US dollars! One million dollars!”

Li Du got it now. The man was trying to rip them off.

Young Ford grew impatient and said, “Let this son of a b*tch meet hell. One million dollars? I’d rather use that money as kindling than give it to him!”

Li Du thought about it. He didn’t really care about what had happened, but the dispute had arisen because of him. If there was a dispute with the local gangsters, he would not be able to shake it off as long as they continued in town, and all of them would be affected by the outcome.

However, one million was too much. The other party was ripping them off. If he were to pay up, he would be a fool.

He looked around and saw that there was a casino beside them. Hence, he revealed a smile and said, “One million dollars, I got it. However, you guys are obviously taking advantage of this situation. If I give you the money, do you guys promise to leave us alone?”

Long Hair said stubbornly, “It’s not up to you to set conditions!”

Li Du said, “No hurry. How about this, there’s a casino next to us. Let’s play a few hands in there and use one million dollars as our stakes, how about that?”

Long Hair smiled coolly as he shook his head. Li Du raised his hands and said, “I have already said, no hurry. I’m not done saying how we will bet. We can play five-card stud or Texas Hold’em or just compare whose dice value is higher. Anyway, we can play any way you like.”

“I can use one million as my stake. If I lose, the money goes to you, if I win, I won’t ask for money. You just have to bring out those b*stards of yours and I will give them a slap.”

“Look, you wouldn’t have to risk your money. So you can only win, in any case. At most, your subordinates will have to suffer a few slaps.”

“Besides, are those your subordinates? Are those your brothers? They are just people who add to your troubles, aren’t they? If it weren’t for them today, you guys wouldn’t have embarrassed yourselves here, right?”

He had listed his arguments quickly and convinced Long Hair to listen to him. He was confident that he would be able to get through to him.

The reason for this was that Long Hair and his people were not one team with those who had offended Li Du. The former had been brought over to the scene by the latter.

Indeed, after hearing Li Du’s offer, Long Hair displayed a look of interest. He scrunched his eyebrows and started to consider the proposal. Then, he nodded slowly and said, “That’s possible.”

Li Du said, “But we must agree on the rules first. Whoever loses must admit defeat. I’m just worried that if I win, your buddies might not listen to you. They don’t always obey you, right?”

Long Hair smirked again and said, “You don’t have to annoy me with such words. We will go with what you proposed. If you win, you can beat my guys, I promise. However, you can only slap each of them once.”

Li Du pretended to look as though he was hesitating. After some consideration, he nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll go with that!”